September 28, 2003

Listening : And All That Could Have Been [ NIN ]

I saw Cold Creek Manor.. kinda disappointed. Though I never did have much expectation going into a movie, learned a long time ago that high expectation was never really met, as long as I enjoy it, it's all good. Anyway, it would've been a good movie if they give more history where it is due. But they didn't, it's a big leap we gotta make while watching and assuming, maybe it was just me, I'm not sure.

She called tonight. I didn't expect it to be here, I really did not. I didn't really care that she doesn't call, cause I'm not calling her. I had my slips a few times, but then I remember why and I hung up. I don't know if she notice that I don't talk about anything important with her, nothing with content, nothing that you have a conversation over, just small talk and a lot of babbling, and she usually just listen. Maybe she did notice, but considered it a good thing when I didn't tell her to fuck off and hung up. I don't know. This is not really working, but I guess as long as I'm still here it was all good in her world.

Psy said it was probably because I miss her, and yes I do miss her. I just could not do what I've done for almost 5 years, be her doormat.

Occasionally I just wanna move to some island that has no one else just me and my computer and internet connection.

'if death is my gift, then can I return it?'

September 21, 2003

Listening : Forever Love [ X ]

I got my brown belt, 3rd degree brown. Man, was that nerve wracking. I got everything though, except that I forgot leopard tech, I have 2 of each 5 animals, and well, actually 3 of dragon, 3 of leopard and the rest I have 2, Shihan wanted to see only 1 of each. I'm suppose to be doing a lot of things, but I just felt tired today and I mean, my head is on the verge of pounding headache and migraine.. not pretty. I should sketch something down, I really should.. and I will.. later tonight or tomorrow.. I'll spend all tomorrow catch up with everything. Black Sunday.. LOL

September 17, 2003

Listening : Terrible Lies [ NIN ]

I went to PRA and only took 1 wrong turn. Could've been worse, on the way back was pretty bad though, I spent 4 hours there, checking everything didn't get the chance to upload before I had to split, otherwise i would've been stuck in traffic. As it was, it took me longer than it should to get back, got food, run out again. So, I'll be busy 5 days a week and not 3. This friday I'll be at the dojo from 3:30 till 8 probably, Rec department, then belt test. I'll be 3rd degree brown! Yeah!!

September 14, 2003

I'm Buffy
Which Sarah Michelle Gellar are you? Find out!

YAY!  I'm Buffy!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!
Ok, I went to see 'The Kiss' and I have 2 words.

Eliza Dushku

Oh my god!

It was the premiere of the movie, the writer was there.. and a few other people, but she's wasn't there. It was a really small crowd anyway, I think that they should've promote it more. The movie was good, cause she was in it a lot! It wasn't my type of movie, but I wouldn't mind getting it on dvd or something.

Ok, now, writing and the reductive conversion thing.. I'm almost done with the image, all I have to do is figure out size and then print them out for the cutting.. oh yeah and matboard too. It'll be a while yet, but it'll look good!

September 12, 2003

Listening : Strenght [ X OST ]

Went to Boston, got a cd, 'Your Eyes Only' Chobits illustration book. 2 books that I'll read later. I'm working on another piece of reductive conversion illustation.. (thats what my instructor called it) This one will be Fuffy! Will be a while before that done though.. I have to do it from 2 images, adjust and all that. 1 class for tomorrow.. Still have to get up though.. never a good thing. I'll do some stuff for PRA later and then play around with it, see how it looks I'll be going in on Tue and then we'll be doing some stuff I guess.. I don't know.

September 10, 2003

Listening : Awakening [ The Damning Well ]

So I got that intern position. I think I'm the only one that inquired about that, and after they looked through my resume and then my portfolio, they decided to take me before I even show up. Which is good I wanna get this over with. They are pretty flexible too, which is a plus. So, I went to my advisor and had him sign the override form so I can register for that course. I shouldv'e done it over the summer when I registered for the classes, except I didn't cause I didn't think I was going to do it this semester. I was a bit late, but anyway, I got this... unexpectedly, and it'll get done with.

Talked to her last night, I thought I was gonna drop dead this afternoon, I was that tired.. she f**king call me at 3 am! Anyway, maybe we're back to being friends, maybe not, I don't care right now.

'as I watch the world descend like stars'

September 07, 2003

I wanted to believe as I
watch your world crumble in your hand
I wanted to believe as you
raise the glass to your last dance
and I wanted to believe you'd win
the war in your head that I did not understand
I did not understand...

September 05, 2003

Listening : Forever Gone, Forever you [ Evanescence ]

School started on Tue, I have no class on Tue and Thr. Went in on Wed, first day back and already I hated it. The class that I might enjoy is probably Wed Design 2, the teacher that was originally designated to teach the class isn't there anymore so they assigned someone else, mere hour before the class actually start. Nice huh. Anyway, at least there is someone, it would really suck if they have to cancel it.

At the same day I also got a call from this place that I e-mail about internship position. I didn't expect to get anything back, cause it was way late and I have every intention to just put it off for another semester, but they called me, saying that they didn't really look for people either, but their website needed someone to maintain and I e-mail them. so I set up to go in and look around next week on Tue. I didn't tell anyone about this yet.

Pao had been calling like, once every night now.. last night I was asleep, and I told her as much, she was all like.. no! She fucking fall asleep on me while talking to me.. what the fuck! And she won't get off the subject of her boyfriend ex-girlfriend either, I don't know what that was about. I agreed that the girl was well, not the nicest one to look at. And she said she didn't care, but she kept talking about it, won't get off the subject, it's not like I didn't agree with her. Oh well... I don't mind talking to her, but when she stuck on one subject like that I'm a little reluctant to stay on the line. I'll be seeing her in class on Monday anyway.. she has a class with me, so I'll be seeing her 3 times a week, if she will show up for friday class. Otherwise it's 2. I'll have to remember to type up the short paragraph for asthetic and critical study of photography tomorrow.

September 02, 2003

Listening : Down In The Lab [ Renholder ]

School tomorrow, well, technically, it's today, but I don't have any classes on tu and th.. so there's no need for me to show up. I'll try to go to bed early, but well, we'll see how that one goes. 3 classes including the SS, which I migth need to repeat 802 class, well, it's more than just a probability, but do I care? No, not right now. I'm sick of those people. Hopefully I'll get an advisor that I can actually work with. Don't really like any of them.