March 31, 2004

Ok so I updated the layout of Slayers' Dreams cause.. I'm sick of the old layout, but really I don't need a reason for it, lol.. I've been playing a lot with blending and stuff.. so

school... suck..

Sat we're suppose to go to Fogg museum, gotta be there at 10, so there goes my Sat morning of sleeping in. grrrrrrrr..

March 28, 2004

*sniff* At least I can breathe... barely.

I start to play The Sims again.. don't ask why... I just suddenly feel the urge.. LOL.. I'm crazy like that. I still need to write more.. Just cut another 12 or so pieces of double weight cover stock for R/C illustration. Figure I'll use that vellum for all the text cause I'm not cutting the text too.. too much work. So now.. I'm gonna have to clean my pen again. Everytime I'm using the damn tech pens I have to clean 'em all over again. What a pain.

Oh well.

My head kinda stuffy now.. I'm gonna go watch Buffy:tVS. Welcome to Hellmouth.... hehehe

March 25, 2004

New layout.. yup.. About time, too. It's Buffy:tVS. Just because...

Ok, 'cause I love Buffy and I love SMG.. (and I love Buffy with Faith)

I'm sick.. cold. I'm sneezing left and right and my head is all stuffy.. arggggggggggggggg..

Oh well.

March 21, 2004

I had to get up at 7 after falling asleep around 5 AM last night.. LOL.. Then I hauled ass over to the dojo to wait for Sensei.

Tournament was today, both tournaments I might add. I went to the one that was an open tournament. I was kinda fun.. A little unorganized though, but no more than the one I usually go. Took 1st sparring and 3rd form. Not bad I guess. I got home and well, crashed.. LOL.

I really didn't expect to be the only one with the kenpo gi.. (black with red/white/blue stripes along the shoulders down the sleeves and also down the legs of the pants) I mean, I expect more color, instead we got black or white.. there were tae kwon do, kung fu, karate several styles of them. It was interesting to see the forms... although there didn't seem to be that many on them. No one was doing 4 or 5 kata, saw 3 pinan from a black belt and that was it.

March 20, 2004

7 years of bad luck... I would be more freaked about that had I not broken enough mirrors to last me a life time of badluck already.

Plug for Elphie. Nice Kurai one.. :)

March 16, 2004

Cin : I am on Spring break right now.. it's a week long break. We get it earlier than high school.. ya know a vacation.

I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist right now and also ROD.. I liked both of them a lot. Fullmetal Alchemist looked a little too PG for me at first, but as soon as I saw the opening sequence of the first ep.. I changed my mind. So, I'm gonna go watch ep 9 now.. and I got 3 more waiting to be watched later.. seeing how it's already 4 am..

Just finished Willow/Faith wallpaper due to Aby's request, which should get me a story or two.. :) I got another Buffy/Faith one done.. or I think it is, but I'll tweak it a little tomorrow before posting it.. I wrote a little as well, not much, maybe because I couldn't design if I want them to do certain things.. I'll get over that though.. I will post an update on DL before the break is over, at the very least.. or it'll be DL and Frail.. we'll see.

March 12, 2004

Listening : Last [ NIN ]

I was beyond exhausted yesterday, almost plant my face on the newsprint, which will probably leave me with chacoal all over my face.. not very pretty.. I needed sleep, badly... so I overcompensated it a little by slept really long from last night around 1:30 till well, a couple of hours ago.. so I'm just a bit off right now..

Spring break!!!

God I needed that.. Though I'd be working on projects. Yup, and writing.. no rest for the wicked.. LOL

March 07, 2004

I am tired as hell... I planned on having 10 pieces done for Monday. So far I got 7 done.. #8 is being cut right now, but I just have to rest my hand.. Though I don't think it'll take too long.. seeing how mostly it was black.. just that little scales thing that would take a bit of a patience to get through, but I got through that rediculously too many crosses and stones done, it shouldn't be a problem.. Now I'm just looking for image of an angel that wasn't too.. I don't know.. I guess I'll know when I found one.

Bed... now.

March 02, 2004

I'm changing my project a little.. instead of pop-up which will take me for-ever to make, especially when I will have to do mock-up after mock-up to see if it'll work the way I want it to, and if it'll look good and potential of them coming out looking like a work of elemetary school kid is way too high.. I don't know. Not worth trying to ruin I guess.. so I'll still be doing illustration for all 26 letters.. (A-Z Fantasy Illustrations) So, it'll be reductive conversion for all of them.. (sharp B&W cut by hand) I think that's enough work.. don't you?

So I got my first 5 images work in gray scale and sharp B&W ready to be cut.. which I will do at least 1 tonight..

Cin: Thank you.. yeah I feel better.. occasionally I got pissed when she does something like that, but I'm fine now.. Maybe that is why I'm her friend this long.. (other than the fact that I love her to pieces.. but she'll never feel the same) I'm patient... really, really patient. Yes, my 3rd stripe.. now I am officially a 1st degree brown belt.. and will be going for a review in a month then black belt test in June.. I'm scared out of my mind on that one.. LOL..

We sparred a little today, I kicked this guy Joe, the top of my left foot and ankle caught him on his knee straight on.. yeah, so now I'm hopping around on my right foot.. LOL.. I better get back to all that stuff.. man I wish I get the time to write.. maybe I'll squeeze some in after this week.