August 20, 2004

Ok, so I should be getting ready and out the door by now, but I'm still brushing my teeth!!

Anyway, the annoying thing with the screen solution is over and done with, now I'm figuring out if I wanna sync my ppc with my laptop or my desktop, or should I do both... and I also left my sister's laptop at the store due to the fact that it'll get used that way. (mine doesn't have thai and to type in the details it's just insane.. I mean I can and it'll be just for me, I'd like other people to read it too.)

I shoulda get that book on ppc yesterday if not for just the instruction then for the games.. not that I play I mean, my mom probably will.

Ok, gotta go for now... getting dress and all that.

August 19, 2004

Watching : Buffy:tVS ep Gingerbread

I've been very busy lately. It seems as if I can't get the time to sit down and do the things I wanted to.

Actually, I get the afternoon to kinda goof off.. but due to the lack of privacy I couldn't really write or do any of the collages like I wanted. Maybe I'll just go and get an empty room and then just sit down and write. I think that'll work better.

In the past month, I've had to:
- lectured my father over the damn project and people that borrowed money. He said to look at people on the bright side.. I said nope.. trusting people usually lead to disappointment. So, I'm being the pessimist to his optimistic view of people. However, he knew I'm right and he can't argue with me.

- argued with my mother over my sister's behavior. She made excuses for that lazy ass and I have no patient for it. She cries over the stupid thing. She's an idiot and until she grows the fuck up, I won't think otherwise.

- oversee the damn project while my mother gives me shit over things that's not my fucking fault in the fist place.

Tomorrow agenda is writing, I'm gonna go hide in vacant room and write to my heart content... or making collages, possibly both at the same time.

I tried to load XXXHolics but man, just couldn't. Can't wait for ADSL, seems like sattlelite didn't go that fast, well, it's faster than dial-up, as for loading from bittorent, I'm not sure if it was me or there was no one to load from... grrrrrrrr..