November 25, 2005

well, I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I liked it.

I reread the book again just for the hack of it. At the same time I bought a used book Intensity by Dean Koontz, I saw the miniseries on Fox a few years back and I'm wondering if they got that on DVD since I found a lot of the miniseries ended up on dvd, which is good.

Hey Cin, are you moving yet?

October 22, 2005

Ok, I wish I was anywhere but here right now. Things just never seem to slow down. I'd like to just live alone, really, I would, it would've been so much better. My idiot of a sister just get into trouble, again. She should know better but nooooo... she just has to and my parents went nuts with her. Man, I wish I was by myself. I told my father I never did want a sister or brother, they are just more trouble than they are worth. My parents never really take care of us themselves, they have someone else do it. I was like an orphan with bank account, I do what I want, buy what I want, I just never really go crazy with it. Thank god for them I guess. I blew up in their faces every now and then, just because I can't stand what they do, especially about my sister. I mean, let;s we all be blind, that's how they want. And well, I blew up and tell them fuck no, I'm not that stupid and I won't pretend to me.

Ok... enough ranting..

God damn phone company.. took them forever and more to get back to me. I should just cancel the damn phone and get a different company, really, this one just fill with incompetend idoit, they can't even answer my question. I just get my ADSL back today, after a week, I do understand that sometimes nature make it hard, or just interrupted the service but get it back up jackass! Anyhow, if it happens again I'll be sure to tear them a new one.

New layout, yeah... almost done.. actually it was done once and I didn't like it so I make another one.. big fun!! Tonight I'll slice and dice and put it up.

October 03, 2005

Well, it's been a while... been busy, very very busy.

I wish it would slow down and I get to relax...

if wishes were horses... blah blah blah...

I got a car.. yeah I know.. I didn't think I was gonna get one.. didn't think I really care if I get one or not. Except the whole having to wait for other people, I was fine with the bike cause I can get pretty much all over town that way.

It's Honda Jazz:Cool.. black, with all available options on it. Pretty cool, pretty compact too. Just got it like a week ago. I'm gonna have to get all the windows tinted but that can wait. So, list of things to do for the car...

tinted windows (40% I think)
central lock
new cd player (possibly, maybe not.. I can live with the one came with the car, really, I'm not that bad...)
cd holders (I got one from before.. I guess that will do for now)

Ok, I got CSI season 5
CSI Miami season 3
ST:VOY season 1

I'm gonna go watch those now.

August 18, 2005

Watching : Chobits

Ok, I got my PSP on Wed, my cousin went to Hongkong on Friday and came back on Monday. I asked her to get me a PSP if the price was lower than the stores we've been asking. She knew what she was suppose to get, a Sony PSP region 2 with 1.5 firmware, of couse for some reason she didn't ask for much details I guess she saw that it was region 2 and version 1.5 she got it and not realize that it was 1.51, but since I already got it and opened the packaged and everything I'll have to make due with what I have. So now I'm thinking of just update it to v. 2.0

I like it though, it's a pretty shinny new toy.. My mom didn't know yet, well, I'm not sure if she knew, I mean I said it but I'm not sure she gets what I was telling her. However I'm gonna be completely broke from this. Been spending a lot of money on models too.. I mean.. I got a set of Hellsing and then I got a bunch of anime dvd. Now my mother wanted models.. so I basically been getting some for her.. (not my money, but well.. ya know ) She got a set of 4 girls small ones.. like 2" model.. and I got her a set of Cardcaptor Sakura with 5 of them and I got a 1/18 scale of Fumiko for her. I'm looking at another set of 3 from Gundam, and a set of 2 from Tenjou Tenge. Will cost quite a bit of money but when you get to the store and you just have to have them. I mean, WOW. They got everything from Magic the Gathering card, every set every booster set... so anyone want let me know. And she got tons of models.

Anyway, now I just want PSP games.. I like technologies, if you didn't notice it already. Been spending lots of money lately though I don't know.. oh well, after getting a game I think I'll just not buy anything else and watch all the dvd I got and finish a game or something.

'this is me with the words on the tip of my tongue and my eyes through the scope down a barrel of a gun.'

August 10, 2005

Playing : Need for Speed on Nintendo DS

Ok, I went and asked the price for PSP and well, we found that there's this store selling for less than the other stores I was asking by quite a bit of money and we didn't even start bargaining yet. My cousin is going to Hongkong so I'm waiting for her to check out the price of it there for me. If she can get it cheaper there I'm gonna have her get it for me, if not well, I know where I'm gonna get it now.

I got more anime today, I got Kujaku, 3x3 Eyes Sasan, Ghost in the Shell the series, Tenjou Tenge the movie. And on Monday I got Argentosoma, Tenjou Tenge the series, Chobits, and the week before that I got Bakuretsu Tenchi. I'll start watching Kujaku first, Argentosoma got left at the store so I can watch it during the day. Well, all in all I'm a happy camper. I got my mom a set of model ( the 2" ones ) there're 4 in the set, and also I got a 1/18 scale model one for her. The girl that is selling the stuff gave me pretty good price for it, so she said. But then I do understand, I usually don't bargain too hard for things, we all live on profits, if you get nothing out of a sale, what would you live on.

She showed me a Berserk model which cost like 13,000 and I WANT ONE!!! Man, I just don't have the money, although the next time I go there ( which will not be next week ) I'm gonna ask her about that NBC Jack in Santa costume with the Reindeer. She also got the set of Kingdom Heart, but she missed Jack, she said some girl bought that one with a pretty high price (said she was crying and stuff, she lost someone else's model so she had to get a replacement ) Too bad I would love to get that set.

Anyhow.. I post the first part of my new Fuffy, it's an Uber inspired by Sleeping Beauty and I got like 1 comment on it. I'm guessing no one likes it, I guess I'll just write and post it on my site only.

Well, I'm gonna go watch movie now... all the sleeping in the car with my neck getting all stiffy make me tired.

August 03, 2005

Watching : Bakuretsu Tenchi

So, today was the second day that I went in for class, yeah yeah yeah, class... It wasn't my idea but it wasn't a bad one, seeing how they won't be sending me to German for it. It's a class at School of Gemological Science (I think that was it SGS) So, I almost poke my eyrs out while looking for all the blemishes in the diamond.. man, talk about headache, my head hurts afterwards. And they told us that we'll get use to it and later we'll be looking at it with the loope, so it'll be worse. Anyhow...

We went to the market where they sell all kinds of model and games and stuff.. half of the shops were close, but well, I got a set of Hellsing model.. Arucard, Seras Victoria, Integra Wingates Hellsing, Walter C. Dolness, Anderson, Yan there were so many that I wanted.. also there were a set of Kingdom Heart one, but the ones they showed weren't for sale and the one they got was missing 1 figure, so it was out. I should've gotten Star Wars ones too.. and also Batman, and Berserk.. I just didn't wanna blow all my money. There'll be next time. I hope. I also got a set of DVD Bakuretsu Tenchi, I got all 24 ep loaded before, and the quality was good with English sub.. this one didn't have it, but I just want a set that will be nice to look at I guess.. I tend to lose the cd I burned cause they all look the same.

Now I want my Book binding book, Witch Hunter Robin dvd set. Oh well...

July 30, 2005

Watching : The Gathering

I've been carrying this spiral notebook ( the cover was hard so it was ok to be tossed around ) the cover was purple which I don't like but since it's gonna be taking some abuse I didn't care. I might feel like I shouldn't be doing that if it was other color, say blue for example. I've also tucked a fountain pen into the spine so I can find something to write with.

So... I got this idea when I thought of a novel that is base on 'Beauty and the Beast' story (not disney) and then I thought of Sleeping Beauty and I got an idea of a new Uber for Fuffy... yeah.. Sleeping Beauty. I wrote a page or so of it and then I stopped to write down some guildline for me.. a plot so I won't get all frustrated at the end. I think I got it now, a bare bone guildline for the story.. :) So next.. I'll be writing and posting it in parts.. I guess I'll do chapter thing this time. :)

It feels kinda good to be doing something creative after not having the time or the energy to do them for so long. I got Neverwinter Nights and well, slowly playing it, I'm not familiar with D&D and not really proficient with RPG games... as long as I don't get headache playing, I'll move on to the next game.. :) Just building up some tolerance here.

Well, bed now, cause I should watch the movie when I left it on.

July 23, 2005

Watching : Man of the House

I finished with Post Mortem the day before and well, I'm looking to get the next book, I think I spend more money on Manga, books, movies than I do anything else. I recently got the entire series of Chobits in a boxset (manga not the anime) and I got Pitaten from 1-4, and I'm gonna have to go back to get the rest, in the interest of getting a complete series. God Child is finished and I still don't know where am I gonna get the entire thing. I kept asking and they kept saying that they don't know if they can find it for me. And there's also the confusion of different title to each part while they all are the same series.

I'm gonna use the 'Brand' bottle ( chicken essence ) for glass etching, the bottle is about 2" high and the area I can etch is about 1.5" I already got the sticker on and cut out a 'B' for Buffy now I'm working the mechanic of etching a glass bottle out in my head. Do I wanna cover the rest of the area up and then dip the bottle into the acid or do I wanna just set the bottle over some clay and then make a wall surround the area and pour the acid into it. I guess I'll do the later cause it'll be less work that way. Now if I only can find the damn clay!

Well, off to see the rest to the movie and get the dogs in...

July 21, 2005

Reading : Post Mortem [ Patricia Cornwell ]

I finsihed HP: tHBP the death of the character surprised me.. although I can see how it would set up the last book, from here on it'll be even more difficult for Harry, I can't wait to see the last installment of the series. And it'll be another year.. HA!

I got the book through a bookstore here there are a few chain store that would sell them in English, what I didn't like was that I got the British one, they got 2 covers for the book, they didn't even ask which one I wanted.. I opted for the child's cover cause my other ones were. But I would really like American's version of it. Apparently my aunt got me a copy too.. so it's cool, if not I can always cough up another 750 and get another copy.. which I'm incline to do just for collection purposes.

So, now, back to a new layout, I ought to upload it tonight..

July 13, 2005

I haven't blog anything lately because I'm doing a new layout for the blog and this one feature Gizmo just when he was clear, which is a rare thing seeing how he likes to go stomping in the fish pond. I'm sure some Koi fishes of ours died of heartattack at this furry dog suddenly landed near them.. poor fishies.

anyhow it's almost done and so, you'll see.

Hey Cin, ya playing Guild War with G too?? I'm looking into it, I'm not sure if it's gonna release here anytime soon.. if not I might have my aunt send me a copy... it'll really suck if I can't get one.. maybe I should ask my cousin about it. ummm... My brother is into that Raknarok game... I never was all taken with games, but there are some I would play just to see how it is. Maybe I'll enjoy this one.

July 03, 2005

I went to see War of the World today and well, got the seat that was a little too close to the screen for my liking. I usually don't go to the movie on weekend as a rule, due to the fact that I don't like dealing with a lot of people and the price is always higher than weekday. I like spending less and deal with less people, better seat and just generally less things to be annoyed about.. call me antisocial.

Got new book, A Scarpetta Novel : Trace on Sat and I read some of it already. I should've started from the beginning, except I don't know which is the beginning. I read Cruel and Unusually before this and Trace is the latest and I found that even though the books can be read separately the events in the story are continuation and not in a small way. Thus I missed a lot of background info that I need to understand a lot of things.. I guess going back and start from the beginning will be a good idea. But I am lack of fund right now I have to watch what I spend, since I spent a little too much last month. I don't wanna be asking for more money even though I certainly can.

I'm slacking off at the store, but I do feel kinda burn out which is suck majory. It's like I don't have time for anything else anymore. Man, I miss the good old day.

Now I'm looking forward to see Fantastic Four although I don't like Jessica Alba. I don't think she's particularly good in a role of tough girl, she just doesn't look that way to me. I never bother with Dark Angel while it was on air. Anyhow, I can't wait for the next HP, only 12 days away.

Next movie of SMG Southern Tale oh yeah, I really can't wait to see her on big screen. Me think she's adorable and she's great in her role..

June 26, 2005

the more that we take
the paler we get
I can't remember what it is
we try to forget
the tile on the floor
so cold it could sting
in your eyes there's a place
warm with remembering

for you to go and take this and smash it apart
I've gone all this fucking way
to wind up back at - back at the start

the closer we think we are
well it only got us so far
have you got anything left to show
no I don't think so
the sooner we realize
we cover ourselves with lies
but underneath we are not so tough
love is not enough

well, it hides in the dark
like the withered vein
we didn't give it a mouth
so it cannot complain
we never really had a chance
we'd never really make it through
I never think I'd believe
I believed I could get better with you

June 21, 2005

ummmmmm.... what's to bitch and moan about...

oh yeah...

My aunt..

My mother's younger sister.

Well, my mom got 2 sisters, both younger, and one of them help babysit the toddler right now, and the other one... well, the other is basically being nothing but an old, over weight, sour grape. She bitches about everything, she even bitch about a puppy that was sitting quietly on a table top (due to the fact that the reception didn't want him to run into the street or someone took him) She told the receptionist to call the store at 7:30 PM and tell me to come pick up the dog, I mean, I'll be home at 8PM! What the fuck was her problem?

I don't like people that thinks just because they are sick or obese they have the right to bitch out about everyone else. I told her to fuck off a couple of times. She thinks everyone has to sit and listen to her, well, she got another thing coming. I don't care if my mom thinks she should be given that allowence cause I don't. She doesn't fucking do anything I don't see the reason to keep paying her. She just keep talking shit and generally being useless. Funny thing is, she seems to think that everyone owe her something.

She's a joke.

On another note, what is up with Gizmo today. He's been barking up the storm even when I put him in the bathroom, which is his usual sleeping place ( den ) he kept trying to come out, which I can't let him, cause he would take that as a permission to do it again. Well, now he's quiet, but man...

Patience is a virtue.


I'm not very patient then.


June 16, 2005

So, my desktop is back and well, it was the powersupply and mainboard (I think it's the powersupply that killed the mainboard) anyhow it's back.. but I'm loading stuff on here so I'm gonna use laptop for now till all the loading is done.

What's been happening... ummmm...

I'm busy, I have no creative juice.. I have ideas too many and I don't know where to start really. I wanna do too many things at the same time.. I wanna start making a book and well, I need to make some paper first which will need a day or two to get it right and more to make lots of it.. although I think I'm gonna go get some notebook (the thick, thick one they use for accounting) and get like 3 or 4 and then bind them together and make cover so I can write shit in it... I have way too many notebooks laying around already though.. LOL but I wanna do it anyway.. I wanna still have my bookbinding skill thank you very much. If I don't do it I'll forget the feel of it. I guess that's the main reason.. and also I like thick, thick books with good cover.. I binded a few books and I do like them, but they are not very thick the way I like them and they weren't for me.. like the alphabet book I made for senior studio.. they weren't for me, they were for project. I wanna do one for me..

I guess I'll need to list what I wanna do and then see which one I wanna do first.

Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna draw another B/F first before I do more writing. :)

June 08, 2005

Want : new pair of Oakley

Yeah, my old pair's getting a little roughen up... but that's usual, it's better than my last pair anyway.. LOL

My mother is mad at me, she was on and on about shit that I don't need to hear. Ya know, like the gossip. I don't need to know gossips to work. She has no information, just something people told her and guess what it annoyed the hell out of me. So I scolded at her, I just wanted her to shut the hell up and so she was mad. And I DON'T CARE. Fucking grow up already. All she does is bringing up old stuff, old stories and they are just not true. She kept saying she knows, truth is she doesn't. She doesn't know shit and I know she's my mother and I shouldn't be saying this but SHE SHOULD REALLY SHUT UP. I'm sick of this shit and I'm gonna have to throw it in her face if she doesn't stop. Maybe I'll just stay home tomorrow and fucking die in my room or something. Like I don't have enough shit to do.

I'm writing something.. cause I remember 'Back to Salem' and I like the idea, so I'm gonna take it and run with it.. see what will come out, if it's good, it'll get posted, if not well, I'll keep it to myself..

I wanna see Mr&Mrs Smith, also War of the World. Batman Begins.. I remembered seeing poster for 'Dark Water' not sure I wanna see another horror though, especially when they don't have anyone I interested in.. we'll see.

Gizmo is growing like weed and so is the new one.. man...

They are sleeping in my bathroom.. cause well, I wanna cornered them off so they don't make messes all over the house, now they seemed to know that they have to do their business outside.. but if I don't let them out, they still would go anywhere they could.. but they are puppies.. gotta be patient and all that.

June 02, 2005

watching : Bring it On

I think I broke my desktop, I mean I was on it and I heard a pop before the whole thing went dead... so it's logical to conclude that it's BROKEN!!! I'm on my laptop right now and it's no fun cause I can never really type comfortably on this thing. Anyhow, it'll get into the shop in a couple of days... maybe Sat cause I get a day off.. man, I really don't have any money right now.. and I hope I don't lose anything on that, I still got some anime I didn't get to watch yet on there and some stuff I did on photoshop as well as some writing.. this gonna suck.

Hey Cin how ya doing?

Hey Helga.. glad to have you back..

May 27, 2005

Watching : Taking Lives

New toy : Nintendo DS (silver)

I don't play games much as a rule, but I do like my toys. I actually wanted a Sony PSP but the price is just outrageous so I put that on hold and get something else that is affordable to me right now. Anyway, I'm play Super Mario (cause I missed that game) And I'm gonna order Buffy:TVS game for Gameboy Advance (because DS can play games from GBA too.. )

My head kinda hurt like the rest of me.. my uncle dragged me through an hour of bike riding (in gym what do you call those... biking?? I don't know) and it's been so long that I workout so I'm feeling it now.. anyhow I'll have to keep it up.

Well, I should get back to the movie and maybe some sleep.. My head might feel better that way. Oh yeah, maybe I'll change the movie.

May 23, 2005

Listening : Flaw

I saw SW: Episode III today and it was good, and it would've been better if I didn't feel like my bladder was about to bust half way through the movie. I actually sat through it without running out to the bathroom. I mean, it happens every bleeding time I went to the movie. I get really annoy and I shouldn't have that glass of coke when I went in, but I use to have that much water to drink and be ok for several hours, it just one of those things. I hate it. It was like Lord of the Rings : Return of the King all over again. I needed to go to the bathroom then too and I sat right through the movie holding it.... OK.. TMI I know.. LOL

Mom got a new pup, he's all black with white on his four feet and a little splash of it on his chin and chest. He's a mix Shihztu and Poodle, he has a face of a poodle and a body of a shihtzu, so... no cutting of the tail. He's pretty cute and he stuck on Gizmo like shadow.. LOL.

I want Nintendo DS and I'm getting one.. :) I wanna know if the games for it has region code like PS2 and XBox games or not.. if it does it'll be really suck. But I'm getting it anyway. I'm a spoiled brat, everyone knows that.

May 19, 2005

Listening: The Punisher OST

Well, I've been going to the store at like noon the last week or so.. cause my dad got my sister to go open the store so I didn't have to pick my ass up early in the morning after I had maybe 4-5 hours of sleep.

My mom is getting a new puppy, someone is offering it to her, so she accepted, tomorrow the pup will be here, I'm not sure how that's gonna work, cause well... Gizmo is still a pup, last thing I need is 2 puppies trying to kill each other.. and not to mention we got 2 poodles already. I don't know what's my mom was thinking.

I get Giz a bath today, cause he looked like a dirty kitchen rag, took some pics for the new layout for this too.. maybe a couple of days and I'll got it up.

Hey, Cin, how ya doing??

May 15, 2005

Wednesday my friend came over with her roommate and they stayed till Saturday, they were actually here for some seminar (cause they interned at the office at school) And so I told her to come over and stay at the house. We had fun... mostly just catching up and she told me about my other friends.. normal typical chats when you don't see each other for almost ten years.

She was so taken with Gizmo.. LOL.. well, both her and her roommate they love dogs. I gave her a bunch of mp3 and we watched movies. My idea of time off.. never ask me to go to some club cause I won't go.

Gizmo has been sleeping in my room, he doesn't like hot weather.. but well, when you got a dog with that much hair, it's to be expected.. he eats a lot and almost everything.

Hey Cin!! How ya doing?

I've been so busy with work, but I should be use to it by now.. although my father made my sister go to the store in the morning to open it so I don't really have to be hurry in the morning anymore.. now I just take my time and get up late.. no later than 10:30 though. Still, it was much better.

I got a couple pages of DL written, a little more and I'll be able to post. I should write faster than this but with my friends over I didn't really get the chance to write. But I will now and I need to make time for some workout too.. I need that or I'll go crazy.

April 30, 2005

Well, it's my day off today so last night I went to bed at around 5 AM. I was reading Claire McNab's book, Detective Inspector Carole Ashton series : Fall guy, and at the same time I was reading Laurell K. Hamilton's A Stroke of Midnight. (yeah I like Andais .. she's insane!)

I was trying to write also, and I did write about a page or so. I've been neglecting it lately and I shouldn't. I decided that from now on, I'm gonna spend an hour everyday just writing, drawing, collaging. It'll be good for me mentally. I know I needed that. Exercise my imagination, I should say.

I just got a haircut today, and every time I get my haircut they always, always tug at my earring.. and damnit, it hurts!! Well, I don't get my hair cut as often as I would like, but I got it all layered short, which is good cause it's hot here.. getting to be really really hot now, I hate heat! I guess it's a good thing I stay in air conditioned room most of the day.

Well, off to do a bit of writing.

Anyone know how to make a fishtank?

April 28, 2005

Watching : CSI:miami

Gizmo is getting big and he chews on shoes, not my shoes, my sister's and well.. it's kinda funny, the other night he chewed on her slippers, the Shingansen one.. the eyes and stuff were everywhere.. And he just laid there in the middle of it and looking all innocent, like nothing is wrong in the world..

Nothing is wrong in his world.

Got Tsubasa Chronical ep 1 2 3 loaded and burned last night. I'll watch it today.

Got my books too.

A Stroke of Midnight : Merry Gentry series (Laurell K. Hamilton)
Lesson in Murder : Detective Inspector Casole Ashton series (Claire McNab)
Fall Guy
Wizard of Isis (Jean Stewart)

Musashi No.9 Vol. 1-11
and a couple others that I don't know Japanese or English titles.

I'm gonna have a few books to occupy me for a day or two. ^_^

April 25, 2005

Watching: The OC

Well, I've been having the dizzying instances throughout the day for several days now and I don't like it. Make me think of something serious. I mean I've had little sleep for a period of time before and I never get it like this. It's not enough to knock me over or anything, but enough to annoy the hell out of me.

Work sucks, but that's the fact of life now.

I'm trying to do get me time, but it didn't seem to happen except late at night and now after I told my mom about the dizzy thing she told me not to go to bed late anymore.. yeah ok.. I need some time for myself too!!

she didn't get it though.


April 23, 2005

Today : Day off

So, I got the glass etching done and it came out pretty good, except where the glue residue is left because I couldn't get it all off. But for the first attempt it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Well, my homepage is up and guestbook is done!!!

April 15, 2005

So, what's new...


I'm trying my hand with glass etching.. so I got the acid the other day, got a piece of mirror and I'm figuring out the picture that I'm gonna do.. and I got it..

I got Nightmare Before Christmas bag today and buttons, and well, I thought the picture would be perfect for my first project.. and voila! I'm working on it and by late tonight I can get it cut and ready for etching by tomorrow... And yes I'm pretty quick when I decide what I wanna do. It's doing it in class that I don't like. Not when people are looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing.

I don't think it's all that different from when I was doing reductive conversion or etching for printmaking.

By tonight I have to finish the new layout for my new homepage, cause syntheticsoul is gone! And the guestbook too.. tonight.. tonight.

Gotta get it done tonight.

March 01, 2005

Watching : The Dead Zone

Ok, news... My current website is being up for renewal and I'm not going to renew it, I'm signing up for a new domain and new package entirely.. so will no longer be here... in its place there will be instead.. it'll take a little while to swicth things over, and this will be here for a little while longer..

My aunt is visiting Thailand and needless to say I had just about enough of her calling me on my cellphone, it's annoying. She did that guilttrip thing alittle too often. I got shit to do and not to mention I am sick at the moment and busy as hell.

Life suck.. oh well.. anyway.. new url for blog will soon be but how soon I will let you guys know.

February 14, 2005

Watching : The L Word

I got The L Word season 1 on DVD today and well, I'm watching it.

I got Nerf Heder Buffy:TVS theme on my phone as a ringer last night and a Hellsing fanart by Solid&ETC as a wallpaper.. Actually, I don't use that much phone like I used to.. but it's good to have it I guess.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not having it. Or something of that sort.

I still need a digital cam, but then I remember that I still have my uncle's Sony Cybershot, so I guess I don't really need to get a new one right away. Cause I know for a fact that he doesn't really use it, and beside if he does, he would've told me.

He's been playing with my IPaq, or rather her was playing solitair on it, just like my mom.. between the two of them, they got more hour on that thing than I do.. and it's mine for crying out loud.. oh well, I guess if it'll make them happy, besides I just use it to keep all the details and stuff, not like I'd be using it 24/7

I think I'll probably get a new hosting company... I don't remember the company my teacher recommended, which is suck.. but I'll get it eventually, or rather in a week or two cause if I remember correctly, my plan is about up for renewal.. *sigh*

Suggestion anyone??

February 13, 2005

Watching : CSI:Miami

Hey Jamie!!!

How ya doing, man? How's college life?

Ok, my birthday was all right, I did get my PS2, new one, thinner one. I tradded my old one in and I got a thin one they threw in 10 free games for me.. and I got a new memory card. I didn't really get to play yet, too busy.

Also saw a new Nintendo.. the one with 2 screen, man, that would be so sweet.

They don't have game cube here.. I was kinda disappointed.. I don't understand why they don't. I wanna play Mario!!!

Hey Cin!

Hope your hand is all ok soon. :)

I need to update my layout.. I think I'm gonna come up with something, or maybe I'll just use the one that I already got done, it's a toss up.. I'm thinking about it. I got one with Eliza all set, and all I need to do is coding it.. and another one also almost finished with only slicing left. Um... decisions...

I think I'm gonna be back to blogging more often now. :)

I got a new phone.. Nokia 7610 and I got Nerf Herder Buffy:TVS theme as my ringer!

Oh yeah!

Actually, I have to give credit to Peppermint Patti for suggesting that to me.. LOL.

Now I just want Poltergeist theme and Halloween theme to go with the rest. :)

Ok I better get to bed.. I got the worse case of hiccups.. yuck...

January 11, 2005

Watching : The Forgotten

My birthday is on the 19th of January, yeah, I'm getting old. I feel old.

I have to trade in my PS2 for a new one.. due to the fact that my PS2 is the one that I carried over from the States and well, the system needs to be modified for it to be able to play here and for me to get the games here.. anyhow.. PS2 got a new version, which is smaller and thinner.. so I'm thinking of tradding my old one in and get a new one. With that I'm gonna have to pay more money for the difference.. Yup, I'm gonna be broke, but with the new one I'll be able to play game from any zone. ('cause they already modified the system)

Anyhow, I'm expecting not to be able to get anything else this month after this..


My mom said she'll pay for me..


wait, there's a catch, there's a big 'IF' it's not too expensive.. yeah I guess I'm gonna end up ditching out some cash as usual. You'd have thought I got use to paying thing for myself after 8 years in the States and noone for me to ask things from. Man, my birthday's gonna be just as bad as always.