January 11, 2005

Watching : The Forgotten

My birthday is on the 19th of January, yeah, I'm getting old. I feel old.

I have to trade in my PS2 for a new one.. due to the fact that my PS2 is the one that I carried over from the States and well, the system needs to be modified for it to be able to play here and for me to get the games here.. anyhow.. PS2 got a new version, which is smaller and thinner.. so I'm thinking of tradding my old one in and get a new one. With that I'm gonna have to pay more money for the difference.. Yup, I'm gonna be broke, but with the new one I'll be able to play game from any zone. ('cause they already modified the system)

Anyhow, I'm expecting not to be able to get anything else this month after this..


My mom said she'll pay for me..


wait, there's a catch, there's a big 'IF' it's not too expensive.. yeah I guess I'm gonna end up ditching out some cash as usual. You'd have thought I got use to paying thing for myself after 8 years in the States and noone for me to ask things from. Man, my birthday's gonna be just as bad as always.