September 22, 2006

It's raining again.

My aunt is going down south so on Sunday I'll have to fend for myself and mind the store pretty much by myself. My dad might open it for me, and 'might' is the key here.

I didn't get to do anything while in store today, didn't write, I didn't even turn my laptop on. I was trying to watch FMA the movie and I didn't even get to do that, I fell asleep. So, it's nap time. I guess I can do that tonight while watching Jigoku Shoujo too. I actually like JS, onlything that it would make the series much better was the back story of Emma Ai.

I'm waiting for 8pm to roll around and see if the rain stops. I can go workout.. wooohooo... *sigh* Maybe I can get my PT to play badminton with me instead.

September 21, 2006

I got Hellsing vol.5 today. I didn't realize that they release it here, so I'm gonna have to go get the other 4 vol. *sigh*

It rains here everyday now, or rather every night. Kinda nice, except the whole wet dog thing, my dogs will go outside and run around in the wet grass every morning, can't really stop them from doing that, unless you want them to pee in the house, which is a no-no.

I just saw that I got Tsubasa Chronicle vol 3 twice, maybe I could bring one to change. Maybe. I'm doing a new layout for the blog, we'll see how that works. :) I could get the blogger code wrong, if they kept it the same I wouldn't have the problem, now I just don't have time to figure things out like I use to, I guess I better pay more attention.

Cin, have you gone to the lillicious link I gave you? You can read a little about Marimite there (maria sama ga miteru) I can't really explain it, it's about all girl school, which has soeur system (sisters) and the relationship between them. All the trial and tribulation.

Ok, I should go back to watch Jigoku shoujo now (hell girl)

September 18, 2006

Drabble : Ogasawara/Shigeyoshi

Sachiko rushed as much as her propriety would allow, this was her first movie date with Minako and she wasn't going to be late, even though the traffic didn't help her one little bit. She had spent the entire day on edge and worrying about the little things that she had never paid any mind to them before.

But Minako was unlike anyone she had ever known.

The front of movie theater came into sight and Sachiko felt her heart leaped up to her throat, there leaning against one of the pillar was Shigeyoshi Minako, dressing, surprisingly, very casual in her loose fitting jeans and hooded sweatshirt. Her long pale hair loose around her shoulder. Rosa Chinensis en Bouton stopped for a moment to look at her.

Then the crownless queen of Judo turned and looked at her, as if she could feel her approaching. Minako smiled and Sachiko broke out into a run toward her.

that's it, I think. :)
Got new volume of Air Gear today, as well as K2 and Double Souls.

My car is in the garage for some fixing today. No, I didn't crash it or side swipe anything really. More like someone else did it to mine while I was in the movie months before and since my insurance was about to be up for the year I just took it in to claim so, they gonna have to repaint most of it.

Now I'm without car for the next 8-10 days. Kinda suck really, cause I had to take my motorcyle to the gym today. I booked the squash for 9pm and I got there 30 min early and there was no one there, so I guess someone only played for 30 min. I went in and proceeded to beat the crap out of the rubber ball for almost an hour before my friend came in and told me it was raining!

Long story short, I left and well got wet on my way home. At least it didn't pour, just a little drizzle.

I'm writing Marimite/Sobakkasu xover, why, because I wanted to. LOL.

I loved Ogasawara Sachiko and Shigeyoshi Minako and being the freak that I am, I wrote them up as a pair. Not finish but well, I'll keep going till I feel like stopping.

Hey Cin!!

How ya doing?

How's everything?

I'm back to listening to some Taking Back Sunday now.

September 07, 2006

Watching : nothing really... more like listening

I'm just eatching, I'm starving that I actually get an egg over easy ( don't really like sunny side up) and some white rice. Yeah... desperate.

I'm writing, well, not my usual stuff at the moment. I've just finished reading Sobukkasu by Kikuchi Shouta again, and I love Shigeyoshi Minago. It was awesome. So, I'm writing Sachiko/Minago just because they are so different. LOL.. Hopefully I can pull that one off.

Why this pair??

Cause I'm a freak, and I just like taking 2 characters that had nothing to do with each other and put them together.

My DSL at home still not very usable... thus dial up at the store.. it sucks!!! So I'm thinking getting DSL at the store now. So I can read all day!!!!

September 05, 2006

Watching : nothing really, just left the tv droning in the background

On Sat I went and dragged my friend to the next town to get some books, manga really, and she said ok. We both figured that I would be the one that spent the most money on this little trip, but as it turned out, she spent more than I did, due to the fact that she bought 2 sets of some Chinese series. Why would she wanna buy them is beyond me, seeing how she's going on the retreat right the next day.

I got a bunch of Manga, even got 1st Volume of Strawberry Panic. Not that I'm all that fawn of shoujo, but it's Shoujo-ai so it's all good, even if it's a little on the silly side. :)

Man, I would love to get Marimite manga, except I can't read Japanese. Although I did say to my friend that if they get here, I still wouldn't have known, cause I never look at that section anyway. Normall, I like action and blood guts and gore in my manga.. (look up Berserk, Hellsing) Some extreme emotional situation also good too, a bit of psychological thriller. :)

But then I'm also happy with Yuri...

Read another one 'Line' by Yua Kotegawa.

It's a oneshot. With Yuri subtext, the story was pretty good.

I think I'm getting too many at one time and what happen is that I would read the one I wanted to get in the first place and the rest will get put aside till a lot later. :) Actually, the best thing I should do is getting one set at the time and so I wouldn't put anything on hold for a long time. I already had at least 3 sets of manga unread, so I should really get to it.