December 21, 2006

Well, on Dec 19th was Fujino Shizuru b-day.

And since I'm a fan, so I guess I can wish an anime character a happy birthday. LOL

I actually wrote something for it, and well, only got half of it done, so I'll post that whenever I get it done. I'm not all that concern about it.

Saturday is reunion. I wasn't gonna go, but then my friends are going so I guess I can make it, it'll be good to see some of the old faces again, even though I was only with them till 10th grade. Hopefully it won't get boring, cause the simple fact that I spent my formative year somewhere completely different than they were would make a huge diff in our thought process, and also taste in things. Besides, how many gonna have the same interest as I do. I mean come on, who's gonna be watching anime I like do. Well, the one that does won't be able to make it. Kinda sad.

I wanna go see Eragon, but still couldn't make it there yet. I'll try next week, maybe my friend will go with me.

December 16, 2006

Got new toy today.

I got a Seagate external hard drive today. It was 160gb, a pretty good size, I actually went looking for another model, but they didn't have it and this one was on sale so I got it. It'll still plenty enough for all my crap, so I didn't fret over it. While I was there I was looking at some laptop too. I want a Vaio, but they are kinda expensive comparing to other brand, so I might end up with an HP, or Accer.. I guess between those, I'll get HP. I don't know, I just feel like it.

I'm getting DSL for the store too, cause I spend all my day there, so I'd like something to kill time while I religuish the TV to my aunt or my mom. Otherwise I'll monopolize the damn thing till sundown. LOL. Can you imagine two old people watching anime with me all day cause they didn't have a choice. I don't think my mother mind too much, except she couldn't understand what they were saying.

Anyhow, I moved most of the crap that had been clogging up my hard drive over to the portable one, and now it's all good, more space for other junk!

Bed, now.

December 13, 2006

Store's finally open.

So we were renovating the store and we closed down on the 17th of November and we opened back up again on the 5th of December and let me tell you, the first few days were hell! I mean people were calling to make sure that we are open and such and all those that just came in to see that we were actually open on the date. I mean, hello! if the door is open and the stuff are out and arranged then we are open people!

Lately I've been reading Shiznat fanfic a lot, and I'm a bit away from B/F, I still read it, but I didn't check it regularly like I used to. :) Just some new obsession, ya know. I also watch Mai HiME and Mai Otome a lot too. And I am undeniably Shizuru fan now. LOL.

I've recently started on Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, it's really not the type of anime I would watch I mean, cutsie little character... I think I watch it because the whole gender bender thing and also the yuri. Not sure if it'll really be a bit of shoujo ai, but I'll watch it for a couple more episodes, just because.

Kiddy Grade... well, I finished the entire series now. 24 episodes of it. I love Lumiere!! She's so cute. Also that little kiss in Ep 20 and stuff kept me going. LOL. I like shoujo ai and yuri in my anime although I could do with more blood, guts and gore, really. Blood splash makes me happy. Like in Hellsing. Man, I can't wait for more of Hellsing OVA.

Now I got some writing for Shiznat (otome) that I had rattling around in my head and I think I should type it down before I get too lazy to. Not that it'll come out as a finish fiction, but hey, it might.

December 03, 2006

Last few days of freetime!

Last night I went to pick up a set of second hand manga with a friend of mine. At first I wasn't gonna go anymore, cause no one was going with me, but well, it turned out that Sai would so, we went and I got my mom a t-shirt and I got Orange Road the entire set (I used to have the complete set but someone borrowed and didn't return them to me) The reprint weren't very well done so I was considering if I want to get it or not. Now I got better one, so I'm quite happy.

Also I got my R/C Illu of Shizuru/Natsuki done, and the Hellsing one also almost complete. Just a bit of touch up and cleaning and they will be fit for posting. The ShizNat one needed a bit of a trim on the side and some wiping down, since the glue left some residue, same goes for Hellsing one. Now they both are done I got something else in mind, I enjoy making them even though they are not very intellectually challenge. (only your sense of aethetic property) Sometimes I have the hell of a time trying to figure out if I wanna leave certain shape uncut or not, and if it'll help the overall picture. Oh well, you will only see it when it's complete. And once it's done, there's no more fixing it.

It's raining again. I like rain, up to a point. :)

I have another 20 min or so to get ready before picking up my friend for working out. Hopefully we'll make it there this time.