August 31, 2007

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These are what I carry in the backpack to and from the store everyday, I took them all out the night before to inspect how dirty my backpack is. And well, it's pretty bad, all those dirt and stain. It's time I wash it, I think. But before that I need a replacement because I do need these.

There's my DCSoesCo. backpack, Staedtler triplus fineliner in sets of 10 colors, my Ipaq phone, Olfa silver exacto knife, pocket watch, ipod nano, my Oakley whisker, iomega screenplay, 3 sets of keys, a dvd case that carry one dvd or another, my notebook with black staedtler tucked in the spiral for writing fanfic and whatnot, my Nikon digital cam that really belonged to my mother, but she doesn't use it, so I do.

They don't weight very much altogether, really. And I travel to work by motorcycle, so to have these on me, weren't that much of an ordeal.

I would be carrying my laptop too, except I left that at the store, so I don't have to carry it back and fort everyday.

Oh yeah, and I also take my dog everyday, he sits in the front basket. (and no he doesn't try to jump.)

I took the pic because, um.. I don't know, too many visits to lifehacker I guess, so I wanna see what clutter do I carry around with me. (and something to blog about, in case Jamie is reading..LOL)

Well, I went and pick up a soft bag for my laptop yesterday and saw a laptop backpack that I wanted, it has lots of pocket and looking pretty good too!

On the other note, I'm about to start watching Nodame Cantabile, my friend recommended it (her friend recommended it to her) The anime is 23 ep long I believe, and the Live-action is 11 ep. I still have lots ot catch up though. I should really start with watching all my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles first.

Claymore manga still isn't out yet, I got it up to vol 11. The characters are pretty nice looking and the story line reminded me of Berserk. Let's hope it doesn't drag out as long as Berserk though, it gets tiring now. It could've end nicely about half way back. There're a few manga that are like that. (ex. Dragonball, even St. Seiya)

I watched first ep. of Zombie Loan the other day, it's by Peach Pit, the same that gave us Rozen Maiden (and I really like that series) so I'm gonna continue watching this one too.

I'm waiting with my batted breath for Mai Otome Zwei 4, it should be out on the 24th and so since I can't understand Japanese I'm waiting for Fansub to come out. Now, my friend's friend is coming back from Japan in a couple of months, I think I'm gonna ask her to ask him to get all 4 for me. Maybe, if it's not too much trouble that is, since he's not my friend. Maybe I'll just order Amazon Japan. Man, so many things to get. And I need a set of pen nibs too. I lost the entire set a while back. (damnit!)

I'm broke.

August 28, 2007

My aunt got the TV for now.

I was trying to watch The Dead Zone, but well, didn't work out very well, since I was trying to change the water in my fishtank at the same time. What I got in my fishtank, let's see... I got 2 gold fishes (5 color ones) 1 angel fish, 3 little ones (not sure what they are called) All in all, I got 6 fishes. In Chinese numerology 6 means easy and smooth, all the way) Although I thought of getting 8 which means prosperity, the tank was rather small, so I don't wanna stuff another 2 in.

I went to the mall on Saturday, which is normal, since we have to buy things for the house anyhow, they have the coffee-table fishtank on display. One of them was really nice, half of it made into a small water plants garden which use to clean and recycle the water, the waste from the fishes will be use as fertilizer for the plants. I'd get one if I have space for it in the house, and no kids! (my 2 niece and nephew will definitely like it a little TOO much)

I got to watch a little of Zombie Loan episode one last night, only a little, since we were closing the store, I guess I'll watch it again later on, when I have no interruption. I also got Pan's Labyrinth, and again my aunt and mother watched it, I didn't. But what I've seen was good.

Last night I read an article saying that those that play on the comp or watching tv before bed will feel as if they don't get enough sleep, even though they get the same amout of Zzz as the one that didn't. That our body fooled itself that they don't get enough rest. Um...

Still before is the only quiet enough time for me to actually play anything on the comp w/o interruption, so I can't help it.

August 26, 2007

Watching : Mai Otome vol. 9

Well, right now I got a bunch of Anime that simple being put on back burner for one reason or another. Like Eureka 7, I bought it up to vol. 8 now and I'd yet to watch any of them. Same goes for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and then I picked up Rayearth. Yeah, I have more things to watch than the actual time to watch them. At least now So You Think You Can Dance is finished, so I won't have to load them and stuff.. still there's The Dead Zone, Monk that I'm watching. Also on the anime side Claymore, El Cazador de la Bruja. A friend of mine recommended Nodame Catabile. I'm deciding.

I picked up 'Happily N'ever After' the other day and watched it tonight. I liked the story, I do, although the pace was slow for my liking, but I do understand that it was made for a younger group of audience (kids) so, the movie needs to be at slower pace, (read somewhere that if you let children watch something face pace, their attention span will get shot to shit... ) Anyhow, while I was watching I was thinking.. Frida (the stepmother) totally wanted little (Cinder)Ella. LOL. Must be all the femmeslash I read! I actually have an idea for the fanfic too.. how sick is that!

I might just write it. Who knows. I've been writing things that didn't get post for a while now. I'm trying to go back DL again, but with all my files lost on my last comp crash... that just tough, so I guess I won't even try to remember what I've wrote, but just write the new scene, otherwise it'll take me eternity to do it.

And also new layout, yes, I'm deciding what I wanna do with it this time... which series or anime I should use as starting point. Another Shizuru maybe, or Natsuki. Or maybe Bellatrix. :) Also the layout for the homepage, which is long overdue. Probably another Fuffy, or maybe the Ella from Happily N'ever After. I feel so uninspired these days.

Also, I've been trying to get my workspace organized, something that's hard to do since I have more books in here than I should, so my next plan was to get some bookcases built, those won't be the store bought ones, since they are too deep for my need, most of the books that will go in there will be manga, and paperbag novels. Other ones that will not fit in those can stay in the shelves in my room. The shelves will be located in front of my brother's room down to my sister's since it's one continuous piece of wall, that will be enough for all the manga. I still have some in bags sitting on the floor due to the fact that I have no space in the shelves to put them.

I cleared a lot of things off of my desk, and made a monitor stand so the monitor is more my eye level and the keyboard could go underneath it, giving me space to write I wrapped up most of the cables, doesn't look as nice as I would've wanted, but it's better than the clutter I had before. It was a rat nest!

Of course, if I could get rid of the stuffs that I have then it'll be much better, but well, I just couldn't. LOL. I have to go through the stuff that I could throw away and just chuck those. Like boxes of the things I bought, speakers and games and stuff. I should get rid of that PS2 box too as well as printer box, since I won't need them. This weekend I guess.

August 21, 2007

Watching : Premonition

OK, I know I should be paying more attention to the movie, since I've turned it on for the 2nd time without really watching (no, I didn't finish the first time either.)

I'm gonna do a new layout for the blog as well as the homepage, because it's been a really long while that I did anything remotely creative. (yeah, ok, a really long while isn't even begin to cover it)

Saw Rush Hour 3 last night with 2 of my friends (no, I don't have that many, and I'd rather have a handful of friends than a bunch of people that will only share in your glory but never misery)

Another friend of mine is currently stressed to the max, what with her mother's problem that she had to take on and other things, if she'd told me about the renting earlier than she did (maybe only 2 days earlier) She would've been moving in and settled by now (well, we may have to fix a lot of things before that I'm not sure of the state of the house, since I haven't seen it yet) As far as I know, the bathroom needs work, but it'll still be done before this (been what, 2 months?)

Anyhow, we'll see what happens, she was suppose to be moving since 2 days ago, and I was suppose to go help her clean, but well, didn't happen yet, although, there's another place she's looking into.

Well, best of luck I guess.

I went and picked up Rayearth vol. 1, MAR vol. 9, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles season 2 vol. 3.

Now, I'll have to get Magic Knight Rayearth since I never really get them in the first place, I guess I could have my aunt pick them up for me.

What do I want.. um..

I do want a pair of new shoes. (Dr. Marten's, possibly) a new jacket, I guess I'll have her pick them up for me, and if she has space left then it's MEDIUM, Supernatural. I want Spiderman 3 dvd and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 but they come out the end of Oct, which will be too late. Oh yeah and Harry Potter boxset (7 books) If it's not too heavy that is.

Um... what should I tell her... grrrrrrrrr..

August 17, 2007

Watching : The 5th Dimension

I went to see Bourne Ultimatum tonight. It's pretty good, I like the action sequences and all that, but still, it reminded me the reason why I didn't go see the first 2 in the theater. The main character bugged me. Immensely. It's not even the impossibility that bothered me, it's the way his character was. I can't really explain it, but damn I wanted him dead by the end of the movie, too bad he wasn't.

Well, at least I have something else to look forward to, Resident Evil : Extinction. Oh yeah, next month, but before that I wanna try to make for Hairspray next week.

Also just saw the preview for the new Jodie Foster movie The Brave One. I almost don't care what the movie was about if she was in it, almost. But I will go see this one. Definitely.

Bought a speaker for Ipod, originally I wanted to get JBL, which cost an arm and 2 legs. In the end I got something else by Techlines, the sounds was not bad, and since I don't intend to really blast my way through the house, it's good enough. As for a better speakers, I'll considered it, when I listen to it constantly with it, which I don't.