September 28, 2007

Series premiere

In the past couple of days, I had the pleasure of watching 3 spanking new episodes of my favorite shows. Bones, Shark, and Criminal Minds. Of course I've been rather preoccupied that I didn't really have the attention required to watch them. But so far they were all good.

Also I finally got the rest of the episodes of Close to Home (starring Jennifer Finnigan) So, I have plenty to watch for the next day or two, but at the same time, I'm suppose to be translating something as a favor to my PT.

And I have a book I wanna finish.


Well, I'm reading The Devil Wears Prada and so far I think that Andrea in the book was rather disgusting and Miranda was well, not as likable as in the movie, but I don't think she was any more of a bitch than in the movie (kudos to Meryl Streep, she was excellent!) Good thing they cleaned up Andy in the movie, or I would hate her soon as I saw her open her mouth.

In the book she was not very sympathetic in her behavior. I couldn't feel bad for her, not even once.

Well, I still have a little over 100 pages to go, it might get better. Or rather her personality might get better.

Or not.

September 26, 2007

Surprise, surprise!!

Yesterday I got a couple of calls that I never thought I would ever going to get, and no, it was not a good thing.

One of them was my cousin, which I grew up with but didn't see for over ten years already. And he called me to borrow some money. All I can say is HELL NO!

I don't have the money to be throwing around, especially with someone I know I won't get any of it back, so no way in hell. I'm not that much of a masochist. I have my limit.

And then another call, from LCF, man, my gut is wicked nervous right then, and not in a good way. I didn't think of her for so long and I didn't expect to ever hear from her ever again. (and I thought that if I ever did it would be too soon, apparently, I shouldn't have thought that) It's been over 2 years, though I did have a feeling that I would be hearing from her.

Anyhow, moving on.

I went to see 1408 last night, it was good, I enjoyed it a lot. Very character driven, and it was like watching someone that's about to lose their mind and entering into the realm of insanity. Like watching people going slowly insane, it was good. :) There were a few moments here and there that gave me a scare, and that's saying a lot! I don't usually jump from seeing something popped up in a movie. But this movie made me jump a couple of times.

I did question my own sanity for going to a horror movie at 0:40am. And now I'm suffering for it, since I went to bed at 4:30am and then woke up at 7am went back to bed 8am and woke up again at 9:30am. I so hate my life right now.

Speaking of movie, I'm very much looking forward to Resident Evil : Extinction. I think Sat night will be a good night for it, :)

On the other note, I dropped by the bookstore and bought me a copy of The Devil Wears Prada last night, it's a good thing that the place close at 11pm, since I got out of the gym around 10:45pm. So far I enjoy the book.

September 24, 2007

over my bed

over my bed
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Last night I finally put up the piece of SMG that I did a while ago, which I kept on the shelve above my desk, wrapped in a piece of newsprint. I really had no intention of doing anything with it, since I only did it for my figure drawing class. But well, I have this blank wall above my headboard that had nothing on it. I originally gonna put small piece of Shiznat did with the same technique, but then a pig center piece wouldn't hurt, and a variety was a good thing too, so it's Shiznat from Mai Otome and SMG, I think I'm gonna have to dig up the Eliza Dushku one out and also the Hellsing one.. somehow I don't think I have enough space for that now.

I guess it's the smaller ones from now on.. (or medium size, nothing too big)

I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada. I really like Meryl Streep from this movie, so I'm thinking I might get a book. :)

September 20, 2007

Watching : ST : Voyager

I finally got the rubber cover grill thing (the kind they use to hang stuff in stores) And I had to cut it up to size (I thought they would have more sizes, but apparently they did not) My hands hurt from it, but it got it cut and I put the bricks and cords from both the HDD external on it and tied it up with zipties, just so I can get them off of the floor (easier to clean up) and I really don't want a nest of wire to clutter up around the HDD external (the drives were hot enough without anything around) it improves the air circulation immensely, which is what I wanted.

And after that I still got a piece big enough, so I brought it to the store. Originally, I had the DSL modem and the excess wires and cords in the drawer, which of course, doesn't have any air circulation at all. I couldn't leave the drawer open or someone will definitely trip on it. Not a very good thing, seeing how it'll probably be my mother.

So, I tied up the cords and modem onto the grill and then the power strip, and the LAN line, as well as the excess phoneline. All of them quite long, but it's better now and the modem won't get too hot anymore. I put up a 3M hook to hold the grill upright, it was a small hook, but since it doesn't have to hold up any weight, but simply hold it in place, I'm not really worry. The mess looks much, much better now, I think.

Now I'm thinking I should get one of those twist tie thing. Tomorrow I think.

September 15, 2007

I went to an Aikido class today. Actually, it was on a trial basis at the gym that I am a member (Sports Club) The membership of which I am about to run out. LOL. I'll continue, I'm pretty sure now, and the other one I'll just give it to my sister. The transfer wasn't complicated so, it should be fine.

I liked the class, a lot, I mean I've always wanted to try Aikido, and this was pretty cool. And I miss the physicality of it, after not practicing Karate for 3 years, I miss it a lot. This will be good, I'm not sure how it's gonna go, because the trail period end in Oct, so, hopefully they continue, I'll even pay extra for it, it'll be really good too... Any self-defense classes are good, I think, for just about everything, it helps with the stress, a lot, as I've learned that first hand. :)

I'm watching Close to Home season 1, I kinda like it and I think Jennifer Finnigan is cute as a button (well, she got that, blonde blue eyed, so...)

I got a new HDD external drive which is 250 GB. So, I'll keep some of my anime on it, those that I keep till the dvd's out. (if they ever gonna be released here.) Just stuffs that are pretty much filled up my hard drive.

They have 3 colors, and I picked the blue one, pretty color and I really like the blue light too! I got it a week or so ago, and I simply didn't have the energy to get to the back of my cpu to plug it in, and I finally get to tonight.

One of the receptionists was in the accident this morning, apparently she did not show up (which I had no idea since I was dragged out of bed to drive my mother to see the doctor) And they had been trying to get a hold of her and couldn't. I was saying that something must've happened, because she doesn't just miss work, not without a good reason. And Voila! we got a call from her sister that she's in the hospital. I guess tomorrow I'll be driving my aunt and my mom to see her.

Mom picked up a bunch of orchids and plants today, my aunt got fishes, me... I get to drive all day! Not fun, let me tell you, not fun at all.

September 09, 2007

We had a house warming of sort yesterday.

It was more of a religious thing anyway, took so much time and energy to prepare and it was all over by 1pm. My mother and my aunt spent all last week preparing for it, cooking, cleaning (mostly it's dessert they were making, but you know how much time those take!?) So, it's me being chained to the store (technically speaking) for the entire day. Most of the relatives were there yesterday and some of my parents acquaintances and family friends. I spent the entire time sitting outside with my cousins, chatting.

Afterwards we ran over to the computer store with one of my cousins, she wanted Nintendo DS. But at the moment she's saving up for it, so in the mean time she wanted to check out the price and also get a game. She borrowed mine for now. I haven't been playing with it for a long while now so, I have no idea what's going on with DS these days.

I better looking around, I guess.

We also went to the shooting range, well, with my other cousin that is. we shot about
2 boxes of ammo (that's 100 bullets), we got .22 and .38 the .22 was a bit heavy, surprisingly. It was fun though. We'll do it again soon, or so I hope. They also have horse back riding and base jumping and clay shooting too. Maybe we'll try one of those next time. Though I still want my archery set.

September 06, 2007

dressing up my accer stage 2

dressing up my accer stage 2
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So, the next stage, I added another piece to it last night, and since I got them cut at a different time, I ran into a little trouble of the pieces ran into each other, which really wasn't that hard to rectify, I just had to cut whatever piece that overlapped out. It looks ok, I think. There'll be another piece to add at the bottom, and after that I might leave it alone for maybe a month or two, cause I kinda wanna put Integra Hellsing on this. :)

My friend asked if I can do one for her, well, I could. When she show up that is. LOL.

Then another one of my friend would've argue that I could get it cut by machine and it'll look better. I guess I could, but what's the fun in that?!

Tonight, another piece.

September 05, 2007

dressing up my accer, stage 1

dressing up my accer, stage 1
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I was looking at a bunch of MacBook that got some laser etching, and they looked good! I really liked it, unfortunately I don't have Mac and even if I did, I still won't be able to get it laser etched (not that I would, I like the option of changing the look if I want, and laser etching will take that option away)

What I have is Accer Aspire 4710G, which has textured finished, The top has that polished reflective strip of black, so I figure I could do something. I bought several sheets of vinyl stickers in black, as well as clear contact paper in rolls! My first thought was using the clear contact paper, however, it doesn't work very well, when the surface is already textured, (if it's the glossy finished then the clear contact paper would've worked very well.) So, I moved on and tried the black stickers instead. Before I did all this, I took a small piece of each ones and stuck it on the laptop then pulled out to see if it'll leave the glue residue on it, which none of them did. (if there's residue I might not do it at all)

Then I picked the glossy back vinyl and cut out the image by hand (with my trusty x-acto.) Then I transfered it with masking tape, almost lose small pieces several times, but well, I tried to slow down and not just ripping the tape out (or I might have to start over)

This is only the first stage, I'm adding a few more things and I might try the textured sticker one, to see if it'll give me the impression dimension. And I think I might add 'cogito ergo sum' (I think therefore I am), or maybe something else, I'm thinking... but everything can be changed so it's not a big deal, only a bit of time that will be lost.

I did this at about 1:30 in the morning, cut and clean and stuck on the laptop itself, well, I ended up going to bed around 4am.

If I just go ahead and cut without stopping to read this and that and watch 'How Clean Is Your House?' I probably finished it quicker, but who's checking? LOL.

September 02, 2007

Continue from last night :

Ok, so I found this store iStudio, they sell Mac accessories and other things, so I got Solar Charger there (and I already knew the moment I saw it that this's going to be my favorite store!)

They also have that laptop stand and such, a bunch of comp accessories and so... I'm in love with it

I did buy a bugweed pillow as well, expensive, but well, it was rather worth it. Only a night and I felt the difference, I didn't wake up with a kink in my neck this morning and I slept through the night. (except when Gizmo barked to get some water). I'd get one for mom, but she's just the type to not use it. She's just that stubborn about things. And if she won't use it, then well, as expensive as it is if she doesn't use it then it is really expensive, if she uses it, then it is worth the money.

I'm still contemplating the wireless networking, even if just so I can play psp online... or maybe not, so far I don't see the point just yet.

I watched The Bridge to Terabethia today. I liked it. With the cover you might expect another Nania, but this isn't. It's about 2 kids, outcast, one because she was a new girl and have rather strange look at things, and the other was poor, they paired up and created a world of their own. I think my niece liked it. But she fell asleep. LOL.

September 01, 2007

Today was my day off, actually I should say that it's the day that the store closes, however, I don't actually get it off, the only difference is, I get to sleep late, but that's about it. So, I had to take my aunt shopping (getting things for my house, and such, still I'm a driver) And it usually before I get my breakfast/lunch.

Anyhow, I decided to go to the movie, 'cause I want to. Went to see 'Invasion' stared Nicole Kidman. It was good, I was kinda surprise, well, a little. It started like typical Alien invasion movie, (something like Puppetmaster came to mind) There's a sense of urgency throughout the movie, which I liked, a lot. Kept me on the edge of my seat and I didn't get bored, although there were times that the movie was a bit confusing, but I do think that it fitted the state of mind that the main character was in.

Nicole Kidman looked pretty good in it, too. So, it's a plus. I like her in these kind of role, her desperation and exhaustion was palpable (well, makeup does help, with those red rimmed eyes, tousled hair) The way her face barely contain the feeling when the character had to be out among the Alien.

The transformation from human to alien during REM sleep was not overdone. I've seen a lot of movies that just pushed the gore just a bit too much. This one was on the minimal side. Though there was this one scene when the Press conference was going on and the waiters at the back were basically barfing into the water, YUCK!! And I was eating, too.

The movie was shorter than I'd expected it. A little under 2 hours (maybe I watched those movies too much, the ones that were just won't work under 2 hours, always 2 and a half or more) And with a happy ending. LOL. I half expected to see her turned and all hope lost at the end, even though I knew it wasn't going to be that way. And it wasn't, everything got saved in the nick of time.

When the movie was over it was before 11pm. So it was pretty good, since it wasn't too late and meant that I will get to bed before 3am. I've learned that the later I get home is the even later I'd go to bed. I once got home at 4:30am. from my friend's house, we were talking and just completely forgot the time, anyhow, I got home and still I got cleaned up and other things, I ended up really going to be after 5am. Me and my bad habit, I guess.

I also found a store which, I think I'd become a regular. LOL. I do love toys. I was thinking of getting something to raise up the bottom of my laptop and I found these little things they sold there, perfect, really perfect. Well, that's a story for tomorrow. :)

I'm gonna go watch Mai Otome (again) now.