November 26, 2007

My mother's purchases today.

My mom always like handmade things (so do I, for that matter) More respect for those that made these things for living, it's not easy and people don't always wanna pay the price of the labor. Sometime it's the value of it and not the value of materials that add up to the price.

I can never do these things for living, I spend far too much money on things. :) I do make paper (recycle, since we got cards and such that got cut up, and will get burn otherwise, a waste if you ask me) and I use those paper to make a book, which I usually just give them to my friends. If they want it that is.

Well, my mother got these today... they made from dried palm leaves, the guy was awesome, my mom bought from him twice.. they are less than a dollar each (US dollar) the legs are made from aluminum can, he told my mom that he sold them to the other place more expensive because the woman didn't seem to care for them (why did she buy them is beyond me) consider the fact that it's all made by hand, so kudos for the guy.

I would post more pix, but maybe later.

And I got the r/c illu that my friend asked me to do as a favor done, it's not that big only 24"x24" much smaller than the other ones I've been making, especially as a portraits. I made them with black matt sticker on white future board (that's what they called it) looks nice if you hold it up to the light, but well, these will be on wall. I probably won't touch it anymore, done is done.

Off to do something else now.

November 23, 2007

Criminal Minds last night ...

Wow, talk about subtext.

Well, you know we do look for it everywhere and quite happy when we found them. :)

That scene with JJ and Prentiss, when Emily reached over and squeezed her hand... and the looks, oh yeah... I'm pleased, really I am. There seems to be more looks pass between them lately, or maybe it's just me and my wishful thinking.

Either way, the more the better, 'cause they definitely fuel some of the fanfic writers with material to work with. Heck knows we have to look for them, I mean, really really look for them.
Well, I'm working on Mirandy fic at the moment, and Shiznat too. Also coding the site, they are all going slowly. I still got menu to finish. I guess I'll get to do them tomorrow, since it'll be quite impossible to get out anyway, all the traffic, I really don't like festival. People flocked in and the congestion, more people means more cars on the road too. Oh well.

I have no plan to go anywhere tomorrow, I'll be happily staying in. I just asked a friend if she had any plan, and she said no, but I know her, there'll be some friends of hers to drag her out the last minute. LOL.

My other friend still unable to come over, I'm holding the r/c illu she asked me to do hostage, I'm not mailing that thing, not after I made it for her. The least she could do is picking it up personally.

It's Friday night and I think I'll get to bed a little earlier than I usually do on Friday (which mean before 4 a.m.) Though I doubt I'll be sleeping. NCIS is looking pretty good right about now.

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November 20, 2007

I went and pick up a few things today.

I got last volume of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (with the box and Mokona). Volume 13 of Eureka 7, vol. 11-12 of MAR.

Got vol. of new Wada Shinji's new series (it's 2006, it's newer than the other ones!) It's Kugutsushi Rin, it's about puppets and puppet masters.

Main character Kasuma Rin, whom the heir to the family of puppet master ran away from school in Germany, (which she'd run away from home to get to in the first place) Her older sister which was made heir in her place and her grandfather died in the mysterious fire.

Once back, Rin found that everything was burned down except the secret storage underground. Everything was in place except 3 puppets. Rin came to a conclusion immediately and knew that instant who was the culprit.

A violinist Asaoka Miyabi.

So, the battle started, the weapon : puppets, which Miyabi stole from Rin's grandfather and had some other puppet maker finished (the puppet were only core), there were 10 altogether, and Miyabi aimed to have all 10 for the reason we are not privy to just yet.

I'm liking the beginning, so I'm hoping the the next part won't take too long to come out. Wish I could get that old series of his, Sukeban Deka, my friend did have the entire series a long time ago, unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on it, since she lost it. And so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they would reprint it again. Just as several other stories that I couldn't find (too old).

Hopefully, someday.

Now I'm waiting for the bookcases... won't be long now..

I still can't really do the whole unclutter thing.

1. for every 1 piece of thing you bring in, you have to get rid of 2 things.
2. the things that you don't use or even touch for over a year then you should get rid of it.

Now, if I only stick to those 2 then I'll be in good shape, of course, it's easier said than done. Though it's not that bad because I organize it. And I throw out the boxes. Which I usually keep for 2-3 months after I bought things. (in case.)

November 19, 2007

Went to another wedding on Saturday.

I wasn't gonna go, since I was tired, and I didn't get any sleep the night before, but well, a friend called me up an hour before the wedding was suppose to start, so I had to go. Honestly, I wasn't that close to the friend that was married. (as much as she liked to think otherwise) There wasn't even enough table. It was annoying.

The other friends were going some place after, I just didn't have the energy and besides, the place they went, just not my thing. She asked why... I told her to consider several things, first my type of music, I don't dance, and I don't drink. Doesn't work very well, in a club setting.

I'm working on a new layout for the homepage, the layout was simple, extremely so, so now I'm just doing the whole html and writing the body of the pages. Should be done in a couple of days.

I'm trying to write too... just kinda too tired to concentrate lately. I'm gonna try my hand at that prompt on LJ though, it's Mirandy so it should be fun (even if I will agonize over it).

And there's still Shiznat to finish.. :) Oh joy.

November 14, 2007

I got a boxset last night, a Harry Potter boxset.

I wanted to order it, but I didn't I was waiting to see if I can get it here, and apparently I can, so I picked it up last night. I even dragged my mother with me, I don't think she realized how much it costs, but she had some idea of how much it probably would.

To give her credit, she said nothing of it.

Of course I didn't bring the car, I took the motorcycle, so she had to hold it while I rode back. It's rather heavy, well, with 7 books, hardcover, of course it's heavy. I liked it. A lot. Because I never did get the chance to get all of them in Hardcover, I only have the last 4 in hardcover.

So, here's what it looks like. :) The box looks pretty sturdy, although I'm not too fond of the robe on the side, they should've just made it into a catch or handle or something that's not a robe, a couple of pieces of hardware (like brass handle, or even plastic that made to look like one) would look much better. Oh well. I got it at 15% off. So, it wasn't that bad.

Now I'm gonna have to find a place to put it. I'm waiting for 4 boxcases to be finished and deliver at the house. I ordered them, so that they are in the dimension that I wanted, which is enough to put manga in or paperback novels without any wasted space. And glass doors, too, so I don't have to worry about kids getting their hands on them. Then I can transfer all the manga in my bedroom out to the cases and so I have more space.

I got Adaptation last night, still didn't get to watch it yet. But I will. Again Meryl Streep kick... *sigh* I'm planning on ordering Greta Garbo collection, I really liked Ninotchka. She was once voted by the Guinness Book of World Record as the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Anyhow, there's a boxset on so I might get that, otherwise I might just get Ninotchka.

While I'm at it, maybe Marlene Dietrich's movie, too.


November 09, 2007

Finally the internet works!!

The DSL line at the store was out of commission for almost a week, I nearly pull my hair out! The reason being that I forgot to pay the bill last month. (I sometimes lost track of bills.) Well, I had my cousin went and paid the thing, which they should've turned it back on for me, which they said they did, but 3 days later I still could not use it. So I had to called over and over again, until the day before yesterday, they called me up and said that it should work now.

And Voila! It did.

So, now I can entertain myself while minding the store.

On the papercraft note, I decided to make another cryptex, this time it should be neater and cleaner, I'm more careful and also I got one of those circle cutter from Olfa my favorite is the SVR-1 I have 4 of them and a spare of A. They are reliable blades, I love them, and while I'd have to go through a pack of spare blade to finish a job, I would use less than half of that amount with Olfa, they are quite sharp (as my finger could attested to that). I swear by them.

Being the freak that I am, I always have packs and packs of spare blade around.

You never know when you're going to need them. :)

Well, I did the apple off of the same site as the Cryptex one. Still it's not that complicate, and looks quite pretty. :)

Now I better go make a phone call. I still have another 5 squares to cut as well, which I forgot to bring. grrrrrrrrr...