July 29, 2008

no class today!

I have no violin class today, my instructor canceled it, not that I feel all too good anyway.

Friday night I woke up (well, Saturday morning) at around 5 AM itching all over, but what I felt was stomachache first, but after that the itch set in. Man, that was a torture. I got some anti allergy from mom and took it. Then right the next morning she woke me up, and then I found that something was wrong.

Went to the doc, nothing serious, but annoying. I mean how would you like to go around all day feel like something stuck at the back of your throat you can't swallow and then when you tried you gonna upchuck all over the floor.

Yeah, so I got some medication for allergy reaction I had, which we still don't know what it was that I was allergic too. (suck, big time) Doc said I have to pay closer attention to what I was eating.

I wasn't even eating any seafood. weird.

But now I'm feeling a little tired all day because the med. Still I have to take all of them, for 7 days, and then I have another appointment.

A friend of mine decided that she's gonna clear up everything at the place she's at right now and come home.

I said it's about time.

I mean, she said she has opportunities there, which I wasn't sure about, but it's been years now and they didn't pan out, none of them.

And now it sounded like they are trying to chain her to where she was, and give her nothing at all. So, I told her, come home. Better off here even if she get small salary, because no rent to pay.

So, we'll wait and see if there's anymore obsticles.

Sometimes people thinks they are being nice by saying she would be miss and all, and she should say, oh what would we do without you and all that, but they didn't help when she has no money. So, how nice are they being?

Anyhow, I'm chatting with her everynight (well, almost everynight) I'll let her borrow money if she needs to, but she said she won't until she's really desperate.

C'est la vie.

July 17, 2008

fic rec : Truth and Measure

I've been anticipating the coming out of this fic for a while, ever since Telanu announced it a while back.

Personally I like a good size fic, I like to read stuff that has development and character driven, I mean, PWP is good too, but give me choices and I'll pic a good long one anytime.

Apparently it was more than 200,000 words. I'll put them in word and see how many there were.

I'm a little obsessed with DWP fic right now. :) (like anyone that read this wouldn't know that already)

I spent about a day reading (with some interruption in between) I finished at 4:30AM, and I started it at around 8:30AM. And man I wish there was more.

New project I assigned to myself was DWP fic-listing. It's been a long time coming. So, I'm gathering the links and the list right now. Typing a lot of them up, but I still have to go through the LJ to find more. I do remember a few that weren't post to DWP community, but instead posted on Passion and Perfection and such.

The format of it still need some work. I don't want to clutter up anything, but at the same time, if I want to put rating and summaries, and pairing, it'll be.

I guess I'll figure it out as I go along. Now I'll just get all the links and titles and authors down. Hopefully I'll get the first draft hammered out soon.