September 19, 2008

finding : Citroen commerical

I found this vid via Gizmodo It's an ad for Citroen. :) A dancing robot that is a car...

September 16, 2008

Project : Truth&Measure Book

I decided a while ago when Telanu posted Truth and Measure (The Devil Wears Prada fan-fiction)And epic for this fandom, comprised of over two-hundred thousand words. Telanu herself had it made into a hardcover book via

I myself, wouldn't let other people do what I can do myself (sometimes)so a bookmaking project was in order.

I started formatted each part. There were 6 parts plus the epilogue. Altogether made up a 450 pages book. I printed them at 10 point Times New Roman and 0.8" margin all around. Otherwise it would be a much thicker book. (The professionally made one Telanu order from was 669 pages as she had posted on her LJ.

Each section I simply ordered it to be printed on both side I periodically check if the pages were stuck together, and with a fresh cartridge. But when I got to part 6 which has 100 pages. I had to sit by the printer and fed it one by one. just so I don't waste any paper, and avoid disaster.

Now, making holes. I made 5 for traditional Japanese stitch. Didn't work. It was much too thick to be bind tightly.

New plan. I unbound it and make more holes, this time 9. Allowing for me to pull tight.

I put cover page on the front with quote from Marie de France.

'For above all things, Love means sweetness, and truth, and measure; yea, loyalty to the loved one, and to your word.'

Right now I'm in the process of making the cover for the book. For that I went and bought a bunch of handmade papers, which I won't be using all of them, but it's good to have choices and laid them against one another. Now I'm settled on the blue, and inside orange.

The front over is almost done, a few more things, like author's name. Then it's on to the back, I already decided. Now all I want to getting something to hang off of the bookmark. Maybe a little heeled shoe. :)

New season of a lot of shows are also starting. Which made me really happy.

So far, True Blood is awesome, Sarah Connor Chronicles is shaping up really well, although I still don't know why they got Shirley Manson for the liquid. But I'm will to wait on the judgment.

Now I'm looking forward to Supernatural, which is tomorrow, and then it was Criminal Minds and NCIS. Man I can't wait for Criminal Minds to see who's the unlucky bastard to be in the car that got bombed.

I hope it's the southern detective, don't like him, and I will be very disappointed if JJ decided to leave BAU, because it would be such a bad move for a character that worked really hard to get where she was just to throw it away for a man.

Like Cruella DeVil said more good women were lost to marriage than any war or deceases.

Anyhow, gonna watch SCC now.