January 14, 2009

Belate, Happy New Year and all that

Wow, it's been a really long while.

I've been occupied with other things. Nothing really stand out, just a bunch of stuff.

Recently (well, it's been months) We decided that a wireless internet access is a good addition to the apartment/hotel thing we have. So, yeah, we talked for a while, mainly me and my aunt, since she's overseeing day-to-day things here. Quite a few guests were asking for it, already. So, we decided, yes, we'll get it.

First, the phone company was being an ass. I don't see why we couldn't get 2Mps speed when I can get it easy for personal use. They said they couldn't, my question was why, since it's not like they send us the wireless signal, but instead we got it through phoneline like in the house. What morons.

Anyhow... we set it up normally, though I have no idea if it was the way it usually done in building like this. But it's easy for me to get it done and maintain myself, so it'll have to do.

We got N1 Vision by Belkin because it has the strongest signal. Of course, that doesn't cover 5 floors, so after N1 is set up. I picked up range extender, also Belkin (easier to get them all the same brand, compatibility is key here)

I got the extender set up this morning. Worked well, when I figured out that the security didn't match on both.

Had to be WPA and TKIP, instead in N1 it was WPA+WPA2. Now I just have to hook it up on the 3rd floor and then maybe another one on the 4th and we're homefree.

Picked up a new Nintendo DS lite as well. A black one. I had N5DS before hand and whatever people review said, it did not give me any problem. At all.

Also got NDS Lite in white for my sister too.. and Kitty's case for it. Cost me a pretty penny, so she better appreciate that.

Now I'm addicted to it. I'm playing My Sims, Harvest Moon IoH, Animal Crossin : WW. Such a dork I am.