May 18, 2010

still sick I hate cold

At least my nose isn't running anymore.. but I still spend my night in stupor from the cold med...

Made a few wallies in past month, well, 4 to be exact and all are Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan, they are my new obsession, as if people can't tell from my layout already.

I think Tabrett is awesome, and so is Queen B. Bridget Regan.

Of course, I still need to update the layout for the homepage, which I will... I swear, now that I picked a pair, I will make a new layout. Now I have to update all the things I need to...

More drawing, I owe Gina a few more, and also DL.. someone was asking about that, and so I'll have to go back and read what I've written before, so I can actually recall what I planned for it. Suck I know, but I left it too long.

Just finished watching CSI Miami... and I'm thinking.. why do they keep bringing Delko back? I don't get it, he's out.. but then he's back in and then he's out again. I'm getting really sick of him, and it's like he can do no wrong and no one gets mad at him even when he's a fuck head.

Ok... now on with Tabrett.. the latest ep of LotS, wow.. the woman.. I have no word for how good she is.. so I'm gonna quote Fembuck :

You can't explain Tab, you can only experience her majesty and weep with joy.

I can't wait for the next episode, and at the same time I don't want it to come. I'm still holding on hope for the next season... but in the mean time I might curl up in the corner and die.

May 09, 2010

new ep of LotS, Cara really rocks!!

Saw the latest episode of Legend of the Seeker for the second time a few min ago. I just couldn't take my eyes off of the screen when Cara lay a big wet one of Dahlia (old lover) Wow, so now she's Bi. And apparently they had had this relationship for a long time.

Love Cara.

As for Richard and Kahlan, well... our love are eternal.. blah blah blah.. yeah.. I only watch those scenes for Bridget Regan, it wasn't as steamy as it should be. Or maybe it's just me.

I was watching it on my laptop earlier and well, I was grinning like an idiot, but hey, I don't mind.

But poor Cara, got broken again. And Darken Ralh was telling her how insignificant she was, and that her 'family' would not be coming for her. A lesser woman might've flinch at that, but then this is Cara we're talking about.

She spit right in his face.

Now, I wanna know how he can hold the agiel without feeling the pain. Because he no longer has any magic. Um...

Oh yeah, Cara had a son. Wow.. um.. but when Kahlan asked, she snapped at her.

I gotta watch again, and wait for the next one with bittersweet feeling, I think.

I sorta can't wait for the next episode, and at the same time I don't want it to come. We don't even know if we gonna get 3rd season. I hope we do.

On another note, also saw Mistresses, man it's like watching Sex and the City, except not as beautiful people, horrible clothes, and the mentality made no sense to me. But then I only watch for Anna Torv, with eyeliner!!

She's the only thing worth watching in that one. *shudder* the rest's just forgettable. In fact, the faster I forget, the happier I'd be.

May 06, 2010


Still obsess about Cara/Kahlan, but that's to be expected.

So, I'm considering reading Sword of Truth series, but then in the book Cara is straight so I might not. Nothing worse than expecting her to be, and actually read that she is, I guess, since it's confirm at the end. But then I might just skip the entire part of that.

If I decided to read it that is.

I'm getting an ebookreader.

I've been wanting one for the longest time.

Although having it doesn't mean I would stop getting books. Nope, no sir. I like book, the look, the feel, even the smell sometimes.

As for the show, Cara got more and more adorable each episode. The latest, the way she talked to the night wisp and when she understood what it said, the way she laughed and then stop, demanding that it say something else.

Tabrett is adorable. God I'd die when there's no more Tab on the tv, and Bridget, a pair to die for, really.

Saw Mistresses, with Anna Torv, the series itself was annoying imitation of Sex and the City, but without taste.

Anna Torv with eye liner, that was a win.