June 16, 2004

Let's see...

today I got 2 combinations, 2 kenpos.. combination #25 and 28 and 2 black belt kenpos.. which I better remember, although I think I will remember them better than my brown belt ones.. cause they gave to me without any designation at all.. that didn't help..

they were really cool, I like them. Damage to the max. :) FUN!

I better get to bed.. before I fall asleep on the keyboard, that would be embarrassing and not to mention.. chance of keyboard being shorted out from drooling.. that's worse. LOL

June 14, 2004

I went and saw The Chronicles of Riddick the other night.. I loved it! Although I think that Vin Desel suited the role that didn't require much talking.. he always has that same tone.

I enjoy the movie though, a lot.. even though it was at 12:25 and I was up all day I didn't fall asleep on it.. which is definitely a plus.

I love all thos ships and costume.. very H.R. Giger.

On the other note.. I will be moving by the 23 of this month.. I'm going home!!

June 09, 2004


Thank you, I was all nerve, ya know big ball of nerve and nothing else.. they warned me not to eat too much before hand and guess what, I had a couple chips and that's it.. I was starving, my foot hurts.. exhausted.. it's a good test though..

Thank you again.


HOw ya doing?? Thank you.. :) I've been looking forward to it, now everyone in class has to bow to me. HEHEHE..

I have cold now.. what a perfect timing.. at least it wasn't during.. or it would've been really bad.

Sleepy now..

June 05, 2004

As of today, I'm a 1st degree black belt...


Of course my foot hurts as hell and I got bruises all over my arms, but that's ok. It's all good. Now I just wanna sleep..