July 17, 2009

HP6 and random ranting

I went to see Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince last night with a couple of friends. Just so that we didn't catch ourselves settle for the inconvenient time, I ran to the theater and bought the tickets ahead of time.

The show time was every 50 min, and still the seats were full. I mean, the only ones that aren't occupied would be the roles up front, who would wanna sit there, right.

Anyhow, I read the book, so I knew what was coming. It was a good movie, understandably short for the size of the book. I mean, they cut a lot off, which was to be expected.. what I can't stand was...


In the book she was supposed to be beautiful, if she didn't make the face as if she was smelling something unpleasant. So, why did they cast someone so old. Lucious wasn't that old. And I thought Narcissa was younger than Bellatrix!

I don't care, to me, Cissy is younger than Bella!!

God.. that was painful, good thing she only showed up for 2 scenes.

I'm learning how to face-up.. lots of practice, told myself.


I did one, I think I'm gonna try attaching the lashes before erase this face-up to do another. But not tonight. I'm spraying Chuck with UVcut. Almost done now though. Only 2 coats, or we'd be doing it all night.

Introduce Dillon and Charlotte


Also been playing Farm Town, Pet Society, Restaurant City on Facebook... man, was that addictive or what.

Well, better get back to the spraying, I still got to do the hot glue seuding of the joints as well.