January 27, 2008

Wireless desktop, Comforter cover

I bought Kensington Pilotboard Wireless Desktop set almost a year ago, it was on sale at the time, and the sale's men told me that the warranty was a year and if something broke I can bring it back and change for a new one.

Well, a few weeks ago, the mouse broke.

I didn't really know what happened, only that my mother changed the batteries and it just went dark. There was no laser blinking like it should, so I thought hey a new battery, nothing, and so I took it out and put it back in, there was an instant of first contact that the laser came back on, and blank again. It was strange, and in came on for a little while, then blank again.

I looked at the sticker at the bottom (where they have their store's name and the date I bought it) and I still have another month before it expire. I didn't have time to go change it, but finally today I had my cousin take the whole set and went to the store.

I expected a little difficulty, I don't know why.

But nothing, they changed it, without much of a comment, and so my cousin brought it back to me, I tested it and it works perfectly (a new set, but they kept the box, which is good, I don't need more trash) My mom should be happy now, she didn't like the small mouse that came with the laptop.

I got a new comforter cover today, it's a t-shirt 100% cotton, I love it!! I bought a set of sheets for my father a while back for Father's day, and he didn't say anything about it, so I don't know if he likes it or not. I wanna get a set for me, but well, I have way too many sets already and my mother would definitely give me crap for buying more. So, I just get the cover and that's it. I need to send it out to be wash first.

Man, money just go out pretty fast. LOL.

I wanna get webcam for my desktop at home. Not sure why yet. I've been wanting to, but I'll think about it first, do I need it, not really, is there anything else I have to get, yes, so, I'll think about it for a while.

January 23, 2008

ISP, Continue from last post, really long e-mail, and Cindy!

Well, on my last post I was talking about movies I watch.

I do like big movie as well, you know epic film. LOTR, HP, PoTC. The kind that looks good on big screen.

My favorite movie of all time is Silence of the Lamb. I like the book as well, actually I like all of the books, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lamb, as for Hannibal Rising, well, I didn't have time to read it yet. But I did catch a glimpse of what Lector's childhood tragedy from Hannibal already.

For some reason I like Ghosts of Mississippi, don't ask me why, because I have no idea.

I used to go to sleep watching Autopsy on HBO. It's a part of America Undercover series that they have. Autopsy talks about what else Autopsies, so there were murder victims, serial killer. They show actual footage too.

Another interest of mine : Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder. Movie that brought this on was Primal Fear, good movie, I loved it! However the one in this was only a genius boy mimic the symptoms and not really suffering from it.

Oh yeah, another one, courtroom drama. James Woods was so good in Indictment.

I can go on and on, so I'll save some for later.

Hey Cin,

I hope you feel better, but yeah when you get busy your old injuries tended to come back and haunt ya. Happened with my right elbow too. (A dog bit me several years ago, the bite didn't bother me as much as how many shots I had to get for it!) For some reason Friends wasn't all that amusing to me. I have a morbid sense of humor, so black comedy with some sense of irony will have a better chance of making me laugh. My friend loves Friends though.

I'll e-mail you in a few days.

I'm getting my ISP changed, so, I'm calling them to get the details tomorrow, (the new ISP) I need to know what promotional they have and all the little details, although my cousin uses this company and they are pretty good. I can get it up and running within 7 days. (so, now I'm calling them) Free modem. Good. Tomorrow I'm gonna pick up the application. And I better cancel the old one while I'm at it too.

Well, my birthday was last Saturday, and my mother went to see a medium. Yes, a medium. Anyhow, long story short, we got a bunch of things we have to do yet. *sigh* I wrote a long e-mail to 2 friends of mine about it. I'm not writing it here because it's so damn hard to explain. And this post will be like a short novella.

Not very pretty.

I really should take a picture to show them while I explain too. Might make it easier.


I'm gonna go shower and watch Rendition now.

There, another favorite right now... Meryl Streep. Yeah, she's awesome. So far I've got...

Music of the Heart
Death Becomes Her
Kramer Vs. Kramer
A Cry in the Dark
Angels in America
The River Wild
Defending Your Life
Sophie's Choice
The House of the Spirits
Marvin's Room
The French Lieutenant's Woman
The Deer Hunter
The Devil Wears Prada
A Prairie Home Companion

I want Plenty, but well, maybe in a month or two I'll start ordering again, have to pay off what I have on the card first.

Needs must.

January 22, 2008

The type of movies we watch, books we read

Have you ever notice these things?

In comparison to some of your friends?

Well, I just read a friend's blog, and she talked about the romantic comedy 'Nothing Hill'. Have I seen it?

Yeah, I have.

Was it that memorable?

Well, not really, and until she brought this up, I hadn't thought of it in years, and perhaps the little line in the movie was stuck with me more than the rest of the movie itself. But then I like quotes, so it's no surprise that I remembered that little line in the movie. I always remembered them long after the movie itself long faded from my memory.

And so I was looking through my collection, because my other friend was asking what movie I have (so she could borrow..) Well, let's start with my series.

Buffy : The Vampire Slayer (who doesn't have those?)
The X-Files (I waited forever for these to come out)
The Dead Zone (I like the ep where it doesn't concern the damn arch they had)
CSI (I watch all of them)
Supernatural (really, you watch Buffy, then you can't really miss this one)
Criminal Minds (ah... like they said American favorite past time)
Medium (I dream of dead people)
Ghost Whisperer (look above and ask me if I can miss this one)
Monk (just because)
Bones (again... I like these kind of stuff)
NCIS (need I repeat myself?)
Shark (I like James Woods)
Women's Murder Club (Angie Harmon... yumm)

So... my friend borrow, Criminal Minds, The Dead Zone, Buffy and Supernatural... well, and she said don't you watch anything else?



Of course even my anime... she said that do they have to be depressing? I said not all of them!

January 17, 2008

Sick kitty, Slightly clean puppy, New puppy salon

Well, Monday morning (slightly toward noon) I dropped off the pup at the new store, my friend took hers there, and apparently they are pretty good, and very nice to the dog, they didn't keep him in the cage. Anyway, they just opened the store so they don't have that many customer yet. So, not a lot of waiting.

So, I took Gizmo, and he was his usual self, messy all around, he's been romping around in the garden, after all. And he needed a little trim.

So I went in, the girl there was still in PJ, so I asked if the store is open, she said it is. I told her the dog needed a bath, and some trim, she asked what style I told her not like my friend's dog (money bag) She laughed. Yeah, he got all his fur buzzed off! It was funny. We thought he looks like Yoda!

Anyhow, I picked up Gizmo and he was all right. :)

My aunt once again picked up a kitten, well, the mother left the thing on the steps of my house, so she picked it up. It was sicked, so I said we should take it to the vet. And we did, I took Gizmo too.

The kitten has cold. So it's a shot for her, a good thing we brought her to the vet, otherwise she would've die. So now my aunt will keep an eye on her. I'm pretty sure she'll survive, can't say the same for my aunt, since she's gonna be up and awake all hour to see that the kitten gets to eat and stuff.

Gizmo got 3 shots, no wonder he won't turn his back to the Vet. LOL.

I also bought a hairdryer too, because I lost the other one, it was kinda small anyhow. A new one is good. Not that I ever blow dry my hair, (a reason I kept it short) But when I give the dogs a bath, I needed it. Last time I let him sit in front of the fan and I had the a/c on. He was shivering and whimpering, it was pathetic if not a little funny.

Saturday is my birthday, I'm trying to get another friend down here for that. I mean, last time she was over we barely get to talk, since she was only over for a night, and not even 24 hours, she got here in the afternoon and left early in the morning. It sucked!

Hopefully, she'll be able to.

It's well into the new year now, and well, all I can say is same old shit different year. I still can't go anywhere, can't really do anything. My domain is due for renewal, and I'm thinking of changing.

My friend wanted to learn some music instrument and I think I might join her. Piano? Violin? I'd love to know how to play both, but better focus on one thing. I think that too many things at once will be too much and I'll lose interest.

January 09, 2008

Medium, National Treasure, birthday plan

Medium : The first episode for this season, a really late start to the season. But I guess it's a good time, since it retain the old slot of Monday night. And while nothing else is on because of the strike and all.

I wonder how that's gonna play out. I hope it all ends well.

Anyway, back to Medium.

Now Allison and family had to deal with the fact that she was 'out' and everyone knew her name and half of the people believe her, the other half didn't. Manny was gone, about to come back, he didn't know what was gonna happen to him, his career and everything else. The new DA was an ass that concern more with the image, as far as I can tell.

Even Scanlon, he had seen what Allison can do and yet he ignored her. I do understand that association with Allison made him some sort of social outcast, so much so that he was reduced to talking about safety with the school children. So, he's resenting her, but then over the last season he's been doing this thing, where he'd disregard what she said or what she told him, even though she was proven to be right over and over again. What was his problem? The fact that he's a hard ass homicide cop? Even cops take intuitive leap sometimes, don't they?

His attitude probably isn't going to improve, even though the clue she gave him was right, once again. Won't even credit her with it, even to himself. (I don't expect him to run to the DA and tell him where he got the clue.)

The investigator, well, she had some sense about her and it's good that she recognized what Allison can do for her and for the work she's doing. This episode was mostly about transition. At least she refused to ignore who she was (like she'd done when she was younger, by drinking herself silly so she didn't hear or see anything) and still trying to help. Too bad that her husband and the kids had to suffer too.

Well, she's got a way of making a living now, so it should get better from here (or maybe not). I'm looking forward to where Manny is back and now he fits into all of this. If he's still gonna be DA or they just permanently replaced him.

I finally got to see National Treasure.

It's been out for a long while by this point, and I finally get the chance. It was entertaining, certainly, more sight seeing, and kinda funny at some point, but I think the whole adventure thing.. um.. could've been better. And the bad guy turned into an OK guy.. no I did not like that. He started so promising and just turned into 'that' at the end? Man.. so all the thing he did was so that his name could be in history? Seems like a lot of effort for someone that seemed to concern himself with money.

Well, at least it wasn't a bust. I would've been really disappointed otherwise.

Today is my friend's little sister's birthday. And on the 12th is another girl's birthday, and the 19th is mine. I guess I'll throw a little get together thing, mostly to eat, and I won't be the one to arrange it, my aunt will take care of all the food. :)

I still have to be the one to drive her to get them though.

What do I want for my birthday, well, no one asks me that. Probably no one will. *sigh* so I guess I'll have to get things for myself if I want anything. I don't think my poor wallet could take it though.

I better drop by to see grandma, I hadn't seen her in a really long while. She was the one who raised me when I was 2 to about 7. Saturday, I think.

I lost another fish the other day, angel fish, he got stuck underneath some rock, stupid fish. Oh well, they are so fragile anyhow.

My optical mouse is being a bi-otch it kept flicker in and out, and I never drop the thing to warrant this kind of reaction. I'm thinking of getting a new one, but then it came in a set of keyboard and mouse set (wireless desktop set by Kensington)

Mom wants a new mouse because while I have a spare mouse (they gave me one when I got the laptop) it was too small and she said it doesn't feel good in her palm. Yup, new mouse, big one...

Well, right now it is working, so... we'll see how it goes.

January 03, 2008

New Year's Eve, Pain Doctor, and the week leading up to it.

On the last week of the year, I spent it, as I always expected, in the damn mall. I had to take my aunt shopping, or rather we were getting ready for a party, actually we had it for the employees, mostly. I mean, there weren't that many people, but we always make more than enough food (too much if you ask me.)

Anyhow, so it was 7 hours for my mother and aunt to get all the presents (there are 2 sets, 1 to give to them, and the other was for the swap thing...) At least I didn't have to go with them to get those. I'd certainly hang myself in that case. That was Saturday.

And Sunday, it was me bringing them to get food supplies, 2 full carriages of stuffs, and it wasn't even done!

We couldn't get the chicken wings. I have no idea why that was the case. They ran out?? How could you possibly run out of chicken wings?

So, the next day it was me being pissed off early in the morning, I rarely get enough sleep these days, and then they had to wake me up over and over again throughout the morning. Like every f*cking hour. I kept telling them, I'll get up when I get up. Keep knocking on my door will only piss me off.

Seems that the message did not get through.

Because it happened way too often and I ended up slamming my door or window everytime to drive the point home. I do not what to be wake up before noon!

People are idiots.

Anyhow, my friend had her friends over, and well, we invited her, as always, and so by extend her friends too. I met them. And you know how people that are alike will usually hang out with people of the same personality? Well, that is the case with this friend of mine, so I can hang out with her friends, no problem. There were so much laughter it was painful!

Well, we ate, then we migrated to my friend's mom's friend's condo (confusing?) It was perfect, 10th floor, has the view of the ocean on both sides.

But we were early, so she told me to bring some game, I brought Pain Doctor (Pain Doctor : A Game of Recreational Surgery) I hadn't touched it for so long it took a game to figure out all the rules again. So we were playing, and it was like, another 5 min the fireworks gonna start and we were like.. yeah yeah, ok. I'm about to chop up this patient.

It was funny!

Then after the fireworks we were back at it!

We played 2 games, and left the condo at 2:30 am. It was fun, all things considered. I'm considering making a copy of the game, or rather the board piece. I really like the game so the last thing I want is for it to get all kinds of tears in it.

I'm gonna go through the camera to see if there's any photo that is of any use. After all, I suck at taking pictures period.

Days later, my friend still asked if we gonna play the game again. (yeah, she killed the rest of us last time, so I better get back)