May 27, 2005

Watching : Taking Lives

New toy : Nintendo DS (silver)

I don't play games much as a rule, but I do like my toys. I actually wanted a Sony PSP but the price is just outrageous so I put that on hold and get something else that is affordable to me right now. Anyway, I'm play Super Mario (cause I missed that game) And I'm gonna order Buffy:TVS game for Gameboy Advance (because DS can play games from GBA too.. )

My head kinda hurt like the rest of me.. my uncle dragged me through an hour of bike riding (in gym what do you call those... biking?? I don't know) and it's been so long that I workout so I'm feeling it now.. anyhow I'll have to keep it up.

Well, I should get back to the movie and maybe some sleep.. My head might feel better that way. Oh yeah, maybe I'll change the movie.

May 23, 2005

Listening : Flaw

I saw SW: Episode III today and it was good, and it would've been better if I didn't feel like my bladder was about to bust half way through the movie. I actually sat through it without running out to the bathroom. I mean, it happens every bleeding time I went to the movie. I get really annoy and I shouldn't have that glass of coke when I went in, but I use to have that much water to drink and be ok for several hours, it just one of those things. I hate it. It was like Lord of the Rings : Return of the King all over again. I needed to go to the bathroom then too and I sat right through the movie holding it.... OK.. TMI I know.. LOL

Mom got a new pup, he's all black with white on his four feet and a little splash of it on his chin and chest. He's a mix Shihztu and Poodle, he has a face of a poodle and a body of a shihtzu, so... no cutting of the tail. He's pretty cute and he stuck on Gizmo like shadow.. LOL.

I want Nintendo DS and I'm getting one.. :) I wanna know if the games for it has region code like PS2 and XBox games or not.. if it does it'll be really suck. But I'm getting it anyway. I'm a spoiled brat, everyone knows that.

May 19, 2005

Listening: The Punisher OST

Well, I've been going to the store at like noon the last week or so.. cause my dad got my sister to go open the store so I didn't have to pick my ass up early in the morning after I had maybe 4-5 hours of sleep.

My mom is getting a new puppy, someone is offering it to her, so she accepted, tomorrow the pup will be here, I'm not sure how that's gonna work, cause well... Gizmo is still a pup, last thing I need is 2 puppies trying to kill each other.. and not to mention we got 2 poodles already. I don't know what's my mom was thinking.

I get Giz a bath today, cause he looked like a dirty kitchen rag, took some pics for the new layout for this too.. maybe a couple of days and I'll got it up.

Hey, Cin, how ya doing??

May 15, 2005

Wednesday my friend came over with her roommate and they stayed till Saturday, they were actually here for some seminar (cause they interned at the office at school) And so I told her to come over and stay at the house. We had fun... mostly just catching up and she told me about my other friends.. normal typical chats when you don't see each other for almost ten years.

She was so taken with Gizmo.. LOL.. well, both her and her roommate they love dogs. I gave her a bunch of mp3 and we watched movies. My idea of time off.. never ask me to go to some club cause I won't go.

Gizmo has been sleeping in my room, he doesn't like hot weather.. but well, when you got a dog with that much hair, it's to be expected.. he eats a lot and almost everything.

Hey Cin!! How ya doing?

I've been so busy with work, but I should be use to it by now.. although my father made my sister go to the store in the morning to open it so I don't really have to be hurry in the morning anymore.. now I just take my time and get up late.. no later than 10:30 though. Still, it was much better.

I got a couple pages of DL written, a little more and I'll be able to post. I should write faster than this but with my friends over I didn't really get the chance to write. But I will now and I need to make time for some workout too.. I need that or I'll go crazy.