December 23, 2007

Sleep deprived, exhaustion, Christmas Eve

A friend of mine came yesterday, only didn't plan to stay the night, although I think she knew she would be staying the night. I went to another friend's, supposed to be tutoring them on some writing.

Me? Teaching... right.

I did explain, as best I could about the thing, problem is, they are just not very skill at it to begin with. It's hard to explain how to write structure wise when they can't string a sentence together and have them make sense. LOL.

Well, it takes time, time I'm not sure that they have.

Well, my A/C unit had been dripping for 2 nights, and so I didn't get any sleep, and last night I was getting some anime for a friend and so it took some times, and so... as a result I went to bed around 4:30 am. and actually fell asleep around 5. And by 6 my friend was up, she had to get to the bus early.

Needless to say I'm exhausted, and the headache is growing from the size of MA, to TX now.

I got A Cry In the Dark (1988) a couple of days ago. I gotta sit down and watch it later, preferably somewhere without any interruption.

Man, I need sleep, my eyes are burning. I still have some e-mail to send out.

December 20, 2007

Dammit I forgot.

Shizuru's birthday was 2 days ago!!
DSL trouble, anime, manga

I was unable to use my DSL for 2 days, Sunday and Monday, at first I was thinking, oh well, it must be some server trouble, because it worked fine all day Saturday, and since I wasn't home all day, it didn't bother me all that much. Then when I got home on Sunday night, I was like what the hell.

But I was patient.

Very, very patient.

I waited another day, still no signal, I was seething, I mean, what the hell is going on?!

Now I was calling the guy to come take a look at the phoneline, he couldn't come on Monday, then my aunt proceeded to tell me that the guy that came in to cut the branches told her he saw this line broken but he didn't know what it was. So now it's the damn line, and I asked her why she didn't just tell me, she said she didn't know. I was like great, so when something goes wrong in the house, I'm suppose to discover this myself when I'm not even home for most of the day?!

Now I just called our mechanic and told him to get his ass over to fix the damn line, like NOW!

Well, it got done that day and now it's fine.

They just had to piss me off, don't they.

Well, then yesterday my aunt wasn't in, she went to have her check up, my mom was sick and she expected me to be at the store all day by myself. Hell, I can open by myself it's not a big deal, but I can not stay all day by myself. And I told her so, so she said well tell your day not to open then, so I did.

I get the chance to get my manga and anime because of this. I ran out with my aunt (another aunt) Got new volume of.

Erementar Gerad

Mai Otome Zwei vol 1 (2 episodes)
MAR vol. 12
Jigoku Shoujo vol. 1 (4 episodes)

2 sets of manga, my friend asked me to pick up for her.

Then when I got home (after some side track) My aunt (another one) wanted me to go look for some chairs I mean seriously, for once I just wanna stay home without anyone telling me I have to go here and there and pick up this and drop that.

And I found that now my DSL at home works, the one at the store doesn't!

What else can go wrong, I wanna know.

December 13, 2007

Package, multiply, layout...

I got my package yesterday.


I've been waiting,'s ETA is Dec. 23, which I didn't think it'd be that slow, or at least I hope it won't be. :) It seems that I was right.

On this package I got

Greta Garbo's Collection : 9 DVD
Spiderman Trilogy
Ghosts of Mississippi
Indictment : The McMartin Trial
A Lick of Frost

I'll read the 2 books later.

Multiply :

I've had this account for a while now, I only signed up for it only because I left a message on my friend's multiply site once, and I thought what the hack. Anyhow, my friend left a message for me there to and I quote 'Decorate it, already'. So I did. It's not as customizable as say Blogger, because you still need the base theme from them and then you have to figure out what to do on your own.

I got by.

So, I made a banner for it and then a bit on the side and then figure out the color. Not as well as I would've liked but it wasn't that bad, I don't think.

So, I think she's happy now. LOL

Of course, I could just imagine her face when she saw it. She would've said, again?? DWP? AGAIN??? Well, I can't help it, Meryl in that suit is just... grrrrrrr...

Crisp white shirt and black suit... *zizzle*

Ok, it's bad enough that I lust after a character... *sigh* I better stop talking now.


Quote of the day : 'He who controls may be powerful, but he who masters himself mightier still.' Lao Tsu

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December 10, 2007

Movie, Meeting, Fic-rec, Collages

Friday night I finally went to see The Golden Compass.

I liked it, a lot, and I liked Nicold Kidman in it too. Don't ask me why.

Some of the dialog felt a little strange, but then I'll have to go read the book first. I think I'll pick that set up. :) Second hand books, mind you, if I can find them. I think I can, but if not, then I'll get the new ones. It's not a bad thing to have more books. Better than if I go out and get drunk on Saturday night.

Besides, it doesn't hurt anything to read more, to know more.

Gotta occupy our minds somehow, right.

Oh how I wish my Saturday is my free day.

I mean, I always got asked what I do on my day off. I'd say what day off? The store's close, yes, but it isn't my day off. I might be able to get up late, but I still have to drive people all over the place. And those places aren't where I wanna go.

Saturday night I went to meet with a friend of mine at a small restaurant, it was like 8pm. already. Anyways, her friends came over and we all chatted and stuff. It was fun. Too bad I couldn't go with them on Sunday. I did ask my mom, she said no... and then when I show up for work, she said, I thought you went.

I hate when she does that.

It pisses me off.

But anyhow, I met Cindy for the first time. :) It was cool.

I thought she'd be taller? I don't know. LOL. Actually, I don't really have any preconception of people I chat with online or e-mail with. I tried not to.

We chatted, and I'm glad I got the time to meet her. Too bad we didn't have that much time. I'm so busy these days, it's disgusting.

I'm still waiting for my package. *sigh* I think I'll probably get it next week. *grrr*


The Devil Wears Prada
The Lily and the Crown by Telanu It's a six part A/U story.

Actually I would recommend all her DWP stories.


It's been a while that I do any at all, I'm gonna start now.

And this is my first in a long time. And this is my second one.

December 05, 2007

It's Father's Day today.

And I saw my father for... perhaps, 30 seconds.

Well, I got him a set of bed sheets in cream color soft cotton (the t-shirt kind of cotton) I used to have Hanes one, in white, but they don't fit my bed anymore. Too bad that's it's only the limited edition thing, and they didn't have them in Queen size.. so I only got a set for my dad. He seems to like it, so it's all good. I would've just gotten one set for me, even though they are in King's but they only have the fitted sheets with 2 pillowcases, not flat, so I didn't. (my dad doesn't use the flat so it didn't matter to him)

Oh well.

Anyhow, we went for seafood yesterday, me, my friend, her sister, her sister's friend and the kid frrom her office (just one.. I think I can call her our friend now) Her dad drove and her mom went with us. Her mom was just hilarious, I mean she wanted to go to this restaurant that was closer (she was fighting a battle that's she's already lost, I don't even know why she tried) It was funny.

Food was fresh, still swimming kinda fresh. We had about 4kg for shrimps, some clams a big fish, soft shell crab. Her dad paid for it. We gotta take him out some times. He was paying last time too.. I'm starting to feel bad.

I'm planning on seeing The Golden Compass tonight, I don't care what they said, I mean, to believe in something, or not is my choice, to begin with, and none of other people's business. Those arrogant idiots that think they knew what best for other people.

I'm still working off that cold, couldn't quite shake it off, which is annoying. Can't seem to go anywhere these days, without feeling that headache just the back of my eyes. Grrr..

Oh well, I'm hoping it'll go away by the end of this week.

My package isn't here yet. Man I'm hoping it'll be here this week, probably not, maybe next week.