August 26, 2010

new phone and trouble with MMS

Ever since I got the Galaxy S, (really I should give it a name by now) I've been having trouble with 1 thing.. One fucking thing.. MMS.

Usually I take a lot of photo.. nothing spectacular, just dolls, stuffs, and random things. And I send MMS to my sister and my friends. So now with Galaxy S there're extra steps and such to go through and I went to the store that I bought it from so they can set it for me. I was too lazy to do it myself by that point.

The girl there set it and then sent MMS to herself from my phone and it went through fine!! She sent it twice and then 1 more to another guy there, and they all went through. (Though I don't know why she picked Tabrett photo to send. 'Cause it's in a different folder than well... Gizmo's photo.) Then I came home and tried sending some to my sister.. nothing.. nah, duh, nope.

I'm thinking that it's because her phone has a limit to how big the MMS can get.. and unfortunately Galaxy S probably send a bigger MMS than she could take.. thus the inability to send. (or rather received)

So I loaded Handcent app and tried sending MMS from there, at first I wasn't sure, but then I sent one to my cousin and he got it.. so Handcent works for me, for now. So I'm using that as my default messaging. Less thing to aggravate me.

Some things are just gonna nag me until I know I can use it when I want even if I never gonna use it. I just have to know that it will work when I want it to. Weird... Anyhow.. now the I'm happy. I'll be happier if I can get fanfic to read. Cara/Kahlan anyone??

August 11, 2010

new phone Galaxy S

I got Samsung Galaxy S the night before last night, and it's all unintentional.

I went to dinner with my sister, she wanted to go have a burger at Dairy Queen, and so I went with her. Afterward we were going for a moji (moji-ice cream thing) and we walked by Samsung store, I was telling her how they don't have this model in, I have to order it and well, I wasn't going to get a new phone right now so I didn't.

Then we went by another store, which I told her about the time I went inside with our cousin and how they simply ignored me, (yeah, can you believe this shit?) even when I asked the price of Ipad. Come on... buy or not I'm still a potential customer, you don't ignore customer! The sale person couldn't even bother to look up from whatever she was doing, it was rude.

Then we went into another store. They have a model, so my sister immediately asked if they have the actual one in as well. The sale guy replied that they do. Although I still have to put down a deposit if I want one and I can pick it up the next day (the one they have was for another customer) but then another sale spoke up and told me that I can have that one, because the customer won't be picking it up that night (it was late after all) My sister immediately said yeah, I was like... okay... I don't have cash with me, but credit card was going to charged me another 3%. Being an annoyingly lovable sister that my sis was, she immediately called her bf, and told him to bring the cash.

Long story short, I got the phone without intending to.

Well, I don't regret it, though, I love the screen, it's gorgeous, and well, I would've gotten it sooner or later. So, now I'm familiarize myself with the new phone.. good thing is, I can just sync the contact and calendar with gmail and stuff.. although I don't use g-mail.

Last night I had a hell of a time trying to figure out why I cannot open the thing as mass storage. No one ever mention that I have to mount it from the setting before I try to mount it on my pc... what a pain. But in the end I got it, so no biggie.

Now I have to go make a banner for Tabrett Bethell's Film site that Necros was doing.

August 04, 2010


Well, it is now August, and damn it a lot of things just don't work the way it supposed to.

The new ISP didn't work out, so I decided to cancel it. I have to pay for the cancellation, of course, but last week I was staring at the abysmal downloading rate and I had a migraine so I knew, I can't stand this for another month, despite the fact that I only had it for less than a month.

I checked a different one and they can get me started in 7 days, so then it's off to new one we go.. I won't ever be without, though, since I can just leech off of the apartment in the mean time, if it didn't work out the way I plan.

My laptop died.

Oh yeah, perfect timing really.

It just suddenly up and died. So, I bought a new one, this one is Asus, with core i5 and I had them changed the RAM to 4gb. With 1gb for vid card. This one will last me a while. Well, the last one did too. The the wireless mouse at home was almost gone, and since I got it in a set of keyboard+mouse, I decided to just get a new set. This the new Logitech mk710.

Problem is, the scroll wheel was so quick and the buttons so sensitive, I'm having a hell of a time trying to lighten my touch. I'll get use to it, it'll just take a while. But the keyboard was better, though. It's not sticky like the last one.

As for the perfectly working keyboard and the slightly died mouse, I gave to my cousin, which I gave him the extra mouse I got with the laptop so together he'll have a perfectly working set. LOL.

As for the old Acer, well, when it got to the tech it came back to life! It was so weird, but anyhow, I just gave that to them as well. Don't know how long it's gonna last, but well, they can use it in the mean time. Waste not want not, right.

I'm back to writing again, but this time it's Legend of the Seekr, Cara/Kahlan (Calan) Working on it, I have to get back into the swing of things.

Ok, off to do the layout for the new Tabrett Bethell's Film blog.

Oh and Tabrett Bethell had just gotten a Best Actress for 'Anyone You Want' in Manhattan Film Fest.

The woman is awesome and smokin' hot.

July 18, 2010

new ISP

I got new ISP this weekend, the old one was gonna burst my vessle so, I decided that it's time. I've been using it for years now and the price didn't go down, the speed didn't come up and the new ISP gives me higer speed and lower price, so it's no brainer.

Besides, the services seems better.

Problem is, apparently the international gateway is being a problem, thus torrent loading is a bitch, but as long as it's not the capping of the speed, I'm ok. I just have to wait for it to be fix.

Now as for everything else, I'll have to wait and see.

June 15, 2010

LotS banner contest

I'm working on Banner contest at LotS Femslash comm. I got the banner done, but I need to finish the user info page banner as well... which is close, but not quite finish yet.

I'm getting there.

It's been what, 2 weeks, and I'm already miss Cara and Kahlan on screen like mad. I think I'm going through a withdraw. LOL. I do hope they get 3rd season, however dim that hope is. They really need more time. But if not I'm looking forward to the visual season 3 that the comm is putting together.

True Blood season premiere this week, and it looks pretty good so far.

Pam was awesome!!

I'm so glad we get to see more of her. I don't care much for Bill and Sookie. They are annoying especially together, I feel like feminist got set back a couple of hundred years when Sookie is with Bill. It's sad.

I love the Queen!!

Hell hath no fury like a Vampire Queen broke.

That was GOLD!!

And Pam's 'I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I wanna hear their problem, maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink, but please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to, and also know that I'm not a hooker, that was a long, long time ago.'

Man, all the good stuff. And the way Pam delivered it.. I couldn't stop laughing.. I'm looking forward to next week, very much, even though I will miss Cara/Kahlan dearly.

June 07, 2010

new stuffs

I got my new eReader last Friday. It's a BenQ nReader K60. It has the same spec as Kindle, but without the keyboard. So far so good, although I'm still trying to figure out the trick to it.

It's my first eReader so I don't know if it's normal like this. I felt like it's a little dark, although I just finished a book on it. 1-800-WHERE-R-U and I don't have any problem, the only problem so far is that if I read in Thai with PDF then we'll really won't be able to read. Or maybe it's the only sample that has problem, I guess I'll go download the book and see if that is the case.

Last night I got a 8GB micro SD for the K60 and a new 4 port USB Hub. Although I seemed to have confused Angie with my status on FB.

May 18, 2010

still sick I hate cold

At least my nose isn't running anymore.. but I still spend my night in stupor from the cold med...

Made a few wallies in past month, well, 4 to be exact and all are Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan, they are my new obsession, as if people can't tell from my layout already.

I think Tabrett is awesome, and so is Queen B. Bridget Regan.

Of course, I still need to update the layout for the homepage, which I will... I swear, now that I picked a pair, I will make a new layout. Now I have to update all the things I need to...

More drawing, I owe Gina a few more, and also DL.. someone was asking about that, and so I'll have to go back and read what I've written before, so I can actually recall what I planned for it. Suck I know, but I left it too long.

Just finished watching CSI Miami... and I'm thinking.. why do they keep bringing Delko back? I don't get it, he's out.. but then he's back in and then he's out again. I'm getting really sick of him, and it's like he can do no wrong and no one gets mad at him even when he's a fuck head.

Ok... now on with Tabrett.. the latest ep of LotS, wow.. the woman.. I have no word for how good she is.. so I'm gonna quote Fembuck :

You can't explain Tab, you can only experience her majesty and weep with joy.

I can't wait for the next episode, and at the same time I don't want it to come. I'm still holding on hope for the next season... but in the mean time I might curl up in the corner and die.

May 09, 2010

new ep of LotS, Cara really rocks!!

Saw the latest episode of Legend of the Seeker for the second time a few min ago. I just couldn't take my eyes off of the screen when Cara lay a big wet one of Dahlia (old lover) Wow, so now she's Bi. And apparently they had had this relationship for a long time.

Love Cara.

As for Richard and Kahlan, well... our love are eternal.. blah blah blah.. yeah.. I only watch those scenes for Bridget Regan, it wasn't as steamy as it should be. Or maybe it's just me.

I was watching it on my laptop earlier and well, I was grinning like an idiot, but hey, I don't mind.

But poor Cara, got broken again. And Darken Ralh was telling her how insignificant she was, and that her 'family' would not be coming for her. A lesser woman might've flinch at that, but then this is Cara we're talking about.

She spit right in his face.

Now, I wanna know how he can hold the agiel without feeling the pain. Because he no longer has any magic. Um...

Oh yeah, Cara had a son. Wow.. um.. but when Kahlan asked, she snapped at her.

I gotta watch again, and wait for the next one with bittersweet feeling, I think.

I sorta can't wait for the next episode, and at the same time I don't want it to come. We don't even know if we gonna get 3rd season. I hope we do.

On another note, also saw Mistresses, man it's like watching Sex and the City, except not as beautiful people, horrible clothes, and the mentality made no sense to me. But then I only watch for Anna Torv, with eyeliner!!

She's the only thing worth watching in that one. *shudder* the rest's just forgettable. In fact, the faster I forget, the happier I'd be.

May 06, 2010


Still obsess about Cara/Kahlan, but that's to be expected.

So, I'm considering reading Sword of Truth series, but then in the book Cara is straight so I might not. Nothing worse than expecting her to be, and actually read that she is, I guess, since it's confirm at the end. But then I might just skip the entire part of that.

If I decided to read it that is.

I'm getting an ebookreader.

I've been wanting one for the longest time.

Although having it doesn't mean I would stop getting books. Nope, no sir. I like book, the look, the feel, even the smell sometimes.

As for the show, Cara got more and more adorable each episode. The latest, the way she talked to the night wisp and when she understood what it said, the way she laughed and then stop, demanding that it say something else.

Tabrett is adorable. God I'd die when there's no more Tab on the tv, and Bridget, a pair to die for, really.

Saw Mistresses, with Anna Torv, the series itself was annoying imitation of Sex and the City, but without taste.

Anna Torv with eye liner, that was a win.

April 23, 2010

almost here : LE Bory

After about a month (29 working days) my limited edition Bory is on his way to me. :) I could possible get him as soon as tomorrow (or rather today) Or Monday. I can't wait!!

Luts Rocks!

In comparison with my Sheep Ver. Ruki from Lati, this was a really short wait, especially since I had to wait about 5 months (I think) for Ruki to get here. Luts is my favorite company, they are awesome!

I'm all excited now.

I never thought I'm gonna get Bory, I mean, I have the tendency to not go with the popular one. Besides, my sister got Bory girl. I don't want twins.

But well, this was too good to past up.

So, now my concentration got shot to shit. I can't do anything. LOL.

I wanted to update DWP listing tonight, but it's too hot to do anything.

I'm currently crazy about Cara/Kahlan. Adorable. :)

Tabrett and Bridget, aw...

I could gush, but I won't. I can't wait for next episode of Legend of the Seeker.

April 17, 2010

Shoes Episode (Felix, Fin, Hayden)

I guess, it's about time that I put some dollies photo on here. :)

So, we'll do this with Shoes Episode


Hayden was playing tic tac toe with Felix.. Fin was watching, deciding that he wants to join in.


Fin : Um... Oh yeah!


Fin : I bring him some shoes, he doesn't have any shoes!


Felix : What are these?


Fin : Shoes! Like mine!


Hayden : Huh??
Felix : Shoes?


Hayden : Are these mine?
Fin : They're for Felie!
Felix : It's Felix! *look at Fin*


Felix : *looks down at his hooves*


*all eyes down at the hooves*
Felix : Um.. Can't wear 'em.


Fin : Oh... ha ha
Felix : yeah.. ha ha

That's all for now, folks!

waiting, and waiting

It's raining outside, as it has been since this morning.

I checked the status of my heads, Hodoo and Miyu are at 90% while Mabel is at 40%, which mean that I might get them back in a couple of weeks. A good thing, too, I'm tired of looking at Dillon's headless body.

I can't wait to see how he's gonna look.

I really should practice more on face-up, at the same time, I'm gonna get back to doing collages and stuff. Should be good, be nice to look at nice pictures and think of something again, and not just look at them and let them pass by.

I should update DWP listing as well tonight, hopefully. Things have tendency to just pop up, and then I don't get to take care of other things.

We should be going to the supermarket soon, hopefully we'll get home at decent hour, so I can watch movie.

April 16, 2010

new layout!

It's about time, I know!!

I've been trying to update the layout several time to no avail. I mean, I made it, but never get to the coding, and then I just dump it and start over, it's annoying really. I felt like there's nothing that I want as my layout, well, that until Kahlan/Cara.

Because Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell are awesome!

The mushroom house isnt' going anywhere fast, well. I got some roofing done, but that's about it, I can't decide what I wanna do next, which is why it came to standing still.

Tomorrow we're close, but then it's not really a day off, I don't think I got a day that I don't have to do something or driving people somewhere for several years now. At least I can get up late tomorrow.

I'll be tweaking the layout for several days, but for now I gotta go updating dwp listing.

April 11, 2010

working day 20 (I think)

So, Felix is home for a while, like a week, and I contacted the dealer about the small s hook that lati did not send. She said she'll contact them for me, I would've done it myself, except that I didn't order with them directly and it might create a bit of a problem, since I can not give them stuff like order# and such. Better to have the dealer take care of it.

I sent out 3 heads to be face-up, and we should get them all back soon. I hope.

I can't wait to see what Dillon gonna look like.

I'm still waiting for LE Bory. 20 days down, unknown number more to go.

Well, I don't think it's gonna take as long as Lati anyway, so I'm not even gonna worry about it.

I started on a new layout for the blog, it's about time. This time it's Kahlan/Cara, because Cara is so awesome, and Kahlan is to die for. LOL

April 05, 2010

Sheep Ruki Arrived

Finally, after about 4 + months of waiting, I got a call from Lati Dealer on Saturday night, that she'll be shipping my order out on Sunday.

So, my Lati Yellow Special Sheep Version : Ruki is finally here. I figure that it'll be Tuesday or something to get to me, but today I got to work and found a small package. Another order I forgotten about, a Leeke GO, Dillon's new shoes are here, of course, right now Dillon is out for a new face-up. So, that will have to wait. Then I walked to the back and there it was, a brown box. I knew what it was.

I didn't open it right away. I waited a while and took it to next store.

Well, someone is as happy to see him as I am.

I'm naming him Felix, so he can be Findlay's twin, except he'll be sheep. LOL

What a cutie.

I brought him to the movie with me as well, my sister wanted to see him, so I took him, with hooves and horns and all.

I think I'm gonna leave him in Sheep form. I like it.


He's kicking like crazy though.

March 30, 2010

day 16th, working day 12th

we went to Dollfete on Sunday, it was kinda fun, except the kids thing, it's annoying to a point. Especially when they get whiny.

I got a set of Dollheart outfit, which is really. I mean it's hard to buy their stuff, because they cost so much and kinda hard to get, I got a set of Lati outfit, a pair of yo-sd shoes, and some hoodies, an outfir from foxy browny. I know I shouldve gotta another outfit from there, but I'm not a big fan of dresses, and well, I could make them, so it's hard to get something I can sew myself.

I never went to any meet, so I don't know anyone there, still it was something to see all those dolls. I brought Morgan, but with the kids, I didn't take her out until later, and not for very long.

I was all cramp up when I got back, still tired even now.

I'm gonna go watch Princess Diary now and reminiscence. :)

March 25, 2010

waiting period : LE Bory

I was surprised, a couple of days ago, someone posted box opening for their Limited Edition Bory with dreaming head!

Wow, it took 2 weeks! 2 Weeks! That must be some kind of record, I'm still waiting for my Lati Specual Sheep's been 4 months now? And I still didn't get it, I'm thinking my Luts Limited Edition Bory gonna get here long before my lati did, and I only ordered it a little over a week ago, about 11 working days already.

The girl who received her Bory did not order any face-up or painting on the wings and weapon, so by my estimation, if she order the face-up and painting she'd probably get it in less than a month still.

So I'm thinking mine will probably be 4-6 weeks. :)

I'm excited to be honest. :)

March 14, 2010

ordering new boy

I placed the order last night, a LE Bory ver.1, I didn't order the dreaming head to go with it, even though it would've been so much better with dreaming head (just for variety sake) but variety isn't enough for me to spend extra 75 on a head that may or may not get used. I don't like having floating heads, and since I didn't plan on getting a Bory to begin with, this just didn't work.

Limited Edition just ruined my plan.

I was planning on getting a Lime or Lemon for my next doll, and I'm saving up for it. Damn wings. It's the wings!!

So, after this I'm not gonna spend on anything for a while. I don't usually buy big things at the drop of a hat. Bad me.

Now, the waiting begins.

March 12, 2010

the big move

So, I have to move the blog over to blogspot, because blogger no longer allow ftp publishing, but it's not a big deal, since I won't have to worry about my entry not getting published.

I'm currently working on mushroom house for my tinies. Yeah, so far we got mushroom shape alerady, I made the front door, just need to attach it and then make a sort of frame for it as well as putting a roof over it, already cut out some roof tile, we'll see if I need more.

I decided that I want LE Bory, I'm not a big fan of Bory, too many Bory around for me to feel that he's spacial, we have a Bory girl though. She's adorable. But this one has wings! It's the wings that did me in.

Mom just rolled her eyes when I told her. I know I've been spending a lot lately, so after this one I'll start working on some project so I won't be tempt to order anything for a while.

Same can't be said for my sister. She just thinks that we should enjoy now. Which is fine and dandy, except she has too many to even be able to play with them all.

Mushroom house will keep me busy for a long while, then after that I wanna try, either pumpkin or another mushroom.

Or maybe make it easier on myself and go for tree stump.

Off to bed and watch Criminal Minds.

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January 23, 2010

mom's new favorite show

Primeval : my mom new favorite show.

Sometimes I wonder how a show like this ran for 3 season, granted, they don't really run as long as the US typical show, but still.

I found this show to be boring, the characters idiotic and aggravating to the extreme.

Were this was a reality, it states to reason that none of those characters would even get to be on the damn team, let along survive one incident after another. They all were selfish, has no sense of propriety. Their reasoning, and IQ were no better than a 5 year old.

It was painfully annoying to watch.

It was like watching a room full of children, they all think it was all right for them to act like an idiot, doing what they want with no regard for anyone else, and by luck they all survive at the end.

I think the only reason my mom likes it was because of the monsters.

I can't stand it, personally.

Another one was Merlin.

Oh My God.

The boy needs to grow up. Like fast!

He kept going in head first, no regard for what would happen and then, when he can't fix the mess he was in, he ran to someone else for help (in this case, the great dragon) He thinks he knew what's best, listens to no one.

And the last episode of the season, he really thought of no one, I mean to think that he put his own father in the same category as Uther, I mean has he no sense at all?

He didn't even think of putting himself in his shoes, asking a man that was hunted down to save the man who's doing the hunting. To blame the dragon for being angry at the person (and by extend, the kingdom) that had done nothing but trying to destroy all things that he was. With no other reason than because of his own selfishness, he, himself, has cause his own grieves, but he blame everything else.

Damn shows annoys the shit out of me. I'll go back and watch other things, watching the depravity of humanity is better than these two. Maybe this is why I don't watch anything BBC.

January 15, 2010

Settled on one Wig

So, it's unanimous the first wig it is.

Now Morgan has a wig. And the other one I gave to Jaime, which she will alternate between that and her cat ear wig.

Today I brought Morgan to work, and in the afternoon I brought her to my a-i-l store, her sister was all squeeing and stuff over Morgan, said this wig really suits her and she's so cute, which is a completely difference from when I first brought Morgan, she didn't like Morgan in dark brown bob-cut wig, at all. Like they said, a wig really makes a doll.

After a chat I took Morgan back to my store, I, of course, stopped at the small cosmetic booth to chat a little. While I was talking, a lady walked by, I already saw her noticed Morgan in my hand.

It's nothing new, but most people would just kept on walking. Not this lady, noooooooo... she zeroed in on us, cooing over Morgan, she already reached out a hand to, I'm guessing, take her from my hand, which I pulled back a little, and at the same time she asked when I got her. I said I ordered her. She was all.. oh... (Like she's gonna go buy the same doll in a minute had I bought her around here). Then she asked how much... I didn't really wanna tell her, because it really wasn't something i wanna broadcast. Although everyone that knew I have them kinda knew the price. Not exact price, mind you, but general.

After I told her the round up number she walked away. This girl that ran the booth was saying that the doll worth that money. Which I was kinda surprise, but a little, she thought Morgan (and the rest of them) were cute as a button. :)

It was weird.

January 14, 2010

new package arrived

The new package's arrived today, after about 3 days of waiting.

I joined a Leeke and Luts GO on a local BJD board, both ran by the same girl, so it was easy enough to get them to combine the package, since it came in about the same time.

Originally, I wanted a pair of MSD shoes from Leeke and 1 Yo-SD size wig, but alas, the shoes were out of stock, so I decided that I'll just get another wig. I could always keep the extra for when I wanna change their look, or in waiting for a new member of my resin family. (ha ha ha!)

I also got a pair of honey-delf size shoes on Luts, a set of outfit for Dillon, another wig. Yeah, we have lots of wigs here.

So far I'm trying to settle between 2 wigs for my LTF Bisou girl.



I also got a pair of fist-hands for Dillon as well. I feel that it'll be easier to change his clothes with fist-hands. LOL, but either his regular hands or fist, doesn't bother me much, cause I usually don't have him wear anything all that tight.

I might also change Jaime's wig, but I love her in the kitty ear fur still. So I might not.

Now, a Mushroom Dollhouse. Didn't do anything on it last night. Probably won't tonight I have early shift tomorrow, after all.

I hate morning!

January 13, 2010

progress : Mushroom dollhouse

I got 5 layers of papermache down before I removed the cap part off of the mold, and that was when I realized that it wasn't thick at all. And it'll take a hell of a lot more to thicken it up to the point where I can really use it.

But at least it holds its shape.

I read someone else's attempt, and after I read that she only had 2 layers down before removing it, I thought to myself, what made she thinks that it would be thick enough? But that's her attempt. I told myself to go through at least 5 layers before doing that, since I do not have a core of anything to help. 10-20 more layers before it's workable. I think.

I already put down a layer of craftpaper which is thicker than newsprint on the stem. I'll do that for a couple layers, and on the cap to see how that works, even though this was intended to be recycle, and I had to buy craft paper on big roll. Since I had it for pastel drawing anyway, it works out.

The 42" LCD tv works out well. I still owed my sister some money, but she didn't come over yet, so I'll give it to her when I see her. Apparently she wanna order some wigs, so, I'll see to that.

I recently ordered 2 dresses from Tanya's Style for her. Tanya was extremely nice about it, because I e-mail her and not going through the ordering system that she set up. She even gave a free dress too. She's awesome. I'm a fan.

I sorta have in mind what I wanna do with the mushroom dollhouse. I think for the furniture insides, my theme would be found object, as in things that find and mod to suit my purpose.

We'll see how it goes.

January 08, 2010

new year... more things... and some stuffs

Current Project : Mushroom dollhouse
Listening : Crawling

So, right now I'm without a television. Oh yeah.. my Plasma TV is broken. I had the tech came in to take it, maybe it can be fixed, although it's about 5 years old, which is about the amount of time for its use anyway.

Mom said if it's too much trouble to fix, just get a new one..

Yeah, a 46" plasma...

On the good side though, it's cheaper than it was before when I first got it. Dad was alive then, and he seemed to have less problem letting me getting it, since I work. The same can't really be said the same with mom.

Oh she'll let me get it, but not without the complaining and bitching.

There are a few things that make me happy. Good movies, good shows, toys, TV was half that that since I can't watch the movies and shows without it. I can watch it on my computer, sure, but I wanna lay back and be comfortable, too!

The guy didn't call me back yet, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll get a new tv.

I've just recently finished the dolltrunk for my sister, a halloween theme trunk.

dolltrunk : front [finished]

Now that it's done, I'm onto the next one.

A Mushroom shape dollhouse.

I don't know why I wanna make it, I guess I wanna make a house for my tiny, however, a traditional house would require that I be very precise about every cut and every little thing, which sometimes I can't be, I'm just not that. Mushroom is an organic shape, so I can make it however I want, as long as I get the floor level, it'll be fine. The only thing I need to worry about is the stability. So far I got the basic shape. The stem and the cap. A few more layers of papermache and I'll cut it out off the base then put in the floor to sustain the shape and continue. I have to pick up some tissue papers as well. I'm gonna paint the outside (or spray paint. who knows)

So, off to bed. I'll draw another picture for Oral as well.