December 28, 2009

project : dollhouse

My new project (for new year too) I'm making a dollhouse.

Now it's a toss up between mushroom and tree trunk and to whom it'll go to.

If I make the dollhouse to also fit the 27 cm size, the first floor has to be at least 30cm. in height. and the room would be rather small. If only for Lati yellow, then it didn't have to be that big, but then I can just make the test one and see how it goes.

I do think Mushroom will make a cute dollhouse, it just won't be all that big.

I just picked up a re-ment strawberry town set, and after new year I'll order the mushroom set. :D

Today I asked my grandpa for the plastic paint gallon, that will be my starting point.

I think I'm gonna make it in half, one half at the time. I'll put hinges on it as well as latch, so that it can be open and close. Papermache will probably be better, less weight, or rather i hope it'll have less weight.

Today : start.

December 23, 2009


I'm on duty today, opening the store, and I feel kinda under the weather. A bit fuzzy. LOL.

I had a weird dream last night (or rather early morning, depend on how you look at it) I dream of my father, or rather, of a motorcycle he left behind. Which in real life, he did not leave anything of that kind. I mean there was an old motorcycle, but in my dream it was a kawasaki ksr, weird, maybe I just wanted it.

Then it was my dad himself. Only for a min, then I woke up. It was so weird.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I planned on taking some photo tonight. Last minute really. I can't do it any other way I guess.

I'm still planning it in my head for that. At first I planned on buying a tiny tree for it, but then decided against it, what am I gonna do with it later.

I've been making 2 jackets for the tinies, first one was a little small, but now I realized that had I not line it then it wouldn't have been.

Still I like it better lined anyway.

Another one today, since between me and my sister we have 4 yo-sd size.

December 10, 2009

just something I thought of...

Today, I was minding the store, and one of the in laws walked in. (She's a younger sister of my uncle's wife.) She was asking if I have some snaps, which I did not bring today, cause I wasn't planning on sewing anything. She sat and chat for a little while and I showed her the page of the new Luts Honey-Delf : Pie.

He's cute, and my sister was joking said that he looks like her son. I was like, yeah, and I think you're deluded. LOL.

Then I showed her Tanya's page. The story one. I was looking at the photo, and then it occurred to me that, while I was fully aware of all the joints in the BJD, they were more or less invisible to me. Sorta like my eyes simply bypass them. Weird. LOL

Now I'm setting up to take some pix for the box opening. I'm well.. taking a break. And I'm watching Bones.

December 03, 2009


I was watching L&O SVU season 5 again last night, and saw the first ep that Casey Novak showed up as their ADA, it was... so weird!

The transformation of Novak's hair within 40+ min of the show. It's like they are trying to show her assimilation into the SVU through her hairdo.

Well, I like her, not as much as Alex Cabot, cause you know.. gorgeous, blond, smart, and god she's sexy in the court room (yes yes yes, weird, I know, but I like blonds, blue eyes.) So, I'll be watching reruns of L&O for the kick of it. I never really pay attention much during the first run, but hey.. good to watch the old thing, see if you miss anything.

Ordered some more eye, this time glass. We'll see if I'm gonna use them. But then, They are all in blue tones. :D

I put fur wig on Dillon again last night.. man, big hair!

He looks good either way.

Pick up some fabric today, and lost my Buddha not really a fair trade. But what am I gonna do. Life suck, but whatever.