October 29, 2009

struck in the head with tiny little hoof!

My doll plan was that I'm gonna save up to get another girl Luts Kid-Delf next. I have my sight set on Lemon. She's a cutie, and even though I really like Hodoo and they have Hodoo girl now (with me having to order a head and a body and stuff) I already have Dillon which is a Hodoo boy, I don't want a twin. Well, maybe I do, but not now.

I saw a few Hodoo girl already, and most of them looked like a spoiled princess. Not that it's a bad thing.

I also like the smart alec look of a minifee Lishe.. LOL. So she's in my tentative plan as well.

The plan, however, got foiled when Lati came out with their special edition.

I thought I was home free when I saw their special ver. Dragon.

They were cute, but there's nothing in me that said, 'GET THEM!!!' so the Dragons flew right over, not kick, no hit, not even a heat of the flame.

And then came their special ver.

Lati Yellow Special Ver. Sheep.


I got struck by the hooves.

If you can see me.. you'll see a hoof print on my forehead.

I showed mom, she said up to you. So I take that was a permission to get. I'm getting a Ruki (again) I think he's cute, he has this smile on his face, like an air-head. LOL.

So, there'll be 2 Ruki in the house.. I'm sure it'll be fun. Maybe we'll get another 'F' name.

October 27, 2009

long awaits movie : Intensity

This was made for TV movie, and I've been waiting for it to get on DVD, VDO or anything, anything at all since 98 (the movie was showed on FOX in 97) And nothing, not a thing. I can't find it.

I looked for it on Amazon for the longest time. Had it been on DVD I would've bought it in a heartbeat, but alas, it was not.

And I've been looking for it on bittorent as well, anything really.

Finally, yesterday, I thought about it, so I thought, what the hell, I search for it, just in case.

And Voila!!

There was 1, the seeding was horrible, but after a day and a night, I got about 75% of it. I can't wait!!

Now, this is all w/o knowing if it's the right one, too. I hope it is.

New Laurell K. Hamilton book, damn, I didn't read the last three, because it got to be more of a soft porn than novel. She should really decide what she wanna write. I mean, dude, how many guys can a girl sleep with. I like her earlier Anita and not now Anita. And all those men around her. I don't like Nathanial, he's weak, and needy, well, actually just about every men around her are. It sucks. I'd rather see Edward hack and slash through them all.

I'd rather see her with JC. At least JC has a sense of humor.

I think I'm gonna stop reading, and I won't even start one the last three I already bought, I feel like I wasted enough money on it.

October 21, 2009

head arrived

The head of CustomHouse Ange-Ai Hani arrived today, I was expecting it tomorrow, since Tanya sent it out yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise, I felt like I'm getting a gift, even though I paid for it. LOL

She looked awesome, so I'll have to e-mail Tanya to let her know that the package got here. I think I might weird her out. LOL.

So, I have plan for this girl already, for her open box that is. It'll befitting the halloween.

It's time for me to put up a new layout for the homepage too.. probably by the end of this week, or next.

I want Little Red Riding Hood. :D

October 16, 2009

Excited with the new anime

Today a new anime in the list caught my eyes.

Kiddy Girl-and

The first thing caught my eye was that.. it has the word Kiddy G I was watching Kiddy Grade years ago (several I think) and saw a preview of a continuation, and I was looking forward to it, except it never came.

Now it's out!


It's not that smart and deep dark series like I usually read or watch, but hey! I liked it.

Then another one.. Kobato.

I didn't know what it was, I thought it might be one of those ya know.. Kabuto. Anyhow, I googled it, and then bam! a new clamp.

Oh yeah,

Now more to watch.

Let's see.. so far.

Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Ghost Whisperer
Drop Dead Diva
So You Think You Can Dance
The Good Wife

There are a few that I'm still undecided, but hey... now 2 more anime..

Kiddy Girl-and

Busy, busy, busy...

October 09, 2009

new resin kid

I sent the head out to Tanya to get a face-up last week. It was the CustomHouse Ange-Ai Hani that I sent out, since she didn't come with the face up anyway, besides, I really wanna see her face-up in person. I'm still practicing, although I have to clean out the msc from the head entirely so I can get it sprayed again (I worn out a few patches from practicing)

My sister left her Slinky Neko Borry with me to be sprayed, so, Gabi is my guess right now. I'm planning on cleaning Chuck too, I noticed a spot of msc chipping, I'll do them all together.

That included a new resin the family. A Lati Yellow Magician Ver. Kuroo. Her name is Hayden. Because...

Tonight I'll get them cleaned up, and hopefully it's not raining on Sat, or they all will have to wait.