February 27, 2007

Watching the news.

It's Anna Nicole Smith again.

They should let the poor woman rest in peace, I mean come on people. Leave her alone. They hound her in life and even after death. They should know when to stop already.

Ok, on a better note.

Mai Otome Zwei ep 2 is being subbed!!!!


I like Haruka and Yukino here a lot, but I wish there was more Natsuki and a bit of update on status of Garderobe, I wanna know what the hack happened over there now. But we did get to see Sara Gallagher. I'm thinking her batman mask is there because she's wearing glasses. And she can camouflage! That is pretty cool and useful. Galactic Aquamarine, the first colum. I don't think the number has anything to do with rank, more like who fitted the ability that the GEM has better, and the GEM was assigned each Colum.

So.... Shizuru was 3rd Colum and Natsuki's senpai
Is it safe to assumed that Sara was Natsuki's kohai, since she called Haruka Onee-sama and Haruka didn't know she was the first colum. ('cause if she was the same year as Natsuki, Haruka would've known that she was a colum, wouldn't she?) Now I wanna know her history, especially with Haruka.

Interesting ability Chie has as well. That magician thing fitted her somehow, must be the personality. LOL.

And I can't believe they let Tomoe go! I thought we were gonna see the end of her, apparently not! Although it probably be interesting that way.

I'm happy to see ep 2, and can't wait to see ep 3.

Now I think I'll wait till all 4 came out and order them all at the same time. :)

February 26, 2007

Still watching Mai HiME.

I'm also writing Mai HiME fanfiction as well. It's ShizNat, of course what else could it be. I should be writing other things as well, but well, right now I just don't have any idea for other stuff, so I have to do what I can.

Gizmo is being.... well, a dog that he is.

He's eating less and gotten a tad pickier than usual, I'm not really sure why. Maybe we have to change his diet.

At least he can't talk back. LOL

So, the wireless keyboard and mouse is working fine, so it's good. And I find typing out easier when the keyboard isn't high up on the counter top. Means, I can write faster. LOL. (why does that make me happy)

Anyhow, I might have to buy a new set for home use at this rate, but not that I mind very much. After all, I don't do the whole nightclub and well, anything really, I only spend my money on movies, musics, anime, and manga, so a bit of new toys here and there doesn't really hurt. Or rather I hope not.

Besides it's on sale right now!

Ok, done babbling.

February 25, 2007

I'm watching Mai HiME again, but hey, I want to!!

So, got me a set of wireless keyboard and mouse set by Kensington (tm) Man, I must read instruction carefully next time. What a pain. Since I had my harddrive reformatted (don't ask) I didn't get the chance to actually install it at home, so I dragged it over to the store and tried it on my laptop, it didn't work at first, don't know why so I had my cousin took it back to the store and well, lo and behold, the damn thing worked!!

like I said, what a pain.

Now it works fine, could've done that in the first place, and saved me a lot of grief.

Hey Cin!!

How are you doing? I tried leaving you comment and well, it didn't let me. I have to log in???

Watching Mai HiME again, *sigh* I loved the series, much more than I do the manga. LOL. Why did I get the manga??? Oh yeah, just so I have it, not that I'd really read it. Although Shizuru with that fan, it was so cool!!! If I remember correctly Shizuru in Mai Otome manga also used it from time to time. A good accessery, they shoulda include that in the anime. Remind me a bit of Mendou from Urusei yatsura.

February 21, 2007

I ran virus scan on my laptop last night and damn!!! That was a lot, LOL.

Anyhow, it's working fine now, I should've done that a while ago, this just goes to show ya that you need to pay better attention to your anti virus protection!!

Today I went and paid for my cellphone bill (and my dad's, he never pay his own, ever, I'm surprised he actually can go 2-3 months w/o paying and still able to use the phone!!) And so I bought a set of wireless keyboard and mouse, I was getting really really annoyed with the wire for a long while now, so there it is, and also it was on sale. :)

My mother lost the power bill, so now we're digging up the old one so we could go pay for it at the power company office. Before they shut us down {O_o}

Tonight I should get my cpu back and I should get my ass over to the gym!

February 20, 2007

Well, my cpu needed a HD reformating, so that's where it went, and now I'm on my laptop.

Today, I also get a new anti virus as well, since I didn't really use my laptop for getting online till recently I hadn't been paying attention to the virus definition and all that, now it's time and I found that there's a lot on it. LOL.

Tonight I purchase :

Onikirimaru vol. 9
Mai HiME vol. 3
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1

I'm not too thrill with Mai HiME manga, really, it's pretty much a Tate HiME, I mean come on. I don't like him, I really don't. He's too self-rightous and self important for my liking. Also pretty stupid and they oversold his ability, especially in manga. To top that off, Shizuru that happened to be the most popular character (according to the poll on sunrise) was barely even in the manga.

At least Mai Otome manga was better in the respect, although Shizuru still wasn't all that prominent, but we got our ShizNat!!

I better get to that box I've been trying to make, I'm starting to put some lining on the inside. And I guess I'll pull a couple sheets of paper to use as a surface, I'm not worry about the smoothness since I can sand it down a bit. Good thing I have a lot of paper to recycle and make some handmade paper. :)

February 19, 2007

I'm watching Ghost Whisperer.

So, my laptop is infected, I think, I'll have to update the virus definition. Yeah, FUN!!!

Yesterday, I begged my dad for a day off, so we closed the store, and while my mother bitched about closing extra days (as if I get the day off on my day off, it never stops, take mom to the doc, buying stuff etc.) But she came in wake me up and had me drop her off at Sunday meet (think going to yardsale) so she could buy plants!! Then when I said I was hungry, she said, again? I was like, what again, I didn't eat anything yet today!

God, I hate my life, I'm hungry and they bitched at me for being hungried. I mean, what the hell.

Anyhow, I spent the late afternoon going through papermaking method with a friend of mine, she wanted to put in her blog, and I like making paper, when there's no one looking over my shoulder and having to get stuff for class. I mean, I did take papermaking class but I didn't like the class much, maybe because there's too many people and it just wasn't much fun with you have to wait on everything.

but to do as I wanted, hey, it's fun. I pulled about 8 sheets and well, already ruined 2, the rest is drying.

Today, we'll be writing everything down.

February 12, 2007

I'm watching Criminal Mind

Man, DSL provider is annoying, right now I can load some pages and some I can't, and I don't --for the life of me-- know why. I'm thinking it has something to do with script error on certain pages. But hey, the one at home works fine, so, I guess it's all right since I could read all those stuff at home (probably better too, since I don't get interrupted there) But still I want to know everything works when I want to.

I have every intention of writing and drawing today, let's see how well that goes.

Suddenly I miss Jamie last night when I thought about it. I mean, I used to talk to him everyday, or almost everyday and now I hardly even e-mail him, but I also know that he had been busy with his school work and such, cause I was the same too, and the distant makes it harder. *sigh* oh well, if you're reading, man. Miss you, lots and you're the best.

February 11, 2007

I went out with some friends last night

Yesterday, Saturday, after getting maybe 5 hours of sleep, my mother woke me up to take her to see dematologist, and by the time we're done and ready to come home it was already 1 in the afternoon, on our way back I wanted to stop at the restaurant, but they were out of stuff, so it's driving all the way back without any food in my system, and not even water, and I got my first meal of the day at 4:30 PM.

Got home, I wanna sleep, but then a friend called me up and so I went out with some friends again and came back around 11pm.

Not that it was a bad thing, it's good to see some of them again, since I hadn't gotten a chance to, and probably won't for a long while. Some of them I saw for the first time in about 10 years!

It was a good night, although I was exhausted by the time I get to bed, but hey...

Oh yeah, I lost my Sony Vault 2GB thumbdrive, and damnit!! It's not the fact that I lost the thing that pissed me off, it's the things inside!! I have half written fanfics, drawing I was working on, and those will be a bitch to replace. GRRRRRRRR.. So, now I'm trying to write what I've lost.

February 06, 2007

For the lack of better things to do and more capacity to do it...

So I blogged.

I still hadn't watch Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, or Venus vs. Virus. LOL, I didn't even get the chance to see Jigoku Shoujo, I did try to watch Mai Otome again last night, I fell asleep then I woke up to turn it off. (It was on my Screenplay, I couldn't just let it run all night, and it didn't have timer feature) This is when I regretted not checking before I bought the 42" widescreen plasma tv, it didn't have the second set of AV in, so I had to take out one of my component to put in the extra, which usually mean I would have to take the one for cable out. Before I moved back I did have several extra ones. Like the back and front of my vcr, and then the back of the tv as well as the front. Now I only have dvd player and cable in my room, so anything else will have to use the same ones as the cable one... but then I rarely play game or anything.

It seems that my shiznat fanfic is going to be longer than I thought, cause it's already 13 pages (at 10pt.) and it's not even half done yet, probably over 20 pages before it was over. Ha ha ha. I'm such a slave to the details. I better cut it down a little, my tendencies to describe everything that is.

I'm gonna go watch Biker Build Off now. :) I wish I got the NCIS last night, but well, it didn't work out there. So... it's off to what I have on Screenplay at the moment, which is quite a bit to watch, if I have the time without any interruption to spend on it.

February 05, 2007

Blogger layout finished!!

Yes, It's finished, as you can already see. Shizuru Viola, I don't know who did the illu, but there's no name or sign or anything, so if anyone knows, please let me know, so I can give proper credit.

I went and check out a few laptop, cause I want a new one, and I think I'll get the HP one. I actually wanted a Vaio, but man, the price tag... besides I could get the same performance for less with HP. The only reason I would cough up that much money for Vaio would be the look. It's not a good enough reason to justify that much extra dough.

New ep of Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, and I don't know if I wanna watch it now, I already hate the boy and his attitude since ep 3, not a good sign, I only watch it for Kaon and Himiko.

New ep of Jigoku Shoujo, this I'll watch, as well as Venus vs Virus.

Nothing much going on except we got another extra member of the spirit in the house, a boy, approximately about 6-8 years old, only reason he showed himself to someone in the house was because he was hungry. So, now we'll set something out for him.

And my mom wants a fountain, we'll go look for it I guess. Maybe in a day or two.

February 04, 2007

Finally, the DSL at the store is working!!

Man, I've been calling them about it since last week, and the one answering the phone said that she was just an intern and she couldn't answer me anything. ARGGGGGGGG!!! Finally, after the store close yesterday (we close every Saturday) I came in and decided to turn on my laptop and then the modem and while it still nothing (just the light for power and ethernet on) I called them up and suddenly the damn thing work!!!

*sigh* I'm not even gonna ask.

I got Shingetsutan Tsukihime and I decided to watch it today if I can manage, I never seem to be able to these days. Although the next ep of Kekkaishi will go over well enough in midst of the distractions that we got here in the store. I also got 2 ep of Supernatural to watch too.

I started to work on the new blog layout last night, it'll be pretty simple, since I needed to get back on the saddle (so to speak) my last layout had something wrong with it, for whatever reason. So I have to start from scratch all over again.

My bathroom project is going slowly. It's not the cutting, it's the putting the damn contact paper on the shower stall that kills me. I tried a lot of things and still the airbubble is the most troublesome thing in this. I'm getting better at getting rid of them though. Too bad that some of them even left marks on the clear contact paper, but it's nothing I can really do about it now. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid them later on.

February 02, 2007

I want Mai HiME ps2 game!

Well, I'm not an avid gamer by any mean, but occasionally there are some that I wanna play. And I think I'll get up the nerve to order the game through amazon japan. Maybe.

I finished reading Kekkaishi a while ago and now just start watching the anime. For some reason I find it quite entertaining. :) I liked it. Guess I'll keep watching.

I actually took a trip over to the flee market (sorta) there was a guy that sell used manga and I ordered quite a few series off of him already, I didn't go for a while so I figured today is a good day.. and lo and behold, he wasn't there! I'll have to call my uncle up and ask if he changed the lot or he just wasn't there today. I'm all disappointed now. *sigh*

I think I'll have to get Shin Kotaro Makaritoru series all over again, 'cause all I have from my old collection was Block D one. Man, that'll be some spending again. But I do enjoy the manga, so it's all good. Since I don't do anything else, I don't go clubbing, I don't drink, nor do I smoke, and most of the time I spend my money on toys, manga, anime, movies, and books. Nothing's wrong with that, is there.

I'm gonna go and write some, maybe a bit drawing.