November 26, 2004

Listening : Broken [ Seether ]

Well, a greeting card arrived today from insurance company for my little brother (the annoying pest that thinks he can just slide through school and not really paying any attention, I think if you open his head you'll only see info on games.. and not much else) And well, I liked the illustration so I'm gonna use it for blog layout.. I'm gonna try to get it done and coded tomorrow, actually, it should be.. today since it's 3:15 AM already. LOL

I've been busy.

I want Sony Handycam and well, apparently my uncle is going to buy it for me.. 'cause I don't have any money and I didn't wanna be asking my parents.. I could, of couse and my dad would say he'll just take so much out of my pay and stuff.. in actuality he might or might not.. depends.. it's not like they gonna let me starve to dead or anything, well, it's a possibility.

But my uncle said he's gonna get it for me.. under the condition that he can borrow it. I said sure, not a problem. I think it's because he's pissed at his in law.. he said if he can spend that much money on people that can't be fair and help him out then he can spend on his niece ( me ) since my dad helped him a lot. And being me.. I'll take what people give me. I mean, you don't turn down free stuff. Besides I didn't ask for it. My dad mentions it.. and my other uncle said he's gonna get me it, except my mom cut him off while he was saying it and he's my mom younger brother so you can see how that one went..

Yup, I got zilch!

I don't know, if I actually get it, we'll all know then, won't we.

Besides, my uncle was drunk at the time, he might forget all about it when he's sobered up.

Man, should I keep my fingers crossed so someone actually get it for me for my birthday? Early birthday.. cause well, it's still another month or so.

I hate my birthday by the way, it usually suck beyond belief.

let's hope we get through the new year.

Tomorrow or rather today is a day off.. yeah I got those twice a month, so I'm gonna try to make the best of it.. be it the day I sleep it all off or doing something productive.

Ha ha ha.

I gotta clean though, and then do the blog layout and do some writing. Shit piled up when you don't have time.

There should be more than 24 hours a day, or maybe I should require less than 8 hours of sleep.. something like 3 hours would give me time to do things.

Or I can just lock myself in the room once I get back from the store and pretend the rest of the house don't exist.. um.... that one has potential.

November 16, 2004

Watching : Spiderman 2

Well, I finally got my ADSL, much better, let me tell you. I was about had it with the damn sattlelite.. I got kicked out so many times it's not even funny. I guess when you came from Cable where you are constantly on, you can't take anything less, cause it'll drive you crazy.

Anyhow, this thing isn't as fast as what I had before, but it'll have to do for now, seeing how it's the fastest I'm gonna get in this place, maybe in a year we'll get up to speed, I'm waiting for the day.

Work, well, as busy as always, I'm trying though.. it's not that it's so busy, it's the limited access I got on my comp. I can't do any writing if I don't have the comp kinda thing. Well, I use my sis's laptop while I'm at the store, I just can't get online with it, cause I'm too lazy to get out and get a phone line.. LOL.

I play badminton with my dad everyday, 30 min a day. It's fun and well, afterwards you feel like you've been running in the rain, cause you really are sweaty, like your entire clothe got soaked. Fun.

I found that I can order books through a bookstore here.. a plus.. big plus. I hate having to ask people to get them for me.. seeing how it's such a drag. This way, even though I spend a bit more on it, I don't have to owe anyone a favor. That tend to get ugly.

Well, I'm loading stuff, I think I'm gonna just leave it running tonight so I get them all done. :) Bed time.

Nite nite..

Oh yeah, hi to everyone... :)

Cindy!! How ya doing???

Helga.. miss ya kitty...

Yo, Jamie!

Hey Baby G! I'm thinking of christmas present for ya.. :) How about a little 'faith'

Hi Psy, whacha want for X-Mas??