December 28, 2009

project : dollhouse

My new project (for new year too) I'm making a dollhouse.

Now it's a toss up between mushroom and tree trunk and to whom it'll go to.

If I make the dollhouse to also fit the 27 cm size, the first floor has to be at least 30cm. in height. and the room would be rather small. If only for Lati yellow, then it didn't have to be that big, but then I can just make the test one and see how it goes.

I do think Mushroom will make a cute dollhouse, it just won't be all that big.

I just picked up a re-ment strawberry town set, and after new year I'll order the mushroom set. :D

Today I asked my grandpa for the plastic paint gallon, that will be my starting point.

I think I'm gonna make it in half, one half at the time. I'll put hinges on it as well as latch, so that it can be open and close. Papermache will probably be better, less weight, or rather i hope it'll have less weight.

Today : start.

December 23, 2009


I'm on duty today, opening the store, and I feel kinda under the weather. A bit fuzzy. LOL.

I had a weird dream last night (or rather early morning, depend on how you look at it) I dream of my father, or rather, of a motorcycle he left behind. Which in real life, he did not leave anything of that kind. I mean there was an old motorcycle, but in my dream it was a kawasaki ksr, weird, maybe I just wanted it.

Then it was my dad himself. Only for a min, then I woke up. It was so weird.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I planned on taking some photo tonight. Last minute really. I can't do it any other way I guess.

I'm still planning it in my head for that. At first I planned on buying a tiny tree for it, but then decided against it, what am I gonna do with it later.

I've been making 2 jackets for the tinies, first one was a little small, but now I realized that had I not line it then it wouldn't have been.

Still I like it better lined anyway.

Another one today, since between me and my sister we have 4 yo-sd size.

December 10, 2009

just something I thought of...

Today, I was minding the store, and one of the in laws walked in. (She's a younger sister of my uncle's wife.) She was asking if I have some snaps, which I did not bring today, cause I wasn't planning on sewing anything. She sat and chat for a little while and I showed her the page of the new Luts Honey-Delf : Pie.

He's cute, and my sister was joking said that he looks like her son. I was like, yeah, and I think you're deluded. LOL.

Then I showed her Tanya's page. The story one. I was looking at the photo, and then it occurred to me that, while I was fully aware of all the joints in the BJD, they were more or less invisible to me. Sorta like my eyes simply bypass them. Weird. LOL

Now I'm setting up to take some pix for the box opening. I'm well.. taking a break. And I'm watching Bones.

December 03, 2009


I was watching L&O SVU season 5 again last night, and saw the first ep that Casey Novak showed up as their ADA, it was... so weird!

The transformation of Novak's hair within 40+ min of the show. It's like they are trying to show her assimilation into the SVU through her hairdo.

Well, I like her, not as much as Alex Cabot, cause you know.. gorgeous, blond, smart, and god she's sexy in the court room (yes yes yes, weird, I know, but I like blonds, blue eyes.) So, I'll be watching reruns of L&O for the kick of it. I never really pay attention much during the first run, but hey.. good to watch the old thing, see if you miss anything.

Ordered some more eye, this time glass. We'll see if I'm gonna use them. But then, They are all in blue tones. :D

I put fur wig on Dillon again last night.. man, big hair!

He looks good either way.

Pick up some fabric today, and lost my Buddha not really a fair trade. But what am I gonna do. Life suck, but whatever.

November 23, 2009

saw new moon...

I saw the movie, all I can say is, I want my money back, and my time.

I'm glad I don't bother with the book, since a cousin of mine read it and say it's pretty much like the movie.

KStew looks no better. Half of the movie she looked like she's high on something. As for Bella, the girl needs to get over herself. Her maturity level is well.. questionable. Selfish little bitch, I'd say let her die.

Edward claimed to be 109 but his mental age didn't seem to go over 17.


Jacob is the only person in the entire movie that is sympathetic, and level head, and mature. He's the only person I felt bad for. He could do much better than Bella, much much better.

The couple raised my heckle.

I couldn't stop rolling my eyes the entire movie, it's tiring. My roast beef sandwich interested me more.

November 13, 2009

new shiny glass eyes

Once again I joined Group Order, and again, it was Dollmore. This time I decided that I was gonna get a couple pair of glass eyes, I mean, hey, if I don't like it, then I can just resell it, no big deal.

Once the eyes got here, I found that the colors were slightly different, but not in the bad way.

Jaime (CH Ange-Ai Hani) has such small eyes, in comparison to Chuck (which is a Luts Honey-Delf Lolly)I noticed that CH Ange-Ai has small eyes, made the original glass eyes that came with her useless.. they were pale purple, and when they were in her head, you just could not see the color at all, unless you shine the light directly into her face. It wasn't pretty.

The new color I got her was Aqua blue, it was quite nice. I liked it. I have a thing for blue eyes, anyway, so if I buy more eyes they will probably all be blue. Last time I bought a pair of Cobalt Blue and Red acrylic eyes, they were Glib, they were really nice. My sister took the red pair (although I sorta intended it for Dillon, he had gray eyes on him already, it was close enough to blue that I thought what the hack, give him a pair of red.) Now Alice spotted a pair of red eyes.

This time I also order a pair of blue special Dollmore eyes for him they has swirly pattern in side the iris. I still didn't change his eyes though, I do like Glib cobalt blue that I got him, so I'll let him have them in for now, once I feel like tinkering with the eyes positioning, then I'll change them out, no big deal.

Since all the Luts doll we got came with green acrylic, all of them. Now I have 3 pairs of green eyes (2 16mm. 1 14mm.) Now that they weren't nice, but they were pretty dark, so now I changed out the green acrylic from Chuck and put in the pale purple instead, they look really good with her, since she has such big eyes to begin with.

I was looking through some Mystic eyes, and some Kanis, maybe... maybe.. Mystic were nice, but they take really long.. at least 8 weeks for $55 a pair. Though I really like the ones that Tanya has for her MSD boy Moji, they were gorgeous, she said it was Mystic and they were $70 a pop, and 6 months wait.

I do not have the patience.

And the wait was after the preorder period.

Apparenly Luts is releasing 2 more Kid-Delf... man and I planned to get Lemon, too. I wanna get 2 more MSD girls, or just one, but gotta be girl. I had my eye on Lishe minifee, but who knew. They were only tentative plan. LOL.

My back hurts, off to bed I go.

October 29, 2009

struck in the head with tiny little hoof!

My doll plan was that I'm gonna save up to get another girl Luts Kid-Delf next. I have my sight set on Lemon. She's a cutie, and even though I really like Hodoo and they have Hodoo girl now (with me having to order a head and a body and stuff) I already have Dillon which is a Hodoo boy, I don't want a twin. Well, maybe I do, but not now.

I saw a few Hodoo girl already, and most of them looked like a spoiled princess. Not that it's a bad thing.

I also like the smart alec look of a minifee Lishe.. LOL. So she's in my tentative plan as well.

The plan, however, got foiled when Lati came out with their special edition.

I thought I was home free when I saw their special ver. Dragon.

They were cute, but there's nothing in me that said, 'GET THEM!!!' so the Dragons flew right over, not kick, no hit, not even a heat of the flame.

And then came their special ver.

Lati Yellow Special Ver. Sheep.


I got struck by the hooves.

If you can see me.. you'll see a hoof print on my forehead.

I showed mom, she said up to you. So I take that was a permission to get. I'm getting a Ruki (again) I think he's cute, he has this smile on his face, like an air-head. LOL.

So, there'll be 2 Ruki in the house.. I'm sure it'll be fun. Maybe we'll get another 'F' name.

October 27, 2009

long awaits movie : Intensity

This was made for TV movie, and I've been waiting for it to get on DVD, VDO or anything, anything at all since 98 (the movie was showed on FOX in 97) And nothing, not a thing. I can't find it.

I looked for it on Amazon for the longest time. Had it been on DVD I would've bought it in a heartbeat, but alas, it was not.

And I've been looking for it on bittorent as well, anything really.

Finally, yesterday, I thought about it, so I thought, what the hell, I search for it, just in case.

And Voila!!

There was 1, the seeding was horrible, but after a day and a night, I got about 75% of it. I can't wait!!

Now, this is all w/o knowing if it's the right one, too. I hope it is.

New Laurell K. Hamilton book, damn, I didn't read the last three, because it got to be more of a soft porn than novel. She should really decide what she wanna write. I mean, dude, how many guys can a girl sleep with. I like her earlier Anita and not now Anita. And all those men around her. I don't like Nathanial, he's weak, and needy, well, actually just about every men around her are. It sucks. I'd rather see Edward hack and slash through them all.

I'd rather see her with JC. At least JC has a sense of humor.

I think I'm gonna stop reading, and I won't even start one the last three I already bought, I feel like I wasted enough money on it.

October 21, 2009

head arrived

The head of CustomHouse Ange-Ai Hani arrived today, I was expecting it tomorrow, since Tanya sent it out yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise, I felt like I'm getting a gift, even though I paid for it. LOL

She looked awesome, so I'll have to e-mail Tanya to let her know that the package got here. I think I might weird her out. LOL.

So, I have plan for this girl already, for her open box that is. It'll befitting the halloween.

It's time for me to put up a new layout for the homepage too.. probably by the end of this week, or next.

I want Little Red Riding Hood. :D

October 16, 2009

Excited with the new anime

Today a new anime in the list caught my eyes.

Kiddy Girl-and

The first thing caught my eye was that.. it has the word Kiddy G I was watching Kiddy Grade years ago (several I think) and saw a preview of a continuation, and I was looking forward to it, except it never came.

Now it's out!


It's not that smart and deep dark series like I usually read or watch, but hey! I liked it.

Then another one.. Kobato.

I didn't know what it was, I thought it might be one of those ya know.. Kabuto. Anyhow, I googled it, and then bam! a new clamp.

Oh yeah,

Now more to watch.

Let's see.. so far.

Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Ghost Whisperer
Drop Dead Diva
So You Think You Can Dance
The Good Wife

There are a few that I'm still undecided, but hey... now 2 more anime..

Kiddy Girl-and

Busy, busy, busy...

October 09, 2009

new resin kid

I sent the head out to Tanya to get a face-up last week. It was the CustomHouse Ange-Ai Hani that I sent out, since she didn't come with the face up anyway, besides, I really wanna see her face-up in person. I'm still practicing, although I have to clean out the msc from the head entirely so I can get it sprayed again (I worn out a few patches from practicing)

My sister left her Slinky Neko Borry with me to be sprayed, so, Gabi is my guess right now. I'm planning on cleaning Chuck too, I noticed a spot of msc chipping, I'll do them all together.

That included a new resin the family. A Lati Yellow Magician Ver. Kuroo. Her name is Hayden. Because...

Tonight I'll get them cleaned up, and hopefully it's not raining on Sat, or they all will have to wait.

September 26, 2009

Working out kinks : upgraded desktop

I found that everytime I restart my desktop everything I've logged on and choose to remained logged on didn't. Confuses me, I thought that when I cleaned out junk with Ccleaner did it.

That until I checked out the internet option.

The damn security was set to whatever but it won't accept cookies, so I reset it to a reasonable level and it was fine again.

Tonight I'll scan in the drawing and see if the scanner need to be reinstall or not. Although I still need to install the tablet.

Now where did I keep the cd.

September 23, 2009

it's all coming together slowly

I'm getting things back, one by one, though, one by one.

I got my Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ActiveSync, RocketDock, Spybot, Avast, Firefox, Thunderbird installed in the last 3 nights. What a pain, let me tell you.

First and foremost, I got my firefox installed, because all my bookmark were on Firefox (my browser of choice for the last couple of years), but that was a bust at first, for whatever reason, I could not, for the life of me, start up the damn thing. It kept crashing and crashing and crashing, and this was after I loaded 3.5.3 version.

But suddenly it was working, so I still don't know what was wrong before. Weird, huh. And then the menu was in Thai! I was pissed!! I can't use it, I'm not use to it. So I went and load the en-us version and install, but I installed the wrong one (they were saved on different folders) by the time I figure it out I nearly pull out my hair. I mean god I just made a trip to the dentist that was bad enough and to add the headache to it?


But after a while (like hour) I got that done, all bookmark synced. Now, on to Thunderbird. That was a pain as well. I can't believe. Took forever to set up too.

But now I got most things more or less the way I wanted, I can start update DWP list. I'm looking for good images to make new layout as well.

I gotta go get Enigma install for my desktop too..

September 20, 2009

desktop upgrade : 1 more day

So, I'll be expecting my upgraded desktop tomorrow before noon.

And I have dentist appointment tomorrow noon. I never like dentist, so I usually try to put it off as much as I could. *sigh* I really don't wanna go.

I don't think I'm gonna take laptop home tonight, don't wanna carry it around. LOL

I forgot to bring the new mouse to the store, though. Can't believe I forgot. I guess I'll have to give it to my mom tonight and let her bring in the morning, since it'll be her that will need it in the morning. She plays solitaire, I told her to play with other game, she won't try. Oh well.

BTW. how do you break a mouse?

September 18, 2009

desktop : off to be upgraded

I'm on my laptop right now, which I had to bring back from the store, since my desktop was off to be upgraded this morning. I'm upgrading ram, processor, power supply, and a bit here and there, not eveything. I'm not getting anew monitor either, since I like my old 19" one. I wouldn't know what to do with a bigger one otherwise, and what the hell am I gonna do with a perfectly good monitor if I get a new one. Throw away seems like a lot of waste.

I'll change when it's no good anymore, but not a moment before.

So, now I can't do a few things from this, I can't do anything with the website, since I don't have proper files and program on here. Though it was more of a no files on here. Can't scan either. I have to do the sign for a friend, though. I still can't figure it out what I wanna do. So, it'll be later tonight (it's later enough already, though) I'll do a few research too.

Face-up is slowly coming along, while I read through a few tutorials, I'm also trying to figure out how I wanna do it, and what I'm comfortable with.

A lot of learning process, let me tell you.

Well, off to do other things.

September 17, 2009

upgrading time : desk top

I'm getting my desktop upgrade, so tomorrow a guy I know will be picking it up at my house for me (I always have him pick up too.. I'm just lazy that way). It's been dreadful for a while now. With the weird noise and stuff... and since I thought about upgrading it anyway, so... here's the time to do it.

So, now I'm just moving stuff off of it and temporary save everything on my 1TB external HDD for now, mostly will consist of photos, musics and movies. I think this is the perfect time to declutter too.

My mom knocked out the mouse we use for the laptop at the store. It was so weird. At first I thought that something was wrong with the USB port, then I plugged in the flash drive and it worked fine, only the mouse that the light didn't come on, so I figure it was the mouse, so today I had to do with the touch pad, that was sorta annoying.

I'm planning on ordering some wig, shoes, clothes for the new girl, I still don't have name for her yet, and probably won't for a while, since I still gonna redo her face-up. Maybe I'll send it to Tanya, she's awesome with face-up anyway.

Ok, back to moving things.

Cindy : hey, how's it going?? :D You're doing well, I hope.

September 10, 2009

s6 ep2 of SYTYCD, and new doll

I just watched the new season of SYTYCD, don't see any favorite yet, so far from LA audition. I'm hoping that someone will stick out to me eventually. Hopefully.

Tomorrow is the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries, I'm really hoping that I won't be disappointed as well. I was disappointed with Twilight, really I was. Good thing I didn't have such a high expectation of it to begin with. I think the only reason I went to see it was that my cousin wanna see it. What vampire doesn't have fangs, that just take the fun out of the whole thing.

And what I really don't agree with was the whole relationship, annoys the hell out of me. Someone who does not love him/herself, will never love anyone else. Edward hates himself, so my suggestion would be, go kill yourself. It was horrible.

My sister said she read the book (I won't bother with it) and she had to put it down every so often because Bella annoys the shit out of her!

Tomorrow also season premiere for Supernatural. I'm really looking forward to that!

Now that LCF is out, what's gonna happen next!

I got a new doll the other day as well.. a Ange Ai Hani from CustomHouse. She's 27cm. so she should be able to share some clothes and stuff with Chuck. But I have to get her a pair of shoes and some wig. I'll have to start from scratch for this one, since it was sold with no face-up. I got a pair of purple glass eye with her though.

Now my plan is..
1. sand her down (only a little)
2. coat her with MSC uvcut
3. Face-up

and my extra plan was that if the face-up I did was dreadful I'll book a slot with either Tanya or someone from BJD board for a face-up. LOL. Can't go wrong with Tanya though, she's awesome!

I'm hoping that I won't have to though, so anyway, I'll have to pick up 3 grades of sandpapers tonight. I'll start with head first.

Ok, that's the plan for tonight, sand the head.

Oh yeah and make some logo for a friend's. Yup.

August 22, 2009

new bjd tiny

I got my latest doll the other day, I had my sister bought him for me from a dealer. She had the dolls in hand, so it wasn't a long wait or anything. It's unfortunate that Lati only open for order 4 times a year, so to get Lati is having to be up to date on their schedule.

Anyhow, my sister bought 2 already from Lati, Lati Yellow, Prayer of Angel Lea, basic ver. Lumi. They are cute, but a bit too small. I mean, I'm happier with honey-delf and kid-delf, they are good size for me. Although when I saw Magician Ver. Ruki I just couldn't help it. He's cute!

this is him in his full set, except the broom, they didn't have broom for him, despite the fact that in their promo pic he had broom. Oh well. I can make him one.

Also did box opening thing too, but it'll have to wait for another time.

August 10, 2009


I'm planning on changing the layout, unfortunately, so far I hadn't been able to find anything interesting enough to use as a layout.. I love my BJD (well, Dillon was mine, the rest are my sister's but she still owed me for Chuck..)

I'm planning on making a dollie Ouija board though. :D

And maybe a bunk bed. Um... I need to clean out the desk that I wanna use as their dwelling more junk out. LOL.

Soon, I think, soon, I have to finished coloring Buffy/Faith Babies first.

August 02, 2009

BJD, some clothes, new doll

My sister got a new BJD, I don't really know when she got the doll, but well, she needed me to sprayed MSC UVcut for her, since she won't do it herself.

It was a Lati Yellow, Angel Prayer Lea version.

It was positively tiny!!

I can't imagine what a Lati White would look like smaller than this. Anyhow, now between the two of us we have 4 BJD. And 4 letters in the Alphabet. LOL.

We have..

Alice : Luts : Kid-Delf Bory girl
Bea (Beatrice) : Lati Yellow : Angel Prayer Lea
Chuck (Charlotte) : Luts Honey-Delf Lolly
Dillon : Luts : Kid-Delf Hodoo

Hodoo was the first doll that I wanted.. it was so weird, I saw him on Luts and I thought, wow, I want that one!!

So, Besides spraying UVcut, I have to make them clothes as well.. which meant that the doll trunk got push aside, I should picked it up again, very soon. I'm just lazy right now.. LOL.

And I had a thought.. I wanna get Lati Yellow (sp.) 1 Lea and 1 either Cookie or Lumi.. to make Baby Buffy and Faith. LOL..

Well, gotta save up, I guess..

July 17, 2009

HP6 and random ranting

I went to see Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince last night with a couple of friends. Just so that we didn't catch ourselves settle for the inconvenient time, I ran to the theater and bought the tickets ahead of time.

The show time was every 50 min, and still the seats were full. I mean, the only ones that aren't occupied would be the roles up front, who would wanna sit there, right.

Anyhow, I read the book, so I knew what was coming. It was a good movie, understandably short for the size of the book. I mean, they cut a lot off, which was to be expected.. what I can't stand was...


In the book she was supposed to be beautiful, if she didn't make the face as if she was smelling something unpleasant. So, why did they cast someone so old. Lucious wasn't that old. And I thought Narcissa was younger than Bellatrix!

I don't care, to me, Cissy is younger than Bella!!

God.. that was painful, good thing she only showed up for 2 scenes.

I'm learning how to face-up.. lots of practice, told myself.


I did one, I think I'm gonna try attaching the lashes before erase this face-up to do another. But not tonight. I'm spraying Chuck with UVcut. Almost done now though. Only 2 coats, or we'd be doing it all night.

Introduce Dillon and Charlotte


Also been playing Farm Town, Pet Society, Restaurant City on Facebook... man, was that addictive or what.

Well, better get back to the spraying, I still got to do the hot glue seuding of the joints as well.

June 14, 2009

new hobby

Yes, I got a new thing to be obsessed over. BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll) I've been wanting it for the longest time.. Actually I saw it just a bit after my friend showed me some Blythe's picture, I found the first photo of BJD on I think. And since then I've been looking at them and wanting them, I think it's been a year now and I finally got 1 (or 2 depend on how you look at it).

I placed an order with Luts on 4/27 which was a Friday, which meant that even though my payment confirmed right away (like no more than 30 min after) the order won't be sent to the production till Monday. The waiting time is 35-45 business days, which was why I didn't expect the dolls before 2 months (because of the face-up too... that is another 14 days tacked onto the waiting pediod).

Surprised, surprised, we got the dolls less than a month later. :)

I ordered a Kid-Delf Hodoo and a Kid-Delf girl Bory.

They are adorable. I was afraid that I might not want them anymore once they got here, but hey, so far so good.

I learned to sew.. yeah... I didn't think I would but I did. Not so good at it right now, but I'll make it.. practice, baby, it's all about practice.

Gah! I've been so busy with BJD that I hardly do anything else, it's time to get back on the horses as they say.

April 20, 2009

new collection

I bought a small set of Sylvanian Families the other day.. it was Papa Boris' Garden set. I like small things, so Re-Ment, Sylvanian Familes (Calico Critters in the US I think) are right on target. :)

The mall nearby has a sale right now. You can get 3 or 4 levels shelves for $8 and $11 respectively. The outside of it is white, but the inside is either blue or pink. I wanted the blue, but there as no blue (or maybe I didn't see it) so I picked up 4 levels one, I might get more. Maybe I'll lay in on the side on top of my other shelves. Actually, the purpose of it was so I can have a place to put my dolls in and small things, because they occupied my other desk and I needed the space, last thing I really need is to knock one of them off the desk because I was getting stuff. They are a bit too expensive for that.

The size of each level was pretty good, even though it's not high enough for the doll to stand (it was a little under 12") But it's fine. I made a closet for it too, cause I need a place to hang up the doll clothes.

My sister just sold 1 and she's gonna go ship it out today.

She said she's gonna bring all her dolls (the one she might sell) and leave them all with me, because there seems to be problem everytime she said she gonna sell. It was weird.

I told her maybe they didn't wanna leave!!

Anyhow, I got stuff filled in on each shelves already, but things are subject to change. :)

Blogger's being a B yesterday, I couldn't get in, don't know why.

And when I finished the dolltrunk, I will start on a new layout for this and my site as well.. time to change.

April 02, 2009

been a while

Well, I've been away from blogging for a while. Maybe because I've been doing something else. :D

I've recently gotten a new phone. Only because the last one died. I'm not one to change phone often, because I like familiarity, I like to know what to do with what I have. Everytime I change cellphone, it usually takes me a little while I get use to it. This time is no different.

My last phone was iPaq,a pocket pc. It worked for me.. although I don't think I've used it to its full potential. :) I rarely even sync it to my comp.

At first I wanted to wait for iPhone, for the 3G to be ready in my area, but well, when I thought about it, what's the point. And since my phone died, I needed to get a new one..

And then came Omnia.

I've always liked Samsung, my very first phone was Samsung and it served me well, until the washing and drying took it. LOL. Then my second phone, also Samsung, and the third was also Samsung VGA1000. I loved that phone.

Even my fourth, until it was stolen, that is.

So, now it's Omnia, and so far, I liked it a lot. :) It's easy on the eye, the camera on it was 5megapixle. It sounds good, and well, not that complicate.

Also, my family's into Blythe recently as well. The damn doll is on the rage right now here. It's cute, but I won't spend fortune on it.

I have 5, 2 of which remained in boxes, 2 were second hand, and 1 was brand new, the only reason that the last one got taken out of the box because my nephew accidentally stepped on the box (I'd rather not think that my sister planned it so I would take the doll out... )

What I have ... Excellent Hollywood (only because she reminds me of Miranda Priestly from DWP, and I do love Meryl in that role) French Trench (another short hair girl) Dainty Biscuit (I'm not big on pink, but her eyes are gorgeous) Miss Sally Rice (well, her hair's blue!!) And my last My Little Candy (another gorgeous eyes colors.)

Also been making doll trunk for everyone else but me.

I've make 2 already, first one my aunt took..

And second one, my sister took..

Now I'm currently making a third one, which again, my sister called dip on it. This one holds 2 dolls. And a girlfriend of my cousin asked for 1, but she didn't get me material yet.

I used cardboard from a Microwave box for the first one... one large cardboard box was enough for the entire thing!

The second one was made from cardboard boxes also, 4 of them, from this healthy juice thing my mom ordered... they are small, so... still recycle!! (or was it upcycle?) Hardware I got from local hardware store, and some handmade paper to decorate.. not to shabby. :)

Also made the hangers too...

January 14, 2009

Belate, Happy New Year and all that

Wow, it's been a really long while.

I've been occupied with other things. Nothing really stand out, just a bunch of stuff.

Recently (well, it's been months) We decided that a wireless internet access is a good addition to the apartment/hotel thing we have. So, yeah, we talked for a while, mainly me and my aunt, since she's overseeing day-to-day things here. Quite a few guests were asking for it, already. So, we decided, yes, we'll get it.

First, the phone company was being an ass. I don't see why we couldn't get 2Mps speed when I can get it easy for personal use. They said they couldn't, my question was why, since it's not like they send us the wireless signal, but instead we got it through phoneline like in the house. What morons.

Anyhow... we set it up normally, though I have no idea if it was the way it usually done in building like this. But it's easy for me to get it done and maintain myself, so it'll have to do.

We got N1 Vision by Belkin because it has the strongest signal. Of course, that doesn't cover 5 floors, so after N1 is set up. I picked up range extender, also Belkin (easier to get them all the same brand, compatibility is key here)

I got the extender set up this morning. Worked well, when I figured out that the security didn't match on both.

Had to be WPA and TKIP, instead in N1 it was WPA+WPA2. Now I just have to hook it up on the 3rd floor and then maybe another one on the 4th and we're homefree.

Picked up a new Nintendo DS lite as well. A black one. I had N5DS before hand and whatever people review said, it did not give me any problem. At all.

Also got NDS Lite in white for my sister too.. and Kitty's case for it. Cost me a pretty penny, so she better appreciate that.

Now I'm addicted to it. I'm playing My Sims, Harvest Moon IoH, Animal Crossin : WW. Such a dork I am.