February 27, 2004

Ok, so I took a test, didn't do too bad, but not too good either.. I got my 3rd stripe either way, though I should've done better.. oh well.. Do better next time.. I lost it on my last 2 kata.. that was just horrid.. I mean, jeez.. and I had it, I knew I had it.. then it just 1 move that I forgot, make it all crumble.. At least that is done now.. and on to the next thing..

I got an e-mail from her and she said the same old thing.. like always, I didn't reply it because I didn't have anything to say, I mean, she wanted something to read.. and I don't have anything to show her.. so I figure I'll e-mail her back later.. then I went to bed.. and well, you guess it.. another e-mail waiting for me right the next morning, saying I hate her now and she's not gonna bother me again.


I'm suppose to jump when she says jump?? Is that how it work now? She couldn't bother to call me back, but I can't not reply to her e-mail as soon as I got it? What am I? A doormat??!!

This is just f**ked up!!!

February 23, 2004

Ok, I got to cram in 3 weeks worth of work into this week.. but I got my 1800 words paper done.. so I guess it's not that bad.. ( better than having to do both at the same time ) I have to do a quick drawing of skeleton.. so.. I better do that now..

Finished 'Seduced by Moonlight' I like Andais.. think she's cool.. :) Must be something about woman with power thing.. LOL.

February 19, 2004

More bruise people! More bruise..

Actually, I should've gotten use to it by now. :D

Got paper to get done.. I set my deadline on Friday, and I got about half of it written. I got 3 weeks worth of sketching and brainstorming to do this weekend.. Alphabet of the Random Objects.. for this damn project.. God I HATE SS.. Unorganized.. hard to find advisor.. this sucks!! I don't even know why they bother with this, I mean it seems like they couldn't make it work, they didn't wanna do the work, not really, but they demand we do 20 hours worth of work for each week, but we went look for them and none, nah-dah, zip.. couldn't find them anywhere.. Not even worth the time spent. I wanna get this done already.

Ok, so she e-mailed me, ask when I'm going to call.. well, I DID call, but she put me on hold.. telling me it's a bad time and call back.. and the same thing.. on and on and on.. and I'm suppose to keep trying? Like I got nothing better to do with my time.. the time that I barely have to begin with. Man.. I'm getting tired of this. The complete different tone in e-mail and actual conversation, but then I should know better already.

Shame on me, I guess.

February 16, 2004

It's been an ok week... I have bruises to show for for everyday of last week.. Monday just below my ring and pinkie there's a bruise.. Tue.. on my wrist, Wed.. above my index finger from getting bent backward so hard. Thur on my arm.. all on the right.. :) and grand finale.. friday.. a cut on my right eyelid.. Think I got a theme going on.. LOL..

Tomorrow i'll have to work my ass off to get assignment for Web3 done. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

February 13, 2004

I don't feel so good.. argggg...

Had really weird dream last night.. about me.. and a few friends, they were I guess gonna go swimming or something and I didn't want to, but we were standing at the ledge water up to our waists and one of my friend had to get by me.. so I ducked and she tried to step behind me, I slipped.. fell right in.. and it was like it won't stop and I couldn't see the bottom.. then I kicked something and came back up..

Then I woke up.

Weird.. I don't like it.

Then it was a bunch of other stuff..


Work tomorrow.. bed now..

Oh wait!

Cin : So your keyboard is fine.. good.. :) I got a few more ED and SMG layouts, I just never upload it onto the site.. it was kept as a screenshot for my own record.. I'll show 'em to you though if you want.

February 11, 2004

I'm playing with images, texture and brushes right now.. one of those things. I'm just trying to find out what works for me and what doesn't. Got B/F wallpapers out of it.. so.. I guess it's a good thing.. LOL.. They are so cute together.

Cin : Yeah, I remembered you mention something about dead keyboard, did you get it replace?

February 06, 2004

I'm finished with 'Sybil.'

SB said that I'm beyond her understanding, but Psy thinks the world of me.. ummmmmmmmmm.. hehehe..

I'm just weird like that.

Elphie : Glad I could be of help. I order the book instead of going out to get it at the bookstore, don't ask me why.. cause I don't know. LOL.. Should get here in a couple of days. I was just thinking it'll be in by the time I'm done with 'Sybil' but well, that book is done. Very interesting, the insight to the MPD. 11 years.

Shower now.. card in a few.

February 04, 2004

Reading : Sybil

I'm not going to that gallery opening.. I saw no point in driving 30 min to school and then stay for maybe 30 min to an hour listening to someone talk, then hual ass back to the dojo.. no fun.

I should get back to the book, getting interesting.. I'll probably finish it tonight.. LOL.. in the mean time I should finish up that proposal and also the writing for tomorrow and the 2 paragraphs for Web3. Tonight.. I will.

Laurell K. Hamilton's new book is OUT!!!!! Seduced by Moonlight, a Merry Gentry series. In case someone interested.

February 03, 2004

I'm suppose to be writing something for my Web 3 class.. but well, I forgot what exactly that was and I couldn't get to my teacher's website to check on the assignment, so I'm flying blind basically. I just need to have something to show for tomorrow.. grrrrrrrrrrr...

Finally, I post second part of Frail.. man, I'm not gonna have that much time to write till the weekend.. which gonna suck.. but whatever. I better get back to that assignment.