July 30, 2005

Watching : The Gathering

I've been carrying this spiral notebook ( the cover was hard so it was ok to be tossed around ) the cover was purple which I don't like but since it's gonna be taking some abuse I didn't care. I might feel like I shouldn't be doing that if it was other color, say blue for example. I've also tucked a fountain pen into the spine so I can find something to write with.

So... I got this idea when I thought of a novel that is base on 'Beauty and the Beast' story (not disney) and then I thought of Sleeping Beauty and I got an idea of a new Uber for Fuffy... yeah.. Sleeping Beauty. I wrote a page or so of it and then I stopped to write down some guildline for me.. a plot so I won't get all frustrated at the end. I think I got it now, a bare bone guildline for the story.. :) So next.. I'll be writing and posting it in parts.. I guess I'll do chapter thing this time. :)

It feels kinda good to be doing something creative after not having the time or the energy to do them for so long. I got Neverwinter Nights and well, slowly playing it, I'm not familiar with D&D and not really proficient with RPG games... as long as I don't get headache playing, I'll move on to the next game.. :) Just building up some tolerance here.

Well, bed now, cause I should watch the movie when I left it on.

July 23, 2005

Watching : Man of the House

I finished with Post Mortem the day before and well, I'm looking to get the next book, I think I spend more money on Manga, books, movies than I do anything else. I recently got the entire series of Chobits in a boxset (manga not the anime) and I got Pitaten from 1-4, and I'm gonna have to go back to get the rest, in the interest of getting a complete series. God Child is finished and I still don't know where am I gonna get the entire thing. I kept asking and they kept saying that they don't know if they can find it for me. And there's also the confusion of different title to each part while they all are the same series.

I'm gonna use the 'Brand' bottle ( chicken essence ) for glass etching, the bottle is about 2" high and the area I can etch is about 1.5" I already got the sticker on and cut out a 'B' for Buffy now I'm working the mechanic of etching a glass bottle out in my head. Do I wanna cover the rest of the area up and then dip the bottle into the acid or do I wanna just set the bottle over some clay and then make a wall surround the area and pour the acid into it. I guess I'll do the later cause it'll be less work that way. Now if I only can find the damn clay!

Well, off to see the rest to the movie and get the dogs in...

July 21, 2005

Reading : Post Mortem [ Patricia Cornwell ]

I finsihed HP: tHBP the death of the character surprised me.. although I can see how it would set up the last book, from here on it'll be even more difficult for Harry, I can't wait to see the last installment of the series. And it'll be another year.. HA!

I got the book through a bookstore here there are a few chain store that would sell them in English, what I didn't like was that I got the British one, they got 2 covers for the book, they didn't even ask which one I wanted.. I opted for the child's cover cause my other ones were. But I would really like American's version of it. Apparently my aunt got me a copy too.. so it's cool, if not I can always cough up another 750 and get another copy.. which I'm incline to do just for collection purposes.

So, now, back to a new layout, I ought to upload it tonight..

July 13, 2005

I haven't blog anything lately because I'm doing a new layout for the blog and this one feature Gizmo just when he was clear, which is a rare thing seeing how he likes to go stomping in the fish pond. I'm sure some Koi fishes of ours died of heartattack at this furry dog suddenly landed near them.. poor fishies.

anyhow it's almost done and so, you'll see.

Hey Cin, ya playing Guild War with G too?? I'm looking into it, I'm not sure if it's gonna release here anytime soon.. if not I might have my aunt send me a copy... it'll really suck if I can't get one.. maybe I should ask my cousin about it. ummm... My brother is into that Raknarok game... I never was all taken with games, but there are some I would play just to see how it is. Maybe I'll enjoy this one.

July 03, 2005

I went to see War of the World today and well, got the seat that was a little too close to the screen for my liking. I usually don't go to the movie on weekend as a rule, due to the fact that I don't like dealing with a lot of people and the price is always higher than weekday. I like spending less and deal with less people, better seat and just generally less things to be annoyed about.. call me antisocial.

Got new book, A Scarpetta Novel : Trace on Sat and I read some of it already. I should've started from the beginning, except I don't know which is the beginning. I read Cruel and Unusually before this and Trace is the latest and I found that even though the books can be read separately the events in the story are continuation and not in a small way. Thus I missed a lot of background info that I need to understand a lot of things.. I guess going back and start from the beginning will be a good idea. But I am lack of fund right now I have to watch what I spend, since I spent a little too much last month. I don't wanna be asking for more money even though I certainly can.

I'm slacking off at the store, but I do feel kinda burn out which is suck majory. It's like I don't have time for anything else anymore. Man, I miss the good old day.

Now I'm looking forward to see Fantastic Four although I don't like Jessica Alba. I don't think she's particularly good in a role of tough girl, she just doesn't look that way to me. I never bother with Dark Angel while it was on air. Anyhow, I can't wait for the next HP, only 12 days away.

Next movie of SMG Southern Tale oh yeah, I really can't wait to see her on big screen. Me think she's adorable and she's great in her role..