June 20, 2007

So... been a while that I get the chance to blog. :)

Let's see... my desktop and laptop went boom at the same time, thus I was without internet access for well, over a week. Drove me up the wall, let me tell you.

To top that off, I lost all my bookmarks and e-mail address, not to mention all my musics and movies, and anime. Luckily I kept the ones I wanna keep on dvd and the external harddrive, or I would've hung myself already.

Um... Mai Otome came out to vol. 7 on dvd, and I'm still waiting on the rest, over a week ago, I picked up a set of seat& headrest cover, neck pillows and safety belt cover for my car (well, after my nephew threw up his milk on my car, I learned my lesson.. better have something that I can take out and wash than having to scrub the damn seat) they are in brown with Baby Taz on them. :) I actually wanna get the one with Garfield, but well they are in yellow, too easy to get dirt on. Nothing in navy blue, or I would've gotten them already, so at the moment deep brown is the best choice for me.

Maybe I'll take a picture so I can show how much of a dork I am.

My friend from way back in high school past away on Friday night, thus I went to the funeral on Saturday, and the last day is tomorrow. So I'll go again. Very surprising really, I mean, of all things, to go in your sleep... oh well, it should mean that she was in no pain. Her funeral looked like a reunion, a bunch of us showed up and well, naturally we chatted, and got a little loud.

On the other note, I am sick, the funeral and me aren't on a very good term, really, I got sick the last time I went, and I didn't even stay long. I took my med and now I should get my ass in bed.

June 06, 2007

Watching : Criminal Minds

I finally got the dvd for Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie, Angelic Layer vol. 3 (which I've been trying to get but they never seemed to have in stock)

I want Copycat maybe I'll order it.

Finally my laptop is back, I guess I'll have to get a new one soon, just not now, my mom said. At least I can write at the store now. :)

As for the comment about Different Light, (not sure if you are the same person that sent me e-mail earlier, if you are well, I e-mail back! LOL) I lost a good chunk of what I've been writing with my hard drive, basically what I have left is what I had posted before. Which is, well, just put me right back at square one. I'm trying to write though, I haven't been able to lately, too many things going on. But I promise to try.

June 02, 2007

Mai Otome Zwei 3 is out!!!


I've been waiting for that.

Well, I've been without the comp for a week, the entire week!!! That's the longest ever!!! Anyway, I got the thing upgrade, since the harddrive blew up on me (not literary) so I increased the ram changed the harddrive changed mainboard (basically a new cpu) Well, so now I'm waiting for my laptop to come back.

Anyhow, so I got bunch to look at after I got it back not to mention that I need to get back most of my links. I've learned to backup these things now. Just in case.

At least I'm back...