November 23, 2009

saw new moon...

I saw the movie, all I can say is, I want my money back, and my time.

I'm glad I don't bother with the book, since a cousin of mine read it and say it's pretty much like the movie.

KStew looks no better. Half of the movie she looked like she's high on something. As for Bella, the girl needs to get over herself. Her maturity level is well.. questionable. Selfish little bitch, I'd say let her die.

Edward claimed to be 109 but his mental age didn't seem to go over 17.


Jacob is the only person in the entire movie that is sympathetic, and level head, and mature. He's the only person I felt bad for. He could do much better than Bella, much much better.

The couple raised my heckle.

I couldn't stop rolling my eyes the entire movie, it's tiring. My roast beef sandwich interested me more.

November 13, 2009

new shiny glass eyes

Once again I joined Group Order, and again, it was Dollmore. This time I decided that I was gonna get a couple pair of glass eyes, I mean, hey, if I don't like it, then I can just resell it, no big deal.

Once the eyes got here, I found that the colors were slightly different, but not in the bad way.

Jaime (CH Ange-Ai Hani) has such small eyes, in comparison to Chuck (which is a Luts Honey-Delf Lolly)I noticed that CH Ange-Ai has small eyes, made the original glass eyes that came with her useless.. they were pale purple, and when they were in her head, you just could not see the color at all, unless you shine the light directly into her face. It wasn't pretty.

The new color I got her was Aqua blue, it was quite nice. I liked it. I have a thing for blue eyes, anyway, so if I buy more eyes they will probably all be blue. Last time I bought a pair of Cobalt Blue and Red acrylic eyes, they were Glib, they were really nice. My sister took the red pair (although I sorta intended it for Dillon, he had gray eyes on him already, it was close enough to blue that I thought what the hack, give him a pair of red.) Now Alice spotted a pair of red eyes.

This time I also order a pair of blue special Dollmore eyes for him they has swirly pattern in side the iris. I still didn't change his eyes though, I do like Glib cobalt blue that I got him, so I'll let him have them in for now, once I feel like tinkering with the eyes positioning, then I'll change them out, no big deal.

Since all the Luts doll we got came with green acrylic, all of them. Now I have 3 pairs of green eyes (2 16mm. 1 14mm.) Now that they weren't nice, but they were pretty dark, so now I changed out the green acrylic from Chuck and put in the pale purple instead, they look really good with her, since she has such big eyes to begin with.

I was looking through some Mystic eyes, and some Kanis, maybe... maybe.. Mystic were nice, but they take really long.. at least 8 weeks for $55 a pair. Though I really like the ones that Tanya has for her MSD boy Moji, they were gorgeous, she said it was Mystic and they were $70 a pop, and 6 months wait.

I do not have the patience.

And the wait was after the preorder period.

Apparenly Luts is releasing 2 more Kid-Delf... man and I planned to get Lemon, too. I wanna get 2 more MSD girls, or just one, but gotta be girl. I had my eye on Lishe minifee, but who knew. They were only tentative plan. LOL.

My back hurts, off to bed I go.