June 14, 2009

new hobby

Yes, I got a new thing to be obsessed over. BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll) I've been wanting it for the longest time.. Actually I saw it just a bit after my friend showed me some Blythe's picture, I found the first photo of BJD on Flickr.com I think. And since then I've been looking at them and wanting them, I think it's been a year now and I finally got 1 (or 2 depend on how you look at it).

I placed an order with Luts on 4/27 which was a Friday, which meant that even though my payment confirmed right away (like no more than 30 min after) the order won't be sent to the production till Monday. The waiting time is 35-45 business days, which was why I didn't expect the dolls before 2 months (because of the face-up too... that is another 14 days tacked onto the waiting pediod).

Surprised, surprised, we got the dolls less than a month later. :)

I ordered a Kid-Delf Hodoo and a Kid-Delf girl Bory.

They are adorable. I was afraid that I might not want them anymore once they got here, but hey, so far so good.

I learned to sew.. yeah... I didn't think I would but I did. Not so good at it right now, but I'll make it.. practice, baby, it's all about practice.

Gah! I've been so busy with BJD that I hardly do anything else, it's time to get back on the horses as they say.