April 24, 2008

my dvd shelves last (finally)

my dvd shelves last (finally)
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The carpenter's recently delivered 5 bookshelves to us (me, because they are really mine) They were more of cabinets than shelves, really, because I ordered them with sliding doors (want glass at first, but we got kids in the house, so... last thing I need is broken glass everywhere).

Once they came and put in the locks for me, I slowly moved all my Japanese manga that I collected out to the cabinets. (they were made to my specification, only wide enough and deep enough for me to double stack the manga, and high enough to have a little space on top of the books.) And so, I freed up space in my room.

Previously, my DVD were haphazardly stacked, since most of the space on the shelves that I have were occupied by the manga. I can arranged them now, except to put them in stacks on top of another stacks on top of another stacks.. just the thought of looking for one of the DVD that I don't watch on regular basis by removing the rest of the DVD out... Not fun, not fun at all.

So I came up with an idea, if I could find boxes that's fit DVD and deep enough for the shelves, then I can arrange it for an easy finding. So, I went to look for some.

No such luck, nothing fit my need. Nothing.

Last option, make it myself.

Well, DIY, is something I do all the time. And since I don't need them done in wood or anything, I took out my stash of white plastic corrugated board and made a prototype.

The prototype held 30 DVD at 8" wide and 5" high 17" deep.

Once that work, I went and got 6 large sheets of clear plastic corrugated board and made 9 of them, but this time at 18" deep... and so each box held 30+ DVD, 3 shelves, with 3 boxes each, I can now have 270+ DVD with east reach and easy to look through.

It's still too plain, so I satisfied my itchy fingers by making some sort of illustration on it..

Several days and seveal conversations with a friend (she's a one woman cheering team) I settled on one of my all time favorite character Jack Skellington (yay for Tim Burton). I measured, slice, printed, and measure again.

And finally I got this.

April 10, 2008

Watching : Stardust, and website that need to get done...

I picked up a copy of Stardust the other night, because I liked the movie, a lot. DeNero was awesome as cross dressing pirate. It was fun, and made me feel good. Michelle Pfeiffer was good too, it's been a while that I saw her in the movie at all.

Speaking of movie that made me feel good, I kept watching Imagine Me and You. I think Lena Headey is becoming one of my favorite now. Her role as Sarah Connor was awesome, I mean, Linda Hamilton was good in the movie, but Lena was WOW! Sizzle, and add Cameron to that equation... yup.

So, Imagine Me and You made me happy, especially when we are up to our neck in sh*t.

Oh well, we'll get through it.

I'm making a website for a friend of mine's Professor. Good thing that he wasn't in the hurry, and he knew that my father passed away, so he told me, through her, that it was ok, that I don't need to worry about it. But I'm finalizing it now, so I can start slicing and dicing.

As for the info inside, my friend should be over in a couple of days and we'll sort through it then. As long as the layout is done, we should be all right to go ahead and add text.

My brother asked for me to install game on Phobos (the laptop) I did, and so he should be coming into the store more often now, seeing how he went out and bought the controller to play it with. Hopefully, this won't add too much crap onto my machine. I guess I just have to keep checking and cleaning.

And on that note, I just did a little clean up on my uncle's pc as well. I told him to use Firefox, since it'll help with the popup and stuff. Also just updated his Spybot too. Hopefully I get some time to check his machine for more junk later.

I wanna get LG slim drive, the DVD-RW external drive, cause they have lightscribe. For some reason I really want it. I guess it's for that DVD or cd I made for keep. You know... Series I made into DVD and wanna keep and stuff. Like Poltergeist : The Legacy, when will they release that into DVD I'll never know.

A few more days and it'll be Thai's New Year and so, we'll get a little time off, I wish I could go out of town with my uncle, but it's a bust again this year. Man, I feel like being locked up, but hey, not much we can do, is there.

April 08, 2008

Trouble surfacing, bored out of my mind, wanting another toy

Well, things aren't all settled yet. So, we do have some trouble with the bank account and stuff. Man, it'll be a while yet, before my mother was clear to take care of everything (in the legal sense) *sigh*

Not much we can do about that, so it's a waiting game right now. I should really go after some people now. Really, I should.

Maybe I should stick my father after them. Ummmmmmm.. there's a thought.

I recently started watching Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I like Lena Headey (despite the fact that I saw her before and paid absolutely no attention to her) and Summer Glau. My friend asked if I like older woman (in her case, she meant old like mom's old) I said no, I like smart, strong and capable woman, there's a difference.
Anyhow, so I finally got to see Imagine Me&You as well.

Not that I have all that high expectation of the movie, I'm not one for romantic comedy anyway. But I like this one. It's my feel good movie now, especially the fact that it has happy ending.

So often we watch movies with lesbian character and then boom at the end they never get the girl. So, this one is gold. Lena was cute. (unlike her in Sarah character, that one can kick ass and take name all the way till the cow comes home)

In the midst of all the crap that came after the funeral, this was one little refuge for me.

Back to the crappy relative, these people makes you wanna gauge your eye out with a rusty spoon. One in particular, she's my dad's cousin that he used to help her out and get her started on the current occupation that she has now. Well, ok, she loves my father, good. But she acted as if she's done everything for him. If that's true, then why wait for my mother to order to medication, instead of just go ahead and do it herself?

Because the med cost $4,000. That's why.

Well, she has the money, so why wait for us to do it, since she loves my father so much. What a hypocrite. Then she has the audacity to tell my mother that she was not family. If my mother isn't family then she's a stranger.

With all the talks, you'd think she paid for everything when it's not true, we paid for everything, hospital bills, funeral and other miscellaneous stuff.

Narrow minded, petty, hypocritical, and to top that off, she's also very much self-center and self absorb.

So, after this, we're not going to ever contact her ever again.

I guess one good thing out of this, is that we know who we can count on and who we can trust.

Funny, people has opinion of how to treat him, when the doctor said that there's nothing they can do for him, other than treating him according to symptoms. But of course, we should do more, keep him with us longer. Why? So he could suffer more? And the medication, they said you should try, he worked so hard all his life, this is nothing.

Yeah, right.

The med did nothing, it didn't help, we knew this, the doc knew this. Even he, himself knew this. We tried anyway, because my mother didn't want them to all bitching behind her back about how we didn't do all we could for him.


I don't see anyone coming up with the money for anything.

I should calm down now, because it's over and done with.

But I am not the one to forget easily. Doesn't matter what happen from now on, I'll always remember what they did.

Because I'm a bitch like that.

April 02, 2008

Finally, finally, finally....

The funeral is over and done with, now we are waiting for 100 days and then we're bringing the ashes and scatter it in the sea (I think, maybe we're taking the boat out, maybe, nothing is set in stone yet.) And we are finally being left alone, for the most part, which is a good thing, because I had about all I can handle of running around and seeing so many people that had so many things to say, and none that I wanna hear.

I prefer being left alone and deal with our own mess than having people's noses in our business. If I need help, I'll ask for it. Now we are starting to find out how much of a mess my father had made. I think my mother would definitely drag him out to smack him around if she could.

Enough of that though, what ever gonna happen will happen. Nothing we can do about it but deal when the time comes.

Finally all my bookshelves were delivered today, and instead of calling me so I know they were coming, so I can take a look and see if they were all to my order, noooooooo... I found out when I got home that they didn't put the locks on for me. So, I'll have to call them over again to take care of that. This gonna suck, I just knew.

I moved some of my manga out to the shelves already, but I'm not sure if it was a good idea, after all, we have 3 small kids in the house, last thing I need is for one of them to start dragging my manga out. If it happened whoever babysit at the time is a dead meat.

Gina is back! And I'm very happy about that, I've been wondering what happen to her, but now she's back and sounds like she's doing well. I think I'm gonna get back to drawing and photo manip and stuff now, maybe that'll help me along in my writing too, since it's been rather slow lately.

But then with all the shit that's been going on, can you blame me?

Anyhow, tomorrow is another day and I got some cleaning to do, most of the manga and small paperbacks will be in the new shelves, probably gonna move little by little, besides I wanna know when they are coming to put in the locks, because I don't wanna risk it.