August 26, 2010

new phone and trouble with MMS

Ever since I got the Galaxy S, (really I should give it a name by now) I've been having trouble with 1 thing.. One fucking thing.. MMS.

Usually I take a lot of photo.. nothing spectacular, just dolls, stuffs, and random things. And I send MMS to my sister and my friends. So now with Galaxy S there're extra steps and such to go through and I went to the store that I bought it from so they can set it for me. I was too lazy to do it myself by that point.

The girl there set it and then sent MMS to herself from my phone and it went through fine!! She sent it twice and then 1 more to another guy there, and they all went through. (Though I don't know why she picked Tabrett photo to send. 'Cause it's in a different folder than well... Gizmo's photo.) Then I came home and tried sending some to my sister.. nothing.. nah, duh, nope.

I'm thinking that it's because her phone has a limit to how big the MMS can get.. and unfortunately Galaxy S probably send a bigger MMS than she could take.. thus the inability to send. (or rather received)

So I loaded Handcent app and tried sending MMS from there, at first I wasn't sure, but then I sent one to my cousin and he got it.. so Handcent works for me, for now. So I'm using that as my default messaging. Less thing to aggravate me.

Some things are just gonna nag me until I know I can use it when I want even if I never gonna use it. I just have to know that it will work when I want it to. Weird... Anyhow.. now the I'm happy. I'll be happier if I can get fanfic to read. Cara/Kahlan anyone??

August 11, 2010

new phone Galaxy S

I got Samsung Galaxy S the night before last night, and it's all unintentional.

I went to dinner with my sister, she wanted to go have a burger at Dairy Queen, and so I went with her. Afterward we were going for a moji (moji-ice cream thing) and we walked by Samsung store, I was telling her how they don't have this model in, I have to order it and well, I wasn't going to get a new phone right now so I didn't.

Then we went by another store, which I told her about the time I went inside with our cousin and how they simply ignored me, (yeah, can you believe this shit?) even when I asked the price of Ipad. Come on... buy or not I'm still a potential customer, you don't ignore customer! The sale person couldn't even bother to look up from whatever she was doing, it was rude.

Then we went into another store. They have a model, so my sister immediately asked if they have the actual one in as well. The sale guy replied that they do. Although I still have to put down a deposit if I want one and I can pick it up the next day (the one they have was for another customer) but then another sale spoke up and told me that I can have that one, because the customer won't be picking it up that night (it was late after all) My sister immediately said yeah, I was like... okay... I don't have cash with me, but credit card was going to charged me another 3%. Being an annoyingly lovable sister that my sis was, she immediately called her bf, and told him to bring the cash.

Long story short, I got the phone without intending to.

Well, I don't regret it, though, I love the screen, it's gorgeous, and well, I would've gotten it sooner or later. So, now I'm familiarize myself with the new phone.. good thing is, I can just sync the contact and calendar with gmail and stuff.. although I don't use g-mail.

Last night I had a hell of a time trying to figure out why I cannot open the thing as mass storage. No one ever mention that I have to mount it from the setting before I try to mount it on my pc... what a pain. But in the end I got it, so no biggie.

Now I have to go make a banner for Tabrett Bethell's Film site that Necros was doing.

August 04, 2010


Well, it is now August, and damn it a lot of things just don't work the way it supposed to.

The new ISP didn't work out, so I decided to cancel it. I have to pay for the cancellation, of course, but last week I was staring at the abysmal downloading rate and I had a migraine so I knew, I can't stand this for another month, despite the fact that I only had it for less than a month.

I checked a different one and they can get me started in 7 days, so then it's off to new one we go.. I won't ever be without, though, since I can just leech off of the apartment in the mean time, if it didn't work out the way I plan.

My laptop died.

Oh yeah, perfect timing really.

It just suddenly up and died. So, I bought a new one, this one is Asus, with core i5 and I had them changed the RAM to 4gb. With 1gb for vid card. This one will last me a while. Well, the last one did too. The the wireless mouse at home was almost gone, and since I got it in a set of keyboard+mouse, I decided to just get a new set. This the new Logitech mk710.

Problem is, the scroll wheel was so quick and the buttons so sensitive, I'm having a hell of a time trying to lighten my touch. I'll get use to it, it'll just take a while. But the keyboard was better, though. It's not sticky like the last one.

As for the perfectly working keyboard and the slightly died mouse, I gave to my cousin, which I gave him the extra mouse I got with the laptop so together he'll have a perfectly working set. LOL.

As for the old Acer, well, when it got to the tech it came back to life! It was so weird, but anyhow, I just gave that to them as well. Don't know how long it's gonna last, but well, they can use it in the mean time. Waste not want not, right.

I'm back to writing again, but this time it's Legend of the Seekr, Cara/Kahlan (Calan) Working on it, I have to get back into the swing of things.

Ok, off to do the layout for the new Tabrett Bethell's Film blog.

Oh and Tabrett Bethell had just gotten a Best Actress for 'Anyone You Want' in Manhattan Film Fest.

The woman is awesome and smokin' hot.