October 29, 2007

I've decided that I'm going to make the Dragon from The Tale of Earthsea over again.

Since the page I got it from scanned the template from the book, I wasn't sure of the sizes, and if they are all in the correct proportion, because my first one I ran into that problem, the scale won't fit over the tale, so if they don't fit the tail, then the rest won't make any different, so I'm making it over again, and this time I'll fit it first before I glue it in.

So, tonight I'm gonna do the menu, as much as I could and then I'll start with the r/c illu of my friend's, but I'll have to get a hold of her first, cause I'm not sure of the size. Otherwise I would've started it awhile back.

Then after that, I'll go back to the dragon.

Quote I really liked today :

'Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that the dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.' G.K. Chesterton

October 28, 2007

Wedding was yesterday.

My friend's wedding was yesterday, and well, I was the driver. Man, it's like going to the middle of nowhere. The drive was long and none of us really knows the way, so that just made it worse. Other than the really, really, really long drive.

We got lost, and also the wrong turns, we missed one turn, and then we turned at the wrong left, before we got to the place.

It was not my fault!!

I was just a driver.

The backseat drivers should be smacked for those turn, I was trying to watch the road, they were suppose to tell me which turn. And more often than not they told me too late.

Once we got there, the foods were slow in coming and then we left at the end, and then I was till the driver, but this time we went through town, they should've just letting me go that way in the first place, since it was nothing but straight drive (not that I am). We got home about 11:30pm.

My right leg was killing me afterwards, I hate driving long distances. It's not fun. Especially when you don't know where the hell you were going.

On a more uplifting note, Women's Murder Club...

Lindsay said to Cindy, if we are going to be in a relationship then there are ground rules. (relationship!??) Man, more and more subtext slipping through those lips of hers every episode. Grrrrrrrrr..

Makes me happy though.

October 25, 2007

Done with Cryptex.

I found a site (through another site) it's a papercraft site with a Cryptex!

It was awesome, I mean, to design that and it actually make sense and work (with a set password and stuff) Took me about a week, because I started with the key (that's what the guy called it, it's the piece that has the top and the core) one night and then the next night I did the second key (a piece with the bottom which has the 'lock') then I had to make 5 dials. So, I did that one per night. Because my neck was killing me and I think I can cut a relatively round circle with an X-acto knife and freehand now.

And well, here is my piece. I'm quite proud of it. Now if only I could finish that damn dragon!

Speaking of dragon, I'm still looking for a suitable one so I can cut onto a vinyl sticker and put on my laptop as a decor. :) I think that picture from the book Dragonhenge will make a good starting point, but well, I still have other things to do before that.

And a menu too.

Today I bought a new journal, it is pretty good with leather cover and very nice and thick handmade paper. I'm happy with it, finally, I rarely find a good one that I like, so this is good. I mean I can draw on this, pencil, pen and ink, watercolor. Not that I would do watercolor, I'm just too lazy to clean up afterward, so it's either pen and ink or most likely pencil. I think the reason I never pick up watercolor or oil or acrylic painting because of that, the fact that I will have to clean up. Just not very appealing to me. That and I never get a proper introduction to them. Oh well, someday, when I have more time, I guess, as of now I'll stick to what I know, mostly.

Cin!! Well, I have to see if there's anything going on in Dec, what's the date of the competition?
Maybe I can take a drive out, but I won't know for sure.
My friend's wedding is on Saturday.

We went for seafood on Tuesday, my friend's dad was driving, and her mother went too, his truck was a half-cap, so there were her parents, 2, my friend and her sister, 2, me, a kid from the office and her sister's friend, there were 7 in total, at first my friend sat in the back, and then well, it rain!

So, she moved inside and the poor kid had to sit by himself in the back, good thing it didn't rain for long, or hard. So, we got there, the four of use stuffed into the back like a tuna in a can. LOL.

When we got there, we ate, and ate... and well.. ate.

Shrimp, mostly, shrimp 3kg. of it.

Soft-shell crabs, clams, squids. So fresh they were still swimming when we picked them out.

It was great!! With our hands, no spoon, or fork!

So, on the way back, all 5 of us were sitting in the truck bed. LOL... It was an hour ride (more or less) by the time we got back, my face was numb from the wide and hair. It was fun, though. She said we'll do it again in, maybe, two months. :)

I hope another friend could join us, actually, if she came with us, we would've brought another car. Which would be mine.

Well, I'll be driving on Saturday, anyhow, hopefully we won't get lost.

They are mostly all married now, what am I gonna do?!?!

Well, good for them, and good for me!


I do not wanna get married, the thought of having to share everything with someone irks me. I cannot, as I've found, be reasonable with my space. I can't even imagine sharing a computer. LOL..

I'm just that bad.

October 21, 2007

I was watching the new ep of Women's Murder Club.

Man, I smell fanfiction potential. LOL.

I had to listen twice, the scene when Cindy told Lindsay that she would miss her if she (Cindy) wasn't around (and I thought there was a little pout too!) And then Lindsay replied, give me a chance to find out.

Also another one was when Cindy said that she's a report and a cop has to answer to the public, before Lindsay gave her a little info, then she said that if she sees the info she gave her in the papers then she (Cindy) gonna have to answer to her, which is so much worst than the public. (ummmmmm.... I can see some kinky story for this one)
Man, her voice!


I found a site (Glue2 Chronicle) that has Cryptex papermodel last night. I was making it, well, not done yet, since I have to be more careful about it, I did the first and second key and I have to do the dial (there're 5 of them)

Maybe it'll come out ok, I don't know.

I've been doing a lot of papermodel lately, I just feel like doing something with my hands. I'm gonna have to do R/C illustration for a friend of mine, probably start tonight, I think it'll be 24"x24" it's probably gonna take about 9 pieces, (or maybe I'll make 'em in smaller square, then it'll double the amount and so, it'll be fun (for me to watch) for them to figure it out. :) Because some of them won't have more than a few black lines.

I'm gonna do a new layout for the blog too, I have AJ Cook, and it's half way done already. I'm thinking about background, I think I'm gonna keep it simple.

Well, so far my Olympus FE-280 works great! I took picture in the dark (the only light in the room was a lamp on my desk) and I could barely see my dog and the pic came out really good. No blur, and I can see the details clearly.

After I bought the camera, I went to Amazon.com and look up the review. I actually didn't mean to, really, since I bought it already and it doesn't really help anything since I can't return it. But the first review was pretty bad, the guy said that it doesn't work the way it was advertised, that the point and shoot doesn't shoot and he took the photo at the party, nothing came out clear. Took forever for it to take the photo even though the flash went off several seconds before. He said he's gonna return it and get a new Sony instead.

Make me feel bad, damn it.

I've always liked Olympus, my previous cameras were Olympus, so, this made me regret getting it, a little. But then I compared that to my own experience, and found that it wasn't like the guy's review, the cam took less than 2 seconds to turn on completely. (I cound 1-2 and the LCD came on and the cam was ready) All the photo I took came out good, no blur at all, even though I was taking a photo of my little nephew.

And you know how babies are, they never stay still for a second.

I took pictures of my dogs and they came out good. Just point'n shoot.

Then I found a second review that agreed with me, afterward. :)

So far I liked it, a lot. So, in the end, I guess that is all that matters.

I got some pictures of my newly arrived order.

1. Season 1&2 of Supernatural
2. Season 2 of Criminal Minds
3. Music of the Heart
4. ... First Do No Harm
5. Fist Wives Club

I'll get them here later.

October 16, 2007

New show to follow.

I sorta stumbled upon a new drama 'Women's Murder Club' it's really an accident, because I wouldn't have watch it otherwise. And surprise, surprise! Angie Harmon. I was kind of glad that I watched, :) and she played a cop!! I liked her in Law and Order, but I think I'll like her as a cop more. So far so good. (well, it's been only 1 ep) And it has serial killer, so it's even better, I like on going story line as well as the end in 1 ep ones. :) Something to look forward to.

Like I don't have enough to watch already. I finally finished with the Nodame Cantabile Live Action, my friend should be picking it up soon, and as for watching, I'm not sure if I will have the chance.

Lately, my mother's been monopolizing my Iomega Screenplay during the night, she's been watching A Haunting on it. I did want to order it for her, but apparently the DVD was not well made at all, the narration wasn't there. In my opinion the narration makes all the different. Without it, it wouldn't be as good.

I've been reading a lot of The Devil Wears Prada fanfiction a lot. And well, I think I have Mirandy on the brain!

I'm trying to write more though, I'm thinking that if I at least keep a notebook near me I will probably be more productive. Well, the D.I.Y Planner is a good place for looking for DIY planner, found a few templates that would work well, but I also have lots of notebooks around anyway, so, I probably will try both ways and see how it goes.

October 13, 2007

My new toy tonight...

I needed a new camera, well, I lost mine for years now and I've been using my mother's little Nikon, which for some reason doesn't work anymore. I don't think I dropped it (or I would've remembered) but I can't really be sure since my backpack wasn't in my possession several times last week. (my mother was holding it for me, and well, if she tossed it on the floor, I wouldn't have known that)

So I finally decided that I'd get one for me... I saw a commercial for Panasonic Lumix on TV several times and I thought, cool! It looked nice on TV, but when I saw the actually camera I didn't feel that 'thing' that make me wanna buy it. I don't know. It just didn't do it for me. Then I saw the Olympus one. I liked Olympus and it looked pretty good and pretty small, enough to tug into smaller pocket of my backpack and not being a bother. And so I decided to get it.. it cost me about $233. I figure, whether I buy it now or a week after, it'll still cost me, so despite the fact that I just ordered several things from amazon.com I just put it on the card.

I didn't get the pic of the actual camera because of the obvious reason. :)

I ordered several things this month (I hadn't ordered anything in several months now, to minimize the shipping, I would keep a list and put them in one order) This time I got...

1. Supernatural season 1&2
2. Criminal Minds season 2
3. Music of the Heart (because it's Meryl Streep and I'm on Meryl Streep kick right now)
4. ... First Do No Harm (and Meryl Streep)
5. The Fist Wives Club (because I wanna see Bette Midler)
6. The Harlequin Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series #15

The package should get here by next week (the estimate was between the Oct 25 and Nov 5) Well, I don't know, I hope it gets here soon. I can't wait to see the package and stuff for the series, and the new Anita Blake book (although it reads more and more like soft porn these days) I don't know, I'm just one of those that if I get them in series then I'll keep buying, even when I lost interest sometimes.

I'm also dabbing into some Papercraft lately. I'm making the Dragon from The Tale of Earthsea right now.. I got it from .. Tehanu's Flight and I'm taking my time with it, slow build seems to be the best way to go about this, since I tend to hurry things up for now reason other than I want it to be done. But if I do that then it won't work. I really wanna finish this.

October 05, 2007


I just got a hold of Stephen King's Desperation, still watching it at the store... I'm not sure that's gonna fly. Seeing how I get interrupted every 2 minutes. Well, we'll see if I can watch it I guess. A good thing is it has Annabeth Gish, I liked her a lot from The X-Files. Don't know why, I just do. :)

Also watched Criminal Minds season 3 episode 2.

I do hope that Hotchner stayed, because I could just see how it would suffer (the team) if he's gone too, since Gideon is gone now. (hopefully he'll be back) and I like Prentiss, better than Elle, I think Elle was too cocky, and a bit self-centered for my liking. Just one of those things. The episode was good, see how the team would work (or really, wouldn't) when it got separated, and the section chief wasn't so great now that she got to see everything first hand. (big shock there... really)

Is there trouble in paradise for Hotch, who's that calling and hanging up when he answered the phone... um.. Well, I do like the show a lot, so this is fun for me.

I got all ep of Nanoha strikerS and I still don't get the chance to see them yet. I'm looking forward to seeing Stardust though. Tomorrow, I'm going with a friend. Well, it's not set in stone yet, but we'll see.

I have an idea for a little laptop decor. A little dragon. We'll see if it'll materialize. (huh!) Right now I'm once again looking at home Wireless Networking.

October 02, 2007

My friends and I are planning on making some brownies today.

Well, not really from scratch, because, you know, we can't possibly pull that one off!!

Went to see Resident Evil : Extinction.

I liked it, and the fact that there are hundreds of Alice clones!

Harem!! *cough*

I enjoyed the fighting sequence too, although this had the feel of a filling before another part, but still, not a bad bridge. I can't wait to see the army of Alice's storming the HQ of Umbrella Corps. Sounds like fun!! And lots of explosion too!

Before I went and saw the movie, I came across a toy store... yeah, I know.. it's like a dead trap for me. So, I spent most of my money on a 1/6 model of Shimuca (or rather Simca like on the side of the box) from Airgear. It was beautiful, I just couldn't help myself.

I also wanted to get Saber, but they didn't have the one in goth loli with sword, instead they have the Saber from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia holding a bag of hamburger. Cute, but not yet. :)

Next I'm getting Ringo!!