October 31, 2003

Listening : Red Tape [ Agent Provocateur ]

This week suck @$$ beyond belief!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.... Ok, my bed leaked (it's waterbed) and well, so we'll have to drain it. I'm getting a new one, so it's all right, but still, it'll be next week before it arrives, so till then I'm gonna have to tough out the damn floor or couch I picked floor.. not that I've never sleep on the floor before, no big deal really, it's the aggravation. Then in attempt not to hit my aunt's car while pulling out of the driveway I knocked out the damn side mirror.. Man, I'm gonna stay inside and make no move to go out at all till the next month (I actually said that I'd crawl into the corner and sleep till next month, but then my uncle pointed out to me that it's tomorrow) Let's see what else can happen.

October 22, 2003

Listeining : You're So Last Summer [ Taking Back Sunday ]

I think I'm gonna call in tomorrow and tell them I'll work from home. I don't feel good for the past couple of days, the thought of me going into the place and stare at list of files that more or less make no sense to me for 4 hours isn't a good one. I did feel the headache on Tue and I felt like I wanna rip my arm out and bang my head with it. It was that bad. Just took some painkiller hopefully that'll help me get to sleep at least.
Don't know what the hell I've been doing, I mean, I got sleep, well, some, and I tend to wake up at ungodly hour and then tried to get back to sleep when I realized that I'm not suppose to get up yet. That did not help. I skipped class yesterday, went in today, Cat was there, Alex was there, Al was there (though it didn't make much different, I can't take him down, point of him coming in twice a week just not clear to me) Katie's mom gave me a bag of chocolate, she said I've been a big help on Sunday, they wouldn't know what to do. Surprised the hell out of me, let me tell ya.

Nice people.

I just didn't want Katie or Josh went all cry baby in the middle of it, and leave before they get to do anything. At least they had fun.

Midterm on friday, and I remember jack!

This is not good, not good at all.

October 20, 2003

I had to get up at 8 on Sunday morning! It was the damn tournament, you know thing just sorta sneak up on you when you least expected it. There was midterm review, which went pretty well, if I can go by the indication that I got from the group, but then I don't really know, sometimes it was up to the mood of the instructor. Which suck majorly.

Ok, tournament...

I got there around 9, walked around for a while, seemed like they weren't being too organized.. I'm thinking that they were trying to keep people there for as long as possible, because the big crowd usually from the kid's parents, and so, if you finished the kids stuff early then they would all be gone in a blink of an eye. Thus they mixed it up, it was like controlled chaos.

I didn't place in kata.. I slipped and I didn't bother to restart, just wanted to get it over with, seeing how I've only had brown belt for now even a month yet, a complete new form and all that. One of the black belt that was judging was saying if I would only slow down a little. Which I could understand, I got used to Sensei Stella telling us to go from 1 pinan.. ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) then kata ( 1, 2, 3 ) then The Crane and such.. so there were 10 forms also to go through in a short period of time.. naturally you go through them fast.

Sensei Stella said she was watching and I did good, she also saw me slip a little. Damn hardwood floor.


That was sweet! I took 1st place.

People tend to use their legs and not hands too much, kicks got in easier and from distance I guess that was why. So, I normally got real close and use hands, I don't back up. And I pretty much just shot out in a front to knuckle to the face or back fist and that's that. Of course one girl just came right into it and so I hit her in the mouth, but then she kicked me in the arm and upper thigh so it's even.

We all took 1st place in sparring, all Sensei Al's nieces and nephews..

I got ther at 9 and left at 3:30, starved.

Now I'm just tired.

October 16, 2003

Listening : Fall into You

Midterm review is done and over with. I've been busting my ass trying to get as much done as possible and it seemed like I had the most done out of all of them. Weird really. But we started late, like 2 weeks late into meeting with the advisor, but of course they wanted us to catch up where they lack of. I mean, come on, unfair much? Anyway, I got both cd packages mocked up and everything. The only thing missing from the second one was the insert, which will be all right, now I'll have to come up with the other 2 cd and quick. Everyone likes the bloodpack. That was a bit of mess to make. I'll have to go get the gloss cd label too.. brightwhite worked with Blind Spot, but not Dunkelheit... oh well, more work, but I'm gonna relax for the next couple of days. Got through level2 of Chaos Bleeds, took me so long cause I can't handle the headache.. gotta go slow and since the midterm thing I've been killing myself over it and had to lay off the playing. Now, the next thing, I need to get usb mini storage. Sandisk cruzer I think.. see if I have the money. (I do, it just... well, I'm quite reluctant to pay.. LOL)

October 11, 2003

Saw trailer for LOTR:ROTK. That was awesome! I can't wait for the movie to come out! I have to get back to my SS midterm review stuff now. YUCK!

October 03, 2003

Listening : In Memory [ Shinedown ]

Midterm is in 2 weeks, at least I got some stuff done and I had been working, otherwise it would've been like last semester and it wasn't pretty... nope, not at all. I meet with my advisor every week and then I have a goal for next week, a good thing in deed, cause I wouldn't know where to start. I've been working at PRA as an intern. A part of my class, I needed 1 practicum.. and it was more or less just luck on my part, I just want to get this over with. It turned out better than I thought it would. They are quite flexible with the things I do.

I got Fuffy reductive conversion illustration done.. (ok, the image) I'll be doing smaller version for Oralfxatn soon, well, this weekend. Tomorrow I'm suppose to be going to Charette with Karen, we'll see if she calls back. I'm sleepy, been at the dojo all afternoon, mostly judging the sparring.. Think I'm gonna get some shut eye, or lay down for a while.. after that I probably come back on and write.. LOL. What else is new.