February 27, 2006

Watching : Judging Amy

Today I dropped Gizmo off for a bath, he has to have one at least once a week, and I have to drop him off at the petshop to do it, cause well, he got so much fur now it takes hours to dry him off, thus paying someone else to do it. Then the girl at the store noticed that his eye's hurt.

Well, so it's to the vet next, got some eyedrop and he's been playing to his sick role ever since.

What a butthead.

He's been sleeping all day though.

I got all Blue Sonnet loaded this morning. I'm waiting for Cat's Eye, I use to read that manga and I had all 10 vol of it, but then well, I wasn't here, things got moved and disappeared. So now I'll have to buy them all over again, if they still have it in print or reprint.

I guess watching the anime will have to do for a while, I found that most of the time anime is pretty close to the manga, well, pretty close isn't exactly the same, but you get the gist and they are just as enjoyable. :)

Actually, I should be going to bed right about now... so I'm gonna do that while I let my ppc charge. Forgot to do it last night and the night before so now it's completely dead. lol... so much for keeping all my appointment current.

March 1st, Gizmo's appointment.

February 12, 2006

Watching : Medium

I bought a new PPC yesterday afternoon, it's an IPaq Hx2490 I wanted the other one which is a 6300 series, but they were discontinued and they don't have them in stock either. Too bad, it would've been perfect. Anyhow, this one is good for what I want it for. I was gonna go with the other one, hx2790, it looks exactly the same as 2490 with the exception of having more bell and whistle ( ie biometic fingerprint reader, now what am I gonna do with that??)

Well, I got my doctor's appointment all loaded up and some reading. A few notes to remind myself (like electric bill, water bill, cheque I need to write, that sorta crap) Now I'm saving up for a new laptop, cause I want one!

I'm so bad with these stuffs, I swear, sometimes I don't know what I want them for anyway. But I definitely can use a PPC even if just to remind me to do stuff like actually get my rabie shots on time. I almost miss one just last week.

Oh yeah, I got bit by a strayed the Saturday before last and well, spent my evening in the ER, getting a couple of shots and my wounds dressed ( 5 fangs ) Had little use of my right arm till the last couple of days, it's better now though, still hurting a bit, and my arm would ache from shoulder down, but it'll go away eventually. Well, I hope.

Ok, back to Medium.

February 05, 2006

Listening : Burn [ Alkaline Trio ]

I got bitten by a stray dog yesterday evening, 5 fang marks and some bleeding. I was heading out to bookstore anyway, so I just went out, my mother didn't even know I was bitten. I got to the hospital, waiting for a while cause they were swamped. Would you believe that? Anyway, I got shots and they dressed my wounds, recommended a serum I should get cause I got bitten on my right elbow but they were out of that one, so I had to go to the other hospital, I didn't go right then cause well, I was having a hard time bending my elbow and my should ached.

When I got home I found that I've lost my keys as well.

Beautiful day, really.. I mean.. I coulda kill for a day like that. (yeah, right!!)

So, today I went and get that damn serum, cost me pretty penny too. But I can claim with the insurance so it's ok.

Now, shower time, oh joy...