August 22, 2009

new bjd tiny

I got my latest doll the other day, I had my sister bought him for me from a dealer. She had the dolls in hand, so it wasn't a long wait or anything. It's unfortunate that Lati only open for order 4 times a year, so to get Lati is having to be up to date on their schedule.

Anyhow, my sister bought 2 already from Lati, Lati Yellow, Prayer of Angel Lea, basic ver. Lumi. They are cute, but a bit too small. I mean, I'm happier with honey-delf and kid-delf, they are good size for me. Although when I saw Magician Ver. Ruki I just couldn't help it. He's cute!

this is him in his full set, except the broom, they didn't have broom for him, despite the fact that in their promo pic he had broom. Oh well. I can make him one.

Also did box opening thing too, but it'll have to wait for another time.

August 10, 2009


I'm planning on changing the layout, unfortunately, so far I hadn't been able to find anything interesting enough to use as a layout.. I love my BJD (well, Dillon was mine, the rest are my sister's but she still owed me for Chuck..)

I'm planning on making a dollie Ouija board though. :D

And maybe a bunk bed. Um... I need to clean out the desk that I wanna use as their dwelling more junk out. LOL.

Soon, I think, soon, I have to finished coloring Buffy/Faith Babies first.

August 02, 2009

BJD, some clothes, new doll

My sister got a new BJD, I don't really know when she got the doll, but well, she needed me to sprayed MSC UVcut for her, since she won't do it herself.

It was a Lati Yellow, Angel Prayer Lea version.

It was positively tiny!!

I can't imagine what a Lati White would look like smaller than this. Anyhow, now between the two of us we have 4 BJD. And 4 letters in the Alphabet. LOL.

We have..

Alice : Luts : Kid-Delf Bory girl
Bea (Beatrice) : Lati Yellow : Angel Prayer Lea
Chuck (Charlotte) : Luts Honey-Delf Lolly
Dillon : Luts : Kid-Delf Hodoo

Hodoo was the first doll that I wanted.. it was so weird, I saw him on Luts and I thought, wow, I want that one!!

So, Besides spraying UVcut, I have to make them clothes as well.. which meant that the doll trunk got push aside, I should picked it up again, very soon. I'm just lazy right now.. LOL.

And I had a thought.. I wanna get Lati Yellow (sp.) 1 Lea and 1 either Cookie or Lumi.. to make Baby Buffy and Faith. LOL..

Well, gotta save up, I guess..