March 27, 2007

I've got another idea for fanfic.

Yes, another Shiznat idea, although I'm not sure if I can write it down and finish it, since I have too many stories going already, but I guess I can try, I mean, I have to, otherwise I'll get really rusty and I won't be able to finish anything.

I'm getting Nintendo Wii... yup, it's decided. The day is Friday. :) I'll pick one up. I got a pretty alright deal the other day. It's the same price as XBox 360, but at the moment I want Wii and not 360, so. Maybe I'll try to get both, but then it still has to be one at the time.

I got a haircut today. I feel much, much better now. Like I've lost several lbs off of my head. LOL.

It's getting hotter everyday, so it's better with short hair for me.

My aunt just went back and my mom asked when I'm going to go visit. I said next year, then my mom asked why not this year if I'm gonna go on Oct. I'm thinking, it might be a good idea. I always love Falls. :) All that leaves changing color and Halloween! And the weather is just the way I like it, cold, but not too cold.

Yeah, I think I'll discuss it with my cousin first. She said she'll go with me. hehehe

March 19, 2007

I found something I didn't think I would on Sat.

So, I was sick, yes, what else is new, and I still got dragged out so they can go shopping. Ok, so it was supplies shopping. On the way back I made a stop at the bookstore and usually I never find anything I read there, cause well, I long stop reading any novel in Thai (save for the precious few, like the 'Uma's Diamond that took about 10 years to write) But something caught my eye, a teenage romance novel thing. It marked at the top 'y-novel' and yes on the cover they have 2 girls. And another book, also marked y-novel has 2 guys. Anyhow, I bought one, interesting enough, cause it was Yuri novel and has a happy ending too. :) Although I probably wouldn't make it a habit of it.

I would post a summary but I doubt anyone would read. LOL

I still want that Nintendo Wii. *sigh*

March 15, 2007

Doing : munching on some snack

Today we (me and a friend of mine) went to Hot Yoga, and damn it was hot!!

I actuality I should not be going while I don't feel so well in the first place. The class is an hour and a half long, last 15 minutes was a torture, cause I don't feel good and I couldn't breathe very well. But we got through it, and it should be pretty good if I feel up to it again, maybe in a week. My throat hurts, and it felt like my chest is being constricted.

I still want Nintendo Wii.. My cousin asked me why, and why didn't I want PS3 or XBox 360. Easy, I'm not a hardcore gamer. I don't spend my day playing, all day all night, I only play in short burst and then I move on to something else, so a short game is good, and occasionally I might want something more substantial, but not right now, some racing game, or lighter on the effort, like mario is good.

I was watching the beginning of Night at the Museum last night. I like the T-rex, and the fact that it actually gave the reason to why everything came to life at night. I thought we were gonna go through the movie not knowing why. And the scene that had the Roman army shooting firearrow at Ben Stiller, that was funny. :) But not as much as the scene with the T-rex and bone throwing.

Now I should start watching The Guardian, and Eragon. ummmmmm...maybe I'll get through them today. Maybe...

March 14, 2007

I'm listening to Precious Rose [Shindou Naomi]

Finally, I got my cpu back last night. I told the guy up front to let me know when it was dropped off, but noooooooo... I sat and waited till almost midnight and called down to ask, that's when they told me it was dropped off even before 10pm. I was kinda pissed, a little, 'cause I could've been setting the thing up already and went to bed earlier instead.

So, I spent the rest of the night loading firefox, thunderbird, divx and such. It's not even complete yet, but before that I got the message that the internet access's been temporarily suspend, due to overdue bill. I just got the bill 2 days ago!!! At least they have a messaging system, so I let them know that the bill was late. And they let me access afterward. Needless to say, I paid it off today, that and the cable bill.

Anyhow, life goes on, and I get to watch the stuff that I loaded, (cause the laptop won't take the screenplay, not enough power in the usb port) anyhow, I'm catching up on Shark, and Criminal Minds, as well as NCIS.

I like James Woods, especially when his character's a lawyer, since The Indictment : The McMartin Trial. I'm thinking of getting Ghost of Mississippi, :) And Live Nude Girls, just because. Well, I can think of a lot of things I want. :)

360. (I always thought that I dropped by at the game store and asked about Nintendo Wii. The price wasn't bad, less than what a PS3 costs, but right now I don't really want PS3, I want Nintendo!! LOL. I'm such a child sometimes. I think it's the nunchuk thing. :) Plus the machine was smaller than PS3 or XboxXBox has the size of a vcr) I also placed an order for Harry Potter last book on Friday.

So, now I'm gonna start watching Shounen Onmyoji and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny.

My purchase today : Angel Sanctuary vol.4

There's a funeral my mother was supposed to go to tonight, my great-aunt. I went last night, but she's going tonight with grandpa, I think, and I'll have to pick them up afterward. I don't feel too good and so I'm not suppose to go to the funeral.

March 08, 2007

So, my comp is still in hiatus, and I got season 3 and 4 of The Dead Zone.

I'm back to watching Mai HiME, again. Although I got 3 volumes of Marchen Awaken Romance dvd, but I saw those already from Fansub, so I'll wait till I get most of them to watch. I still have to see Eureka Seven, since I already got 2 volumes on dvd already.

My brother borrowed my Fate/Stay Night dvd and he didn't return them yet. Now if he got scratches on them I'm gonna tear him a new one.

On other note, I'm making a box to fit 7 dvd, and it turn out quite alright, the only problem is I'm not one for planning ahead on those kind of things. I usually decide on what lining to use or what to cover on the outside as I go along, which doesn't work very well, when I didn't leave enough room for lining. 'Cause basically I just put the dvd together and build a box around it, there's a little room, but probably not enough to put a fabric lining inside, I can try making it as smooth as possible and just line it with nice paper (possibly handmade, cause I'll make 'em myself, the paper that is) As for the outside, I'm deciding. :) I like the look of metal etching has, so I might do that with a piece of paper the thickness of 100 grams paper, or slightly thicker, as long as it isn't hard to cut.

Um.... I'll have to think about it more.

Now... I forgot what I wanna write about now... LOL. Too many interruptions.

March 06, 2007

I got some DVD today.

A couple of days ago I realized that Marchen Awaken Romance is out on DVD and so, when I dropped my mother off to see the doctor, on the way back we dropped by the mall to eat and so I bought Mai Otome and some manga. MAR was out.. they only had vol 3, and I needed all 3 volumes.

Anyway, I went today and got all 3 and also a set of Anime Figure for my mom and some sweets, and I got vol 10 of RG Veda. As well as Excalibur keychain. :) 2 pairs of whites boxers, (yes I wear 'em, they are quite comfortable.)

I can't wait for Mai Otome to come out. Also I did see the entire series already and saw all the omake, I still want them in DVD, besides, supporting your anime studio and all that. :) If you like anime, buy them, so they can continue to create new stuff for you to enjoy. Money does make the world goes round, after all.

I also got my package today, so I'm a happy camper today.

Yesterday, my cpu didn't get deliver (they said it's not completely finished) so it'll be today, and my wrist hurts a little from squash last night. I'm sleepy today, so I might not go. It's been really hot too.. so every little move get me sweating like a pig! (does pig really sweat???) I also need a haircut, I guess this weekend I will.

March 03, 2007

I'm watching Chobits.

Yes, Chobits, I haven't watched it for so long, figure today is as good as any to watch it again. LOL.

Yes, Cin, my mother likes those Anime Models. Although she didn't care much for the male ones, she likes the females ones a lot. I was going to get the Rozen Maiden one for her, but she happened to see the price so she said no. It's too pricy for a 12" doll, she said.

Oh yeah, here's another... she would watch anime with me and grumbled about me not watching something else. (but she did laugh and asked what was going on or what they were saying.)

Um... maybe you should be careful about bending down (did that come out right?)

On other note, I'm thinking of a new layout... *sigh* but I still haven't moved on from Shizuru, be it Viola or Fujino. LOL... I'm obsessed!! Natsuki is cute too, so I might do one of Natsuki. Besides, there seemed to be more Natsuki official artwork than Shizuru anyway.

I was watching the voice over session on the extra of Mai Otome. And Naomi Shindou was talking about Shizuru and how she was happier in this incarnation, that she didn't have to hide anything and she was with her beloved Natsuki. (what more can you ask for?)

I'm giddy. LOL
I'm watching Mai Otome.

Well, my mom said last night that she wasn't going to go see the doctor, so I didn't think I was going to have to get up before noon, for once. But I was wrong, by 10 AM I had my rude awakening, as usual. Damnit!!

I was in a bad mood the entire ride to and from, till I told her we're stopping at the mall, which usually she would give me some crap about wanting to go home asap, but after the way I won't talk to her since I got up, she said nothing.

So, I got my first volume of Mai Otome dvd and the box. :) That sure put me in better mood, and at the same time she got herself some figures as well, she likes those. And I got a notebook from Death Note. Not that I watch the movie, or really read through the manga, but the notebook looks pretty good and I wasn't paying for them, thus I grabbed it.

I'm feeling pretty good now. :)

March 01, 2007

I'm watching Criminal Mind.

Finally, I got in touch with my Sensei again. I've been looking for her e-mail address forever, then I found it here on the laptop!!! What an idiot I've been. LOL. It's good to get in touch with her again. She's awesome! She taught me a lot, too bad I couldn't continue it here, would've help me with a lot of things. *sigh*

Now I better e-mail Sensei Al.

So, Mai Otome here is coming out and no it's not the Bandai us dubbed My Otome. (what was that about??? It just lost the meaning (mai = dance/name of the main character in HiME, blah blah blah) Anyhow, the box looks pretty good. :) I'm gonna just preorder and have them send it to my house so I don't have to kill myself looking for it like with Mai HiME.

It's all good. :)

Now I'll have to pick up anti virus for my uncle.