July 25, 2007

Listening : Strength [X OST]

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow this afternoon, just in time too, my neck was killing me.

Well, the people that I thought would die, did, and people that I thought would live did (for the most part anyway.)

I enjoyed the book, I wish we get to know what happened to the Malfoy (I mean beyond huddling together at the end of the book, at least we know that Narcissa and Lucius have hearts, and Snape did love someone... )

Love was his downfall, really.

I might go back and watch X/1999 again. :) Despite the fact that I haven't watch Eureka 7 yet. I should. And I only got about half way through Tsubasa Chronicle. Well, they released season 2 already, so I'm gonna have to go pick the next volume up (I do hope that it is out) And also the last volume of Mai Otome. I wish someone would release Marimite here already. Be it the light novel or the anime or manga. Something, after all, they did release the light novel in Germany (If I read the mail right)

Man, I'm tired... grrrrrr...

July 22, 2007

Watching : Criminal Minds

I got my desktop back, finally, this time it was rather quick, and the first thing I did was to install my anti-virus and update it. :) I learned my lesson.

Ok, so I tied up and wrapped most of my wires. (there's still some clutter, but it was better now, now what I need is a couple of corkboards. Also got my wireless keyboard and mouse earlier today, if the old keyboard didn't die on me, I wouldn't have bought this new one, but it's time I guess, and this will save me the clutter. It's Logitec Cordless Desktop Ex 110. Next thing I wanna do is a charging station, so I'll have to get some 3rd party usb charger for Ipod and another one entirely for my ipaq. What I'll need.

1. box (plastic, maybe I'll make one from cardboard paper, or get one of those photobox thing)
2. USB chargers.
3. The rest I can find around my own room. (knife, papers, etc.)

Then I wanna just make a monitor stand, so I have a place to shove the keyboard into when I need the space to write. My desk is rather small, so I need all the space I can get. I got the idea from lifehacker.com to use a shelve and 4 pvc pipes since I couldn't find the monitor stand to fit my need. (too wide) Well, gotta do what we gotta do, right.

At least I organized my cords.

Got Harry Potter and The Deadly Hollow on Saturday morning, and well, I got to page 23 and no more because I have to do the driving duty and my friend is visiting, so I didn't touch the book yet.

July 20, 2007

Watching : Deja Vu

Well, my desktop (Phobos) is out to be reformatted, among other things, and so now I'm on my brand spanking new laptop, it's an Acer Aspire 4710G, which I've just picked up on Monday. I've been meaning to get it since new year (yeah, it's been that long) So, I finally got it, and well, I'm taking it to the store, to be used there, of course it'll consist of me surfing the web and read and write on it, while my mother plays solitair on it. It'll replace my other laptop which is a Dell that is about 4 years old, it still running fine, really, I just want a new one, and it's about time too... I still didn't take the plastic on the top off yet, but I'm considering some stickers..

Nah... it'd have to be a really cool sticker for me to put on this thing, I like things clean.

I'd my friend that I'd let her borrow that Dell for her to use for now, since she and her roommate is having problem, actually she didn't have problem, her roommate did, the kind that will probably put them on the different part of the country. The long story short was that her roommate (which once was her gf.) told her parents she won't go back home, she's gonna stay where she was and find work for a couple of years before she go home to help out, which really I do understand that, I mean they got her brother at home right now.. (which really didn't mean much from what I understand) But now, she's acting childish and stuff, now that it gets difficult. (short on money and shit) so now she's finding a reason to go home, which she's looking to my friend to provide. Although she still won't say it outright that she wanted to go home.

In truth I don't think she wanted to, but she doesn't want to make her own life difficult, which being at home will definitely prevent that. Now that she sees, really see how hard it will be. I understand her motive, but that doesn't mean she could drag my friend through shit for it. You don't wanna stay, don't, don't make other people suffer with you.


I just found Lifehacker And found some really nicely organized home office, so I've decided that I'll organize and try to maximize my desk (which is rather small) space, first I am taking care of those clutter of wires. Time for a new set of keyboard and mouse too. so that's lesst 1 wire (I'm getting wireless desktop set thing from Logitec) I'm considering getting those wiretrack thing (the one you use running along the baseboard to conseal the wires) Maybe some pegboard, or corkboard. Let's what I can get tomorrow, I need to pick up a bunch of ziptie too. the one I got before were too small.

I also want to set up wireless network, just for my room, so I can hook up the game console to the net too. um... gotta save up the money, maybe a month or two.. gotta do some research too. Although the wireless gateway and adaptor are cheaper nowaday.

So much to do and so little time..

Tomorrow morning, picking up Harry Potter and The Deadly Hollow. :)

July 19, 2007

Watching : Kidnapped

I'm sending my pc out to be fixed. (worm!! I got worm!!!) Life sucks, but not that bad since I just got my brand spanking new laptop, it's an Acer 4710G, so, I'll still get to play, even though my pc is out. This will give me the opportunity to take care of the clutter I have under my desk, though, easier to do when I don't have the cpu sitting there, 'cause I would be too engross in playing than cleaning up. :) I tend to leave things alone when things are plugged in already.

Got some ideas from lifehacker so I'll try a few and see if it will work out well.

My friend is visiting on Saturday, I'm quite happy about that since I haven't seen her much. And we got lots to talk about. The fact that I'm on the phone with her for hours not withstanding. We'll see how that goes, and I think 3M adhesive products will be my good friend, as well as the zipties. :)

July 12, 2007

Watching : MAR

I went to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix last night. It was good, Helen B. Carter did a good Bellatrix in the mad department, she was downright scary man, it's the eyes thing. :)

I'd love to see more explanation in a lot of things, ok, so I've read the book, so I won't need it, but then the movie would be all the more complete if they do, I mean, a friend of mine that went with me haven't read the book yet, so she was a little confused. (like Tonks and Molly was related to Sirius and such.) No, I'm not gonna spoil the movie more than I already did above. :) I'm trying to be polite about that. (not that I think that someone might be reading, cause I don't think anyone's reading my blog. LOL)

I always thought that perhaps, Sirius's willingness to pull Harry into the loop was due to the fact that he saw him as James and not really realizing that Harry was Harry, (and the boy's hero complex can get annoying a lot of times) Anyhow, I still looking forward to the book, so I know how it all is going to end. And it's T - 9 days. :)

July 08, 2007

Watching : Criminal Mind

I went to see Transformer last night.

It was AWESOME!!

I loved it!! I was completely worth the money and time, and I get to see less of those movies lately. (well, I get to see less movie in the theater period.) Oh yeah, nice cars too!! The Camaro, man, if I wasn't so opposed to one of the person that I wanna erase from my whole history, then I would probably foam at the mouth from wanting. (no I'm not a big car person, but I do appreciate the beauty of machine) As it was, I'm pretty happy with the little JAZZ I have.

And the next one on my list if Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix. 3 days and counting. That and the book!!!! I can't wait for the book!!! Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Narcissa in the last book, and of course Bellatrix. (I love that name!! Bellatrix!!)

Anyway, Stardust looked good too. *sigh* I love summer, so much to see!