March 29, 2006

Listening : X-Mas [Sevendust]

so I'm updating my IPod nano, I got the lanyard in-ear headphone the day before. I should've gotten it from commart thinggie, but I was too busy looking for a silicone case that I forgot about it till I get home, which mean I had to get it later, which meant that I had to pay more for it than if I bought it at the convention.

My dad sold a building (um...I believe it called block building... just 1 room) and so the money got tranferred into my account the week before I went to the convention and thus I had enough money to get me a new laptop if I wanted. They got lots of them too, but I like buying these stuff from people that can answer my question, so I didn't get any, and I told my mother that I would've use some money for the new laptop she asked why didn't I, I said I don't wanna listen to her bitching at me, and also I didn't have much confident in those people to be paying that much money on something that expensive to find that it didn't work out so well. So I'll get it somewhere else I can get them to take responsibility if something went wrong. LOL

I better get my ass to bed, life still suck and I can only ignore everyone else around me.

March 25, 2006

Listening : Send the Pain Below [chevelle]

I went to ComMart thinggie in Bangkok today, I kinda expected it to be bigger, with more stuff, but it wasn't, so it was kinda disappointing, but I got me an Ipod Nano 2GB ( I wanted 4GB, but well, honestly, I don't think I'd be using all those space, I mean, I don't even fill up the 2gb with what I wanna listen to, sure I could fill it up, but will I listen to all of them? nope)

I got IPod Nano and Sony 1gb flash drive, a silicone sleeve for the ipod, that's it. so little for such a big effort. But at least I get to see my friends, so it was all right.

I better get my ass in bed, I'm tired.

March 07, 2006

Watching : Judging Amy

well, I don't know what to watch right now, thus Judging Amy.

I got my 42" Plasma screen tv on Saturday so it's a big happy, and no, my parents weren't gonna pay it for me, they just gonna front me the money. So, I'll be pinching pennies for the next say.... year?

My mother said, why don't I put it out in the living room so everybody else can watch it too.. I was like, if I was to be the one to cough up the money for it, then it's gonna be in my room, cause the next thing I know they'll be bitching at me for monopolizing it out there too... can't win, can I?

I brought out my 29" tv out to the livingroom though, the one that was in there before was smaller. Anyhow, I like my new toy, make me happy for a while. I can watch movie without feeling like it's so tight on the screen anymore.