June 26, 2006

So, I know I said that my cellphone was dead, but well, today, it is well and truely not coming back. And after I realized that in the morning, my dad managed to broke the damn 2 numbers in the store.. we couldn't use the phone the entire day and probably tomorrow as well.

My mother said that tomorrow she'll drop in so I could go see to a new phone. Well, news flash I don't have enough money for it. I told her so, and I asked if she gonna get me one, she said no. So, what's the damn point of her dropping in so I can go look for a new phone, 'cause I can't buy a new phone now anyway. Wouldn't make a different if I go see it tomorrow or on Saturday, I still can't get a new cellphone.

I wanted O2 and I was saving up money for it, now I don't have enough money yet, I was hoping my nokia would last another month or two. Man, when it rains it pours.

June 25, 2006

What's been happening.... oh, several things I guess.

My phone is dead.. yeah, well and truely and I couldn't even get a new one. I've been saving up money, wanting a new printer first, I'm sick of the one I have, it just won't cooperate with me, seemed to be something wrong everytime I turned it on, so I gave up. Fixing it just didn't seem to worth the time and money, so a new one, besides printers are not really expensives these days. Of course, things just had to go wrong.

My damn cellphone started to act up several weeks before, at first I thought that the battery ran out when it shut itself down for no reason, then 'start-up failed' message showed up when I tried to use it. Now, it doesn't even have the courtesy to start at all. So, I'll be incommunicado which is bad, not that it would bother my parents, since they never call me anyhow.

I asked my mother if she could get me a new one, the answer was : NO. So, my other alternative was save up money to buy a new one and I have every intention to do that, except the damn phone broke before I have enough.

I thought coming home would mean less stress over this crap, when my things break down I can get a new one without worrying that I won't have enough money to last me a semester, now I know it's worse. So, next month, I'll probably have to forget about books that I wanna get and movies I wanna see. I fucking hate my life.