January 23, 2010

mom's new favorite show

Primeval : my mom new favorite show.

Sometimes I wonder how a show like this ran for 3 season, granted, they don't really run as long as the US typical show, but still.

I found this show to be boring, the characters idiotic and aggravating to the extreme.

Were this was a reality, it states to reason that none of those characters would even get to be on the damn team, let along survive one incident after another. They all were selfish, has no sense of propriety. Their reasoning, and IQ were no better than a 5 year old.

It was painfully annoying to watch.

It was like watching a room full of children, they all think it was all right for them to act like an idiot, doing what they want with no regard for anyone else, and by luck they all survive at the end.

I think the only reason my mom likes it was because of the monsters.

I can't stand it, personally.

Another one was Merlin.

Oh My God.

The boy needs to grow up. Like fast!

He kept going in head first, no regard for what would happen and then, when he can't fix the mess he was in, he ran to someone else for help (in this case, the great dragon) He thinks he knew what's best, listens to no one.

And the last episode of the season, he really thought of no one, I mean to think that he put his own father in the same category as Uther, I mean has he no sense at all?

He didn't even think of putting himself in his shoes, asking a man that was hunted down to save the man who's doing the hunting. To blame the dragon for being angry at the person (and by extend, the kingdom) that had done nothing but trying to destroy all things that he was. With no other reason than because of his own selfishness, he, himself, has cause his own grieves, but he blame everything else.

Damn shows annoys the shit out of me. I'll go back and watch other things, watching the depravity of humanity is better than these two. Maybe this is why I don't watch anything BBC.

January 15, 2010

Settled on one Wig

So, it's unanimous the first wig it is.

Now Morgan has a wig. And the other one I gave to Jaime, which she will alternate between that and her cat ear wig.

Today I brought Morgan to work, and in the afternoon I brought her to my a-i-l store, her sister was all squeeing and stuff over Morgan, said this wig really suits her and she's so cute, which is a completely difference from when I first brought Morgan, she didn't like Morgan in dark brown bob-cut wig, at all. Like they said, a wig really makes a doll.

After a chat I took Morgan back to my store, I, of course, stopped at the small cosmetic booth to chat a little. While I was talking, a lady walked by, I already saw her noticed Morgan in my hand.

It's nothing new, but most people would just kept on walking. Not this lady, noooooooo... she zeroed in on us, cooing over Morgan, she already reached out a hand to, I'm guessing, take her from my hand, which I pulled back a little, and at the same time she asked when I got her. I said I ordered her. She was all.. oh... (Like she's gonna go buy the same doll in a minute had I bought her around here). Then she asked how much... I didn't really wanna tell her, because it really wasn't something i wanna broadcast. Although everyone that knew I have them kinda knew the price. Not exact price, mind you, but general.

After I told her the round up number she walked away. This girl that ran the booth was saying that the doll worth that money. Which I was kinda surprise, but a little, she thought Morgan (and the rest of them) were cute as a button. :)

It was weird.

January 14, 2010

new package arrived

The new package's arrived today, after about 3 days of waiting.

I joined a Leeke and Luts GO on a local BJD board, both ran by the same girl, so it was easy enough to get them to combine the package, since it came in about the same time.

Originally, I wanted a pair of MSD shoes from Leeke and 1 Yo-SD size wig, but alas, the shoes were out of stock, so I decided that I'll just get another wig. I could always keep the extra for when I wanna change their look, or in waiting for a new member of my resin family. (ha ha ha!)

I also got a pair of honey-delf size shoes on Luts, a set of outfit for Dillon, another wig. Yeah, we have lots of wigs here.

So far I'm trying to settle between 2 wigs for my LTF Bisou girl.



I also got a pair of fist-hands for Dillon as well. I feel that it'll be easier to change his clothes with fist-hands. LOL, but either his regular hands or fist, doesn't bother me much, cause I usually don't have him wear anything all that tight.

I might also change Jaime's wig, but I love her in the kitty ear fur still. So I might not.

Now, a Mushroom Dollhouse. Didn't do anything on it last night. Probably won't tonight I have early shift tomorrow, after all.

I hate morning!

January 13, 2010

progress : Mushroom dollhouse

I got 5 layers of papermache down before I removed the cap part off of the mold, and that was when I realized that it wasn't thick at all. And it'll take a hell of a lot more to thicken it up to the point where I can really use it.

But at least it holds its shape.

I read someone else's attempt, and after I read that she only had 2 layers down before removing it, I thought to myself, what made she thinks that it would be thick enough? But that's her attempt. I told myself to go through at least 5 layers before doing that, since I do not have a core of anything to help. 10-20 more layers before it's workable. I think.

I already put down a layer of craftpaper which is thicker than newsprint on the stem. I'll do that for a couple layers, and on the cap to see how that works, even though this was intended to be recycle, and I had to buy craft paper on big roll. Since I had it for pastel drawing anyway, it works out.

The 42" LCD tv works out well. I still owed my sister some money, but she didn't come over yet, so I'll give it to her when I see her. Apparently she wanna order some wigs, so, I'll see to that.

I recently ordered 2 dresses from Tanya's Style for her. Tanya was extremely nice about it, because I e-mail her and not going through the ordering system that she set up. She even gave a free dress too. She's awesome. I'm a fan.

I sorta have in mind what I wanna do with the mushroom dollhouse. I think for the furniture insides, my theme would be found object, as in things that find and mod to suit my purpose.

We'll see how it goes.

January 08, 2010

new year... more things... and some stuffs

Current Project : Mushroom dollhouse
Listening : Crawling

So, right now I'm without a television. Oh yeah.. my Plasma TV is broken. I had the tech came in to take it, maybe it can be fixed, although it's about 5 years old, which is about the amount of time for its use anyway.

Mom said if it's too much trouble to fix, just get a new one..

Yeah, a 46" plasma...

On the good side though, it's cheaper than it was before when I first got it. Dad was alive then, and he seemed to have less problem letting me getting it, since I work. The same can't really be said the same with mom.

Oh she'll let me get it, but not without the complaining and bitching.

There are a few things that make me happy. Good movies, good shows, toys, TV was half that that since I can't watch the movies and shows without it. I can watch it on my computer, sure, but I wanna lay back and be comfortable, too!

The guy didn't call me back yet, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll get a new tv.

I've just recently finished the dolltrunk for my sister, a halloween theme trunk.

dolltrunk : front [finished]

Now that it's done, I'm onto the next one.

A Mushroom shape dollhouse.

I don't know why I wanna make it, I guess I wanna make a house for my tiny, however, a traditional house would require that I be very precise about every cut and every little thing, which sometimes I can't be, I'm just not that. Mushroom is an organic shape, so I can make it however I want, as long as I get the floor level, it'll be fine. The only thing I need to worry about is the stability. So far I got the basic shape. The stem and the cap. A few more layers of papermache and I'll cut it out off the base then put in the floor to sustain the shape and continue. I have to pick up some tissue papers as well. I'm gonna paint the outside (or spray paint. who knows)

So, off to bed. I'll draw another picture for Oral as well.