April 16, 2004

Ok, turned in my stuff for figure drawing today, my advisor still didn't get that damn thing he was suppose to get for me yet, I cut him some slack seeing how it's the advising week still and he had appointment right to about 4pm. No use riding his ass about it.

I'm sleeping...

still enough
although I know you're not begging
still as the thoughts running through your mind
still enough
although I know you're not begging
give me a reason to make you mine

I will devour you
take all the pain away
I cannot stay my hand
from reaching out so that I can
empower you
for all eternity
it seems to ease my mind
to know that you've brought
meaning to my life

had enough
although I see you're not running
still are the thoughts running through your mind
dead to love
the path that you are now taking
show me the reason to make you mine

run, to where the smallest ray of light will never find you
run, to where you will not need to shield your eyes
run, away from all the soulless, heartless fiends who hound you
run, away and let your memories go blind
when I...

April 09, 2004

I went to Fogg Museum today, as I planned. Didn't get lost... didn't ask for direction, just sorta walk across Havard yard and look, a nice change. Drew a picture and left. My pencil ran out of lead just as I got almost done, which suck big. Went to Newbury St. Figure I'll get a pair of shoes.. nope, nah-dah.. didn't get no shoes.

I'm gonna go see Hellboy.. :)

April 07, 2004

Damn my hand... well, actually, it was an accident. So, no one's fault. Sensei Natalia used me as a cushion on Monday night class, she was talking about how to get out of a grab.. fullnelson.. and so she did the one with shoulder roll, with me.. so yeah.. she landed on me, I heard my neck went 'crack' at least she didn't slam me to the ground too..

Final for Figure Drawing... now I gotta come up with something.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Maybe I'll do R/C illustration.. gotta be big though, she said has to be labor intensive too.. man, like we don't have enough to do already.

Sat, black belt demo.. Sat night some b-day party. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah.. a trip to Fogg museum.. 2 hours drawing and 2 page paper.

April 02, 2004

After my 8am class I dragged myself to Boston, had to be in court today... ( as a witness... ) And well, it's been raining here for the past say week.. and so, it was a bad idea to take the T to Boston when you don't know where the hell you are going. I went to the wrong building (result from getting off the subway the wrong station) not that it was much of a problem definitely not on a good day, but not today cause it was raining like hell.. and so I spend almost an hour walking around in the rain looking for the right street..

Needless to say I looked like a drown rat.. LOL.. It was funny but not at the same time since I am sick to begin with and being wet and cold for an afternoon will not help at all.. Man even my boxers were soak.. *grumble grumble* And my sneakers, what am I gonna wear tomorrow.. I really don't wanna break out my doc..