January 30, 2006

Watching : Outbreak

Yeah, I'm watching Outbreak, I never get to buy that dvd but everytime I saw it on any channel I watch it. I should really buy it the next time I see it on the shelve.

I've noticed something about these kids in my family... well, my brother my sister my cousins.. blah blah blah.. they have no repect for anyone or anyone's time. I told my brother to shut the hell up last night, he has to go over to my aunt's and he was watching cartoon till 10pm and when he got into the livingroom he kept saying let's go now. I told him shut up and until he can get his ass places by himself then he has no right to be rushing anyone, especially when he draged his ass in the first place. Fucking spoiled I'd say.

If I have my way he'd be in boarding school till he finish highschool, so he knows to do shit for himself.

This just annoys the hell out of me, I don't like people like that. You don't do anything and generally being a useless piece of flesh and still demand they get their way. Fuck that shit.

January 29, 2006

Watching : Animal Police

I'm planning on going to see Underworld : Evolution tomorrow evening, that if my mother isn't incapacitated by the dentist, she has an appoinment at 1 PM tomorrow, new set of teeth.. LOL she had an artificial roots implanted about 3 months ago, so now they are trying on some teeth.

Today is Chinese New Year, yeah... usually I got money in red envelop (well about 10 years ago) Now I get zip... Oh well. I was hoping maybe my dad's gonna give me some so I can get a new PPC, since my mother took mine, she plays solitair on it.

I'm guessing I'll get nothing.

Life suck man...

January 25, 2006

I got my car for a little over three months now, so it's time for the first service. I've been debating for ever, whether I wanna get it to Honda dealer for it, they offered the first service for free, it's either first 3 months or 1,000 miles.. and well, I don't have the time to be sitting on my ass for hours on end to wait for a free service. So I called up my uncle and ask about the garage he usually goes to. And I went with my aunt today. Pretty quick, I'd say, even with the time it took to drive there, which was not that far considering I use to drove farther than that for when I was in Methuen.

I got Rozen Maiden, the entire first season loaded, and still didn't watch it yet. I guess I will later. Also got the second too, and didn't watch it. MAR ep 27, hell, I hadn't watched the thing since ep 10. I'll get time to see it eventually.

I'm waiting for Underworld : Evolution. :) It'd be great.

Ok, time for shower and I'll be all set to watch Medium.

January 19, 2006

Watching : Monk

It's my birthday today, and it's just as shitty as any other day. Big surprise! We closed the store today around 6:30PM well, actually I would've to stay till maybe 8PM except we lost power for almost an hour, so we packed up and get ready to leave, but once we're finished and were closing the door, the power came back on!

What did I get for my birthday?

Well, some shirts... exactly 2, flowers, what the hell am I gonna do with flowers?

What did I get for Christmas?


New year?


Great year so far ain't it?

January 08, 2006

Watching : CSI : Miami

My dad is out of town, AGAIN. It gets annoying, I mean I do understand that he wants to stop working and all that shit, but then he's the one that created all that problem so he's gotta stay and fix the goddamn thing! I'm so sick with my family. I told him I should've come back, he said I shouldn't say that.

Why not??

Ever since I got back it's problem and I didn't cause it, everyone else did. I wanna be left by myself. I just want everyone to leave me alone, just drop dead and I'll be happy.

I don't need them, I really don't.

And they ask what do I have to be stressed about!!

What don't I have to be stressed about??!!

Fucking hate them.

January 03, 2006

Watching : Monk

My friends left this morning, which is kinda sad, I mean, I don't usually have anyone to complain to. Let's face it, nobody would've understand my ranting anyway. We all ended up sleeping and let the movie watched us everynight. Just couldn't keep our eyes open. LOL

I got them to play "Paint Doctor" with me, it was fun, I hadn't played it for so long I forgot all the rules and I had to figure it out all over again. I mean the damn directions they gave me wasn't all that clear. Where do you take the life point after you take it away, d'you keep it? Put it in the pile?? I ended up just putting it in the pile cause then it'd be too easy to get to the pre-op.

It was fun.

Changed my sheets, I have to get a new comforter.

I want a dvd recorder, my mom's gonna let me get one.

Gizmo's sick, he's got runny nose, a bit of fever, but still... he just couln't leave the mob alone!! I couldn't mob the floor, he kept running after it. He's asleep now though, good thing.

New year resolution... um... lose weight?? (after all that indulgent I definitely need to get them all off)

More drawing, more writing.

Definitely, more of the last two.

January 02, 2006

Watching : Charlie and Chocolate Factory

So, I hadn't update my blog in a long while due to...

1. I somehow screwed up the layout I made, it was the blog's code that I didn't get right so nothing get posted.

2. my comp was dead for a few days and I didn't get the time to figure out what I did wrong so...

3. I was, am, and will be BUSY AS HELL!!

Also I use the template provided by Blogger cause I don't have time for a new layout right now. clean and simple, it's ok though I'll figure it out what went wrong.

Didn't see The Chronicles of Nania : The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe cause I was too busy doing the damn work, I couldn't even get satureday free!!