April 30, 2002

Status: squeaky clean
Listen: The New Detective on Discovery Channel

I got my liquid sizing and relick glue today, and tomorrow afternoon I will spend in the papermaking lap, so that I can pull sheets to make the book. Hopefully, there won't be too many people there, I don't think I can stand it. I don't like to work in class because I don't like to do stuff when there are people around. I think I did ok in my Survey 2 class. She surprised us by reduced the number of slides identification we have to do. So it was down to 3 slides and 3 comparison, though I think I blew the last comparison. (bad, very bad) Oh well, now I'm thinking of new layout for Morpheus I want to use Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters' pic. Would be fun figuring these out. I like a good challenge.

April 29, 2002

Status: brushing teeth
Listen: 48 hours

Got new chair!!! YES!! The other one was annoying the hell out of me, so here's a new one. I was considering waiting for next week, but it was on sale so... I thought I might as well get it this week. (I'm sure it'll still be on sale next week, but you can never be sure.. besides I like this thing!) So, I have to get the old one thrown out. Now I have to go back to my study.
Status: just got to school (I know, I know and why am I blogging)
Listen: just my friends talking

I went to B&N this morning, skipping my papermaking class, well, I don't do anything there anyway, so no point of me showing up. Last time he lecture about the mold for 2 h 50 min. It was a torture, it was really bad, so I decided not to go. I got my book, though. Cop Out Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mytery by Claire McNab So, I got something to read, though I shouldn't even do that, since I need to study for my survey class, it's tomorrow. At least it's not that much to study for... Only Baroque. I just ordered stuff for my papermaking, and so I need to wait for that to come and the portfolio is due on the 8th. I'm running around like a headless chicken. *groan*

[ X: I believe in 80% actions 20% words but when all I get is 80 % words, 10% actions and 10% my own wishful thinking, I don't think that is working out well ]

April 28, 2002

Status: still don't know how I feel
Listen: Trading Spaces on TLC

I still didn't finish with the fairytale, I don't think it's gonna be long, but I wanna get it enough that I'll get 10 pages on the book. (small paragraph on each page) I have to think of some illustration too. And I think the sealing wax and the seal will be use here too. And now for the sculpture... I saw the preview for that new movie, and the egg was really cool, I wanna make the egg and then use watercolor to make it look like an embrio inside. Now I'll get to use that watercolor set that I have..

Chris still didn't call me back, I guess she's too busy for me. Actually I shouldn't even be surprise, I'm always at the bottom of the list. Always. I was told that she doesn't like anything that is not perfect, sounded a bit vein really, but I know that it is true. So, the question is... why am I still here then. I'm not perfect, never gonna be perfect, so what am I still doing here? I made her feel wanted, beautiful, loved, but in return, she made me feel like I'm nothing.

April 27, 2002

Status: don't know how to feel
Listen: nothing at the moment

I got that sealer that I wanted, the 'X'. Now I just need the red wax, I only have the gold one. (would be great if they have the blue as well.. though silver seems nice) I tried to call Chris since this morning and all I got was busy signal. I guess I won't be talking to her today either. Really, she had been so good about returning my call lately, what's with the relapse. Anyway, guess she doesn't have time for me, (but yeah she can have Andy over and watch movie, guess I'm just a nobody.. same old info... ) I'm getting annoyed, but whatever.

April 26, 2002

Status: just thinking..
Listen: same ol' same ol'

ok here.. I created a new messageboard for Mindwalkers I'll set the colors and stuff tomorrow, I'll have to think about it first. Most of today I spent in the printshop, I still didn't start on the book or sculpture yet and I should very soon, but I really don't know what to do with them, god I'm so dead, and I still need to study for Cheney's class, *groan*

April 25, 2002

Status: ready for bed (doesn't mean I'm going to bed, just ready if I want to)
Listen: What Comes Around [ Ill Nino ]

I dropped my Oakley in printshop today, and I think I scratched the lense. I wasn't freaking out, though I was kinda pissed, I loved that pair of Oakley, and they don't make E-Wire anymore, which is the pisser. Oh well, this goes to say shit happens, though I have had these for the past 2 years, maybe it's a sign for a new pair, but nah... I don't feel like spending that kind of money on them just yet. I have something else in mind. Chris didn't call me back last night, figure. Why the hell did she even say she gonna call back, and didn't. I hate that, cause I ended up sleeping with the damn phone on my pillow, which really suck. I hate when people do that. Say they gonna call back but never did. If they said it to get me off the phone, there's no need all they have to say is, gotta go, and I know the conversation is over. (though I like to aggravate some of them by started a new topic, I only do that to very few people) Tomorrow will be a day in the printshop for me, and while I wait for the plate to dry or etch I will be writing the fairytale. Fun!

April 24, 2002

Status: thinking
Listen: I Stand Alone [ Godsmack ]

Pao had a little accident in class today, and so I took her to the hospital to get her eyes checked out. When I got home my uncle told me that Chris called 3 times, I have no idea why she wanted to get a hold of me, especially in the middle of the day, she usually dosen't do that, and it's way past the time that she would just call to say hi because she misses me. Way past that. Sometimes I do wanna just call and say hi, but she made me feel like it was stupid to do that, so I don't. I don't have her work number, she never gave me her work number, I did ask for it once, after I got the new phone, but she was reluctant to give me, so I let it dropped beside she said she will carry her cellphone with her. Well, she didn't, and I had to call her cellphone twice before Angie answered it and told me her work number. Anyway, she said she gonna call me back when she got home, but she didn't. I guess she will later tonight, if not I'm not calling either, I called last night and she couldn't bother to call back.

On the other note, I know what I want to do for my artistbook project now. I want to do fairy tale kinda story, and make everything backward, and then tucked a mirror in there for them. Would be fun, I'm gonna start writing the story, either tomorrow night or Friday and then over the weekend figure out how I want to do the book and get supplies for it. That's the bad part, I have no money. *groan*

April 23, 2002

Status: thumb, hurts
Listen: Law&Order on tv

sometimes I think that nothing I did ever matter to the one that matters to me most. Nothing I did was ever good enough, even though they told me differently. But if what I did matters, why did they leave? Why was I the one that got tossed aside? They said I mean so much to them, and that I have no idea how much they love me, if that is so, why is it that my feelings got discarded so easily? It is still puzzling to me, when I know that there's another, but they talked as if there's no one else. You and me -- I was told -- will always be together. But that is still remain to be seen, isn't it.

Promises, promises. Spoke. Made. Unkept.

How many words have been spoken? How many are true? I can't tell. So much information throwing my way. Jumbled, disarrayed. So much to process, so much to understand. Truth, lies, perceptions differences.

Like two realities, neither were wrong, just different.

So I have to look for the truth in the middle. But how can I do that? I don't know where the middle is. I don't know where I stand and I don't know where the lie ends and truth begins.

April 22, 2002

Status: a bit anxious
Listen: the tv

I hate you -shut up...

you think that I'm the one to blame
everything I lose is just a piece of what there is to gain
you think it's cool and all is fine
now is the day when you pay, this is my time
I feel for you nothing but pain
I am what you will be, you are dying in me
I love you, I hate you, I miss you...

you're always thinking you're so perfect
those thoughts drove me away from home
but if you put me through your tests
then I will fade

I have nothing to say
but I feel like my mouth is open
everything that is real
comes around...

shut up...

your stupid face just make me sick
I see you changing everyday
to fit into the newst clique
I know you, but everything you do
is just a part of you, you'll never see the truth
I hate the way you make me feel
I hate the way you think you're real
your one voice it destroys my one choice

tu vida es mia
your fear is living here in me

es que no entiendo come en la vida puedes acer
la paz entre nostros cuando no vas a decir
y la gratitude que tu nunca vas a ver
has now turned to hate

[ Ill Nino/What Comes Around ]
Status: tired&hungry
Listen: What Comes Around [ Ill Nino ]

I actually worked in my printmaking class, did nothing in papermaking, but since I didn't have any idea what I wanna do, that's not surprising. I better come up with something soon though, or I won't make it for the deadline. I got quite far for printmaking.. I got both plates etched, and now I'm working on the background of the 1st plate and for the 2nd I'll do the same thing only in bigger scale. I'm tired, hungry and cold..

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April 21, 2002

Status: Ready for bed
Listen: Disposed [ Ill Nino ]

I just called my dad after I called his friend in Hong Kong.. I faxed him the list of what I want. I may or may not get them, but hey I tried. I'm not sure when he's going to see my dad, which is why I said I may or may not get it. I got quite a list for that too.. and well, kinda feel bad now, even though I really want the stuff. They are quite expensive and I'm surprise my dad even ok with it, I guess that'e because he got one and he gave one to my sister and here I was, had no idea that he even have one let alone giving one to my sister, I'm like so out of the loop it's not even funny (actually, it's quite pathetic, they never called me on my birthday either, but well... guess that's what you get for being half way around the world away and being the oldest.) I just stuck a nail right underneath my thumbnail, the right thumb so it is quite painful now, here's the way to break in a new pair of sneakers... Anyway, bed time.. I'm tired..

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Status: a bit cold
Listen: What Comes Around [ Ill Nino ]

Well, here's what my new sneakers look like.. my mom would think that they are too big... but I like them DCShoeCo: TItan Well, I better go look for that model number for my MD unit..
Status: hungry
Listen: X-Files

I talked to my dad last night and his friend is coming from Hong Kong, he asked if I want anything, I told mom last week that I wanted the mic for my MD player/rec and so dad asked what kind and if I want the entirely new MD unit! (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!) He said just call his friend and then he'll pay for them.. I love my parents!!! And I got a new pair of sneakers yesterday, I'm a happy camper now. (DCShoeCo Titan in white/black/gray) Now I'll have to go to school and do some print.. (or rather etching.. ) School!

April 20, 2002

Status: quite annoyed
Listen: Discovery Channel

I got chapter 13 of Wishes for Sale.. finally, took me a while to start on it, I've been buried underneath a lot of other things, and now I'm just running on low. I still have more projects to get through and we got about a month or so of school to go. Well, I still have a few more things to do with the stories. I'm still waiting for feedback as well as the talk with Chris so that I get the plot for ch 2 of Innocence Lost.
Status: ....
Listen: annoying noises outside..


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April 19, 2002

Status: tired
Listen: Beetlejuice on HBO

Ok, I have to take the comment thing down, it makes my page load slower and I still couldn't figure out why it doesn't work. I assumed that it was just me and my incompetency, I'd love to ask someone for help, but have no idea who to ask. Anyway, just got back from the movie, I'm starve and also a bit tired, the movie was all right, I didn't expect anything, I'm going to see Scopion's King next. I saw this pair of sneakers and I wasn't sure I wanna get it, a classmate of mine said that he could get me the size that I want and I think they might have the one I really want.. (one of those boarder sneakers.. I don't do skateboarding, but I like the sneakers... hey, it's all in the look of things... ) If not I'll go back to Pac Sun to get that pair, they have them in 7.5. Jamie thought they looked big.. which is why I would never get them in 8, they will be enormous that way.. and I won't be able to walk in them... small feet.. sucks! Nah... I think it's better than if I have the feet size 9... (know someone like that.. a throll) Oh well, we'll see... I need a new pair of sneakers anyway... mine are so worn out it's pathetic.

April 18, 2002

Status: tired
Listen: ---

I'm figuring out how to use this commenting thing... I'm no good with it at all. It's not working yet, I don't think.. if anyone know how this work.. help me?? Please? I'm so bad at this..
Status: Still hanging around...
Listen: Believe Me [ Moist ]

Well, Chris just called, great timing!! I'm in the library.. anyway, I'm not one of those people that talk really loud into the phone, I think her vol setting is loud enough for me not to scream into it. (mine is kinda high too) Anyway, she wanted to see the second vol of Denise Cleever Thriller.. I'll send that tomorrow... grrrrrrrr... earlier visit to the post office than I thought. Anyway, I better move my ass and go check on the plate.

[ X: so I'm washing clean your body off the promise that I never made ]
Status: just put the plate in the acid
Listen: Don't Dreams It's Over [ --- ]

The ad is usable! YES!!! Finally, god I've been looking forever, she said it was good. Chris got the package already, which is really unfair at how fast she got the stuff, it always take maximum time with me. I still didn't get that order from amazon yet, so I'll check the tracking of the package and then e-mail them if the thing isn't here yet, it should've been here since the 10th!! Anyway, Mon Ange called this morning just before class (thank god it was before class and not during) I already set the phone on vibrate anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. She liked the book, and she wanted to read the second one, means I'll have another visit to the post office in a few days. I let her borrow my Canon Rebel2000, which is my new camera I got when I took my Intro to Photography class. I offered to give her my small one that mom left for me, I don't use it, and since she had an accident with hers, but she didn't want the cam, and I trust her to take care of my Rebel2000 so... I packed it and sent it over.. (I trust her, but I don't quite trust the postal service.) Well, I have about 30 min before I have to go back and check on my plate.

April 17, 2002

Status: getting ready for bed
Listen: nothing

I finally found the ad that I'm pretty sure I can use. Took forever, I've been looking for about 4 weeks.I guess it was a little too late to start looking, but finally I got something. Anyway, I'm supposed to talk to Chris to finalize the plot for ch 2 of Innocence Lost. She said that she's going to be home today, but I called and no one answer the phone, maybe she's asleep. Then I shouldn't try again, since she's been sick. Anyway, I better get to bed, kinda tired...
Status: at school, what else can I tell you...
Listen: absolutely nothing

I'm waiting for my plate to dry right now so I can work on the print. I found a spot on my copperplate that's not covered with ground yesterday, I assumed that while I grounded the plate it got bubble, but I swear I didn't see any, or I would've fix that right away, maybe someone touched the thing, I don't really know, but now I'm just waiting for it to get dry so I can work, if not, there's nothing I can do at that moment. We spent the entire papermaking class listening to lecture (not unusual, what unusual is me getting up early to make to the class on time) A lot of people didn't show up. Now I'm thinking more of what I want to do for artist book. *groan* I just call Mon Ange she said she'll be home, I guess she meant that she'll be home after work.. stupid me, for not listening, but it was 1AM and I was asleep when she called. Not my fault that I don't quite comprehend what she was saying. Anyway, I hope she feels better today, she sounded terrible last night, poor Chris.

April 16, 2002

Status: blurry...
Listen: nothing..

I didn't go to my science class, didn't feel so well, something got into my eye, so it kinda hurt. I didn't bother to wait for the plate either, I can work on it tomorrow. I went to bookstore, but couldn't find what I needed. I've been looking for some fan-fic to read, couldn't find any good one lately, probably because all the series are over. Anyway, we'll come up with something. I should call Chris a little later.
Status: sleepy as hell and my eye hurts
Listen: Believe Me [ Moist ]

We finally got the title for ToF:R. It'll be Innocence Lost, which is actually fitted pretty good to the story line that we're about to do. Credit to Mystique!. I just went to printshop and found that the ground I put on my plate had bubble on it, and so when it dried the damn bubble exposed the copperplate underneath, and I can't do anything to it till the ground dry (I regrounded it, just add more take less time to dry, or at least I hope it will.) I have to look for more ads, the one I found wasn't usable, the tower of Pisa is from before Reinassanse, so bookstore here I come! *groan* I'm not sure if I want to go to my science class, but I've been missing so much of that class I shouldn't miss anymore, though he doesn't take attendence, and what he lecture we better off reading from the book, maybe I'll just leave and go straight to bookstore... decisions, decisions *tap, tap* My throat still hurts, but there's nothing else, I'm not coughing, not sneezing, actually this kinda scary.

April 15, 2002

Status: getting over the urge to do more silly quizes
Listen: Dead Cell [ Papa Roach ]

The quizes were fun! I love those. I'm thinking of getting a new task chair, this one is falling apart and not comfortable anymore (I don't think it ever was, but anyway) Saw a few in Staples... I'm getting one of those smaller ones. (not enough room for big exec chair, which is a good thing I never like too big of a chair anyhow) I'm suppose to be writing, at least ToFR ch2 at least, but still didn't talk to Chris and so I don't have the layout for it just yet, I could start something, but I'll probably throw it away as soon as I get the layout for it. I'm giving her free rein, though I write most of it (well, I end up doing that when I agree to co write something) I have my input, just that she seemed happy and excite and I like her that way. (make sense? no?) I'm such a push-over when it comes to her, so much it's not even funny. I know I sound like and idiot or a 5 year old when I'm on the phone with her, too.. I don't know if she ever notice that, I guess she does. I can tell how tired she was and what mood she was in by the way she talks and her tone of voice, maybe a bit much. God, my throat hurts. At least I still have the use of my voice, though I'm not sure that's gonna be true in the next few days.

Saw these boxers at J Crew, they got fishbows on 'em and I might get them. I love those! ('what is it with you and boxers, psy would say, but hey, that's just me!) I got the fish print ones from Gap the other day and found that I got the wrong size, which mean I will have to go back and exchange 'em. I doubt they have the fish one left anymore.. at least not the blue, though I don't mind the red, I got ones with the rainbow trout on them before in red. (besides no one will see them) Well, last summer when I visit Chris (Mon Ange!) and Angie (Kitty!) Angie wanted to steal my blue with shark ones. And on winter vacation she was joking with me and said 'remember when you pack, you left your fishie boxers at home, so you won't find them here, they're at home and you'll find them at home.' I thought it was the funniest thing, cause I know she wanted them. Of course, Chris joined in with the jacket thing, too. (AF, it's really nice.) They were so cute. Ah... life little pleasure (listen to friends babbling like idiots over some article of clothing.)
Status: in the mood for quizes
Listen: Forsaken [ David Draiman ]

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Status: ---
Listen: Live Again [ Sevendust ]

About the artistbook thing last night.... about Chris's eyes, even if she's here I doubt I would be able to match them, I mean, she would've smacked me so hard for saying that. Besides the line that form for those blues were a little too long and I'm probably the last one in line, sucks, really, but what can I say. I had weird dreams last night, really weird and well, can't really put them here, but come to think of it, it's rather funny that in most of the dreams, both of them were in there, scary. Oh well, I don't feel all that well, maybe that's the reason. I should start on the story pretty soon.
Status: thinking.. ( a bit too much )
Listen: nothing.

I'm thinking of my project right now. Artist Book, that I want to make it deep blue.. indigo. As for cover, I want that indigo too.. ( maybe I can match Chris's eyes, but that would mean I need to really look at her eyes, which is highly unlikely I would be able to do so, seeing how we are about 1200 miles apart, damn distance! ) Silver would be a nice color to use with this. ( we are getting less creative as the semester wore on... hey, I'm tired! ) My throat hurts and I'm getting sick... how wonderful. I'm also writing Wishes for Sale at the moment, I have to make myself write or I won't at all, since I'm buried underneath so much work now. God.. I have to stop going out all the time now..

April 14, 2002

Status: just waiting
Listen: And All That Could Have Been [ NIN ]

Your past life diagnosis:
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Status: in pain
Listen: something

What Weapon Are You?

I fire

I went to Charette to get stuff.. and now I'm completely broke. Got back, stopped at the mall.. got some food, then to school. I did 1 print which I can show Jeff on Wed and I put softground on the plate again. (pain in the ass!) I had to do it twice and I didn't feel so good so I left, tomorrow I'll go back and then work on the plate, I didn't see the point of waiting for it to dry and bring home when I'm not going to work on it at home anyway. Beside if I wait, I'll probably have problem with the ground being too dry. Anyway, just the normal pain we face everyday.
Status: just trying to relax
Listen: Discovery Channel

Saw Frailty, still can't decide whether or not I like it. It was kinda predictable, till the very end that is, but still... It was weird, but anyway. I spent all afternoon at school then ate, then movie.. I smelled like the acid we used and the softground, I still have another plate to etch and also 1 print due. I'm down to 1 sheet of printing paper, not good, not good at all. It'll be enough for next week, but no more than that. And I have no money *groan* oh well, I'll figure something out.

April 13, 2002

Status: chillin' really I mean... chillin'
Listen: nothing, sound of the AC running (I did say chilli')

So, I called her and she called me back and then we chatted about a bunch of things mostly stupid things. She's coming for a visit (yay!) but I'm gonna still be in school (argh!) So, she might end up watching me pulling sheets of paper and waiting for the etching. Which sucks both way. I won't get to do much with her, but hey, school comes first. (I can skip, maybe.. seeing how it'll be last weeks of the semester, means I'll be buried neck deep in projects and papers) Well, the etching should be ready...
Status: x_x
Listen: ...

Ok, I watched Mulholland Drive through and kinda confusing, but I like this one better than Momento, and I repeat, BETTER. (maybe because I would rather watch a main character that is female than a male) Anyway, we probably not gonna get to work on ch 2 of ToF, wait... we don't even have a title yet. But anyway, I'm just pondering some stuff in my head and it started to depress me. Things like, why am I still here, in the god forsaken place, I mean let's face it, no one really want me anywhere. Why I still hanging around when I know I'm the unchosen one. Why killing myself in school when it's highly unlikely I'm gonna be using the degree I'm getting, chances are I'm not gonna have the time to breathe let alone doing something on the side. And it's not like I'm gonna have a life once I'm back home either. I'm gonna end up forcing myself to see work as fun. Nice house and room I have waiting for me's not gonna matter much when all I can do will be getting home and drop dead.

What a nice thing to look forward to.

April 12, 2002

Status: watching Mulholland Drive
Listen: to the movie, duh!

Anyway, I added a few more links, and finally got SyntheticSoul up and running. I didn't do anything in printshop at all, the softground is the most infuriating thing to work with I will go back tomorrow and try again. Now back to the movie...
Status: annoyed
Listen: something someone was playing...

Ok, so I just ruined the ground, by touching it before it is ready to be worked on. Argggggggghhhhhhh!!! Can it get any worse! (watch, it'll get worse) So I have to put the ground on again and wait another 30 min or so before I can use it. This is getting worse and worse all the time. Chris called me back last night at about 2 AM, telling me about the movie she was watching.. I guess I'll go get that and watch, just because. Anyway, that will have to wait till tonight.
Status: at school, waiting for the ground to dry
Listen: about to pick something, but nothing really...

Ok, so my aunt's birthday was yesterday, but I didn't say anything, just not my thing really was gonna get her something, but she pissed me off now, so forget it. Honestly, it's like a suck-up fest this morning, not for me, I can't stand it. A bunch of people sitting around and sucking up, for what?? Another thing, never compare your life to other people, is it my fault that I don't need to work right now? (first and foremost, I can't, second, my parents don't expect me to) I've been working in my dad's store ever since I can remember, granted I wasn't happy about it, but that's just life, so don't tell me 'yeah, you're so lucky you don't have to work, blah blah blah' I just want to get the hell out of here already, if not because of school I would have been gone a long time ago. The next thing will be working my ass off and still got no life. Yup, lucky me. People only see their own problem which is fine, but don't look around and say that other people are better off, because chances are other people have more problem, you just don't see it. Keep it simple and just shut the fuck up already.

April 11, 2002

Status: kinda tired
Listen: nothing

It's kinda strange that she called me twice today. To be honest I was going to call her later tonight, because everytime I call her before 10pm her time she never answer the phone and when she did she sounded like she doesn't even wanna hear me, so I see no point of calling after I got out of class. And I really didn't expect her to call me back. I was pissed last night which is why I didn't call her, that and I was too tired, I was pissed most of the afternoon too, today. I can't really say why. I feel like nothing I ever did was right, god, if I only have the guts.
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Status: in the library at school, waiting to catch the shuttle and go to the next class
Listen: Slept So Long [ Jay Gordon ]

Ok, so I've been looking in the wrong magazine. I have to look in stuff like Food&Wine... which I don't read and Architectural magazine.. Oh well, since my prof isn't here today I can turn it in on Tue (I hope I can anyway) Might get yelled at but hey, that's just normal. Just had my lunch, I feel so much better, though I think I'm getting sick. My throat is kinda scratchy right now. Sickness... damn it.. I don't need that now. So, I'll be staying in. No going anywhere. No one calls last night, but then no one ever calls. As for Chris, guess I'll stay away for a while, even though I should start on the second part of the story real soon. Everything has to wait for her, this is getting pretty old.

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April 10, 2002

Status: sleepy
Listen: the tv..

I've been looking through some magazines for the ad that has artworks as a part of it. You'd be surprise how difficult it is to find one of those and the ones that I found I'm pretty sure that my prof won't accept, I'm just about to pull my hair now. Today someone IMed me and for the life of me I had no idea who she was, she mentioned that we hadn't been talking for a very long time, so I assumed that it was someone I used to talk to post-fan-fiction period. Anyway, she was gone before I can ask. I told Angie about it and then no more than 5 min later Chris got home.. told me I'm bothering Angie. That was just great, I'm bothering her, I'm bothering them both. And I didn't even talk to her for more than 5 min. If I talked to her for an hour or two while she was trying to do something then I won't be pissed over this, but I didn't. It gets old. I'm going to bed soon before I start screaming.
Status: hungry...
Listen: System [ Chester Benington ]

I'm starving, but I guess I'll do this and then go to the cafeteria to get some food (or rather a cup of soup or something) Ok, so we are going to get a new title for ToF: The Return. Chris thought that the original title applied to the first one but not the second, anyway, I'm so bad at title so I'm gonna let her play with that. She thinks that I'm not very excited about the new story, I am excited, but to anyone who knows me well enough they would also know that I don't show it outwardly. (Of course, Chris likes it better when I actually show it and jump up and down and stuff... she likes to see that, but I'm not like that) I just turned in my portfolio for papermaking class. Seems like the 3D piece worked, though I really had no idea what I wanna do with it at first. I thought about using red, that would be like the scene that Hannibal hung that guard up on the outside corner of the cage they kept him in. Though, I doubt a lot of people will make the association with that. Oh well, blue is good, seems to remind them of hospital gown. I better get moving..

What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of Totally Kawaii!

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April 09, 2002

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Listen: Caught In The Sun [ Course of Nature ]

I asked you to stay
but you said there's no way
I begged-- you call
and you leave me after all
I know I'm not to blame
I know you don't feel the same
didn't even tell me why
you just left me here to die
I stand, I fall, I bounce off these four walls
you laugh, you leave
and you leave me here alone,
is this how it's gonna be
it's fine for you and not for me
did you even care at all
you stand, I fall

I'm guilty too
forsiring all to you
well, that's my own sin
sorry for giving in
didn't mean to waste your time
thanks for wasting mine
could have to tried to let me be
would you just set me free?

could I pay you not to...

[ Nickleback: Detangler ]
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I got the story up.. Twist of Fate: The Return I kept the title, cause Chris didn't object to it. (Though it'll ultimately be my decision) I left her name on there as well (or rather handle.) On the other front, my advisor wasn't there, he got called into the meeting, and when I went back to where he noted the time that he would be back, the room was close, and I was really tired so I decided to sign up for tomorrow at 2:40 PM. Anyway I just pricked my thumb with the safetypin (I guess it wasn't safe then) I have to use them so... anyway, back to my little project.
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Let's see, I can barely get myself up this morning. Chris called last night, after I've been asleep for about an hour already, but anyhow it's all good. I got the file back, means I can post it this afternoon. Now I'm waiting for another 15 min or so to go see my advisor, to be honest, I don't know what I need to take next semester, when I do I can pick other classes that I wanna take along with those, but first I have to get those classes that I need down and plan everything else around it. FUN!

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April 08, 2002

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Which Count Cain Character Are You?

this is cool, I've always loved Cain's character. He's so cynical, just like me!
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I should be studying, really, I should, but I couldn't. I'm lazy! Anyway, tomorrow afternoon, I'll be registering my classes and then make the index page. (among other things). Today I spent my afternoon waiting for oilchange on my little Civic, then ran over to the bookstore to get a magazine. I actually have to look for an ad that use some painting and stuff, but she was never really clear of what we're suppose to look for. I found a few, but not sure about it, well, we'll see tomorrow. I'm getting back to studying and then I expecting a phonecall. Me and Mon Ange suppose to be discussing the story. Something she wanted me to take out she said. Anyway... I won't know till I talk to her. Oh yeah, she snapped at me last night for guessing the answer to her quiz, but hey I did say that I don't remember! Bite me! Oh well, back to the book.
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Special thanks to Terry Moore for drawing and creating the above image and related series.

Find out How would you die in a horror movie?

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April 07, 2002

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Take the Screen Scotsmen Quiz @ AWONI

Finally! I've been trying to figure out why the blogger would not upload to this new url. Now it worked.. (still don't know why it didn't before) I'm kinda tired now, just got back from papermaking (this class is starting to take over my life!) I redid the emboss, and did the second part of my 3D one. And guess what! I forgot the hairdryer there! Though I doubt anyone gonna steal it, it's nothing. Hopefully everything will be all dried by Tue.

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April 06, 2002

Status: still confused
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I've been out since 11:30 this morning and just got back in (well, got back in earlier to eat and then left again) I will have to go to school again tomorrow and then do the second part for my 3D project.. (I found plastic ripcages and I used that as a mold.. ) I will have to go in with the hairdryer. Hopefully a few of the other are dried now. (the pulppainting one is dry. I know that) I still didn't get anything from Chris yet, why is it that she always set the timeline, but never keep up with it. She's the one that wanted to get this out by this weekend, but nooooooooo she hadn't even bother to write back, or call back for that matter.. I don't even know why I bother agreeing to this anyway.

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April 05, 2002

Status: confused
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I got Morpheus moved to syntheticsoul, now I have Rogue and also Blog to move.. still couldn't figure out why I couldn't upload the blog to that yet. Don't know if something I did, or I need something. This is really frustrating. I didn't get anything back from Chris yet, while I hammered out ch 1 last night. (I said I will, mean I will) Anyway, back to figure this out..

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April 04, 2002

Status: just chillin'
Listen: The World I Know [ Collective Soul ]

I just got the access info today, though I can't possibly do anything till I hammer out chapter 1 of Twist of Fate 2, I don't know what to call it yet, true that I use Twist of Fate: The Return as working title, which I might keep, have to talk to Chris about that too, but since she didn't seem to care to discuss the new title, I assumed that she doesn't have a problem with that one. Like I said, I might keep it. We pretty much lay out the plot for it last night at oh-twohundred-thirty hour.. ( ha ha ha ) I was dead asleep and then she called, yup, I think she's really fired up about this. I don't know what's the deal with Twist of Fate (I wrote it, yes, but still... kinda amazed me how people respond to it.) I guess it does have something to do with Psy asking to write the sequel if I'm not going to do it. Of course I have more than two oppose to the idea of someone else writing it. Olga even said that she'll be quiet if I would write it myself. (no need for that, really, I like to have someone to talk to and boost my ego a little.) I just went and check on the projects, the embossing might not be as good as I would like, but it's going to take forever to dry, so I don't want to play with it anymore than I have to. As for the pulp painting I think I got it pretty much the way I wanted it. Jim might not like it, but tough! I don't have the time or the patience to do that besides I have no idea what to do. Now 3D this is going to be the pain in my ass. Friday, I'll be spending at school and get the 3D one out, all of this due on Wed the 10th. I better show up for class next week. I hadn't showed up cause I wasn't going to do anything in class and so I'd rather sleep in. (not good... bad... bad... X) Now... Mon Ange I want fishies!!! (or if you prefer, I won't mind that pair of boxers from the Gap that have fish on 'em, and I want them in blue!) Ok, should get back to thinking about the story, I have to write that out tonight so she can look at it and we can post by Friday night. (yup, gonna be Mys and me on that story)

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April 03, 2002

Status: tired
Listen: Live Again [ Sevendust ]

I've just spent the entire afternoon till about 8 PM in the studio and I did 3 pieces out of 3 pieces that would complete the second portfolio. Now I'll have to be back there on either tomorrow or friday again to finish up.. probably friday though, I have no idea what I want to do for 3D piece yet. Have to think about that. I'll have to get a hold of Chris, she said we're going to discuss the plot for ToF but hadn't been able to talk about that, she had an extremely bad day yesterday so... I guess I wasn't helping any by aggravating her, but hey, you know.. that's what I do best. Anyhow.. by this weekend I should be moving everything over to my own space.. which is syntheticsoul.com can't wait.

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April 02, 2002

Status: tired and if a bit pissed.
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Well, I've decided to get my own webspace and domain... I'm gonna get yell at.. LOL. Anyway, I didn't do my papermaking today, when I went to the studio my prof from last semester was there with her class.. and even though most of the time we can go in and do our work and as long as we don't interrupt the class it'll be ok, she gave me evil look, so I left, mean I'll have to stay late tomorrow, which is ok, really. I have to make sure I got everything on me tomorrow.. I doubt I'll show up for Papermaking tomorrow morning, since I won't be doing anything. I better look for that sketch, too! I'd like to get something done in printmaking at least.

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April 01, 2002

Status: about to get clean up...
Listen: And All That Could Have Been [ NIN }

I know, I know, I've been listening to this a lot lately, maybe because it fitted my situation pretty good. I just realized how many sketch book I have, but then it's not surprising, I always get several sketchbooks going at once.. (as many as 4) It's kinda like occupational hazard. I got my Seiden RG-Veda artbook! And Berserk 3DVD set.. I'm quite happy now. Though Mon Ange will probably bang me over the head and tell me to concentrate on the sequel of Twist of Fate before goof off.. (but it'll take a while!!) Anyway, shower time..

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which CCS character are you?

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