October 31, 2004

Listening : This Photograph Is Proof [Taking Back Sunday]

Happy Halloween!!!!!

I got my mom and my sister a bag of Kisses.

Well, it's not a big thing here in Thailand so.. ya know.. no fun. Salem would be jumping with people, witches, gouls, goblins, monsters, vampire and such and man, it would be fun to be there.

Not that I ever get the patience to be there while I was in MA anyway. LOL

Happy B-day for my best big Sis. :)

Happy B-day psy!!

I've seen THE GRUDGE and all I can say was.. SMG was ADORABLE!!!

God it's so good to see her on big screen. It was great, she was awesome!

And in that bubble jacket and jeans and pony tail... I was in heaven (except that whole scary thing)

Hi to everyone. I've been so busy it's not even funny. Work hasn't let up for me, if anything it just got worse. My books still on the floor of my room and haven't been arrange or anything. I don't even get time to do my own laundry and I don't like other people doing mine. Only cause I have to wait for other people.

A lot of time I wish I never've left.

I don't like to deal with unreasonable people and stupid people. Just make things worse.

I'm playing badminton with my dad everyday for 30 min.. and it's 30 min straight of nothing but hitting the birdy as hard as I can and make sure it reach the back of the court everytime from my spot at the back.. trust me 30 min is more than enough. A game would've been less exhausted than this, cause you get a time out while serving. This you just smacking the thing back and fort and serve without looking where it has to land you just have to hit it right.

More workout.

I actually want the weight machine and such and also a trademill.. cause it'd be nice to get to workout like that.

I don't even get to think about karate.. sad really. I love my black belt.

Life suck and then you die.