February 27, 2003

She called, asking if she ever thank me for dubbing her StoneSour, I said no. I did ask if she liked 'bother' and she didn't really give me an answer, not the definite yes or no anyway, she only said.. yeah... in not so enthusiastic way so I didn't press about the StoneSour cd. She used to not like Slipknot either, now she does.... well, let's just say.. I did my part. ^_^ She said it often enough.. 'It only took you 3 years! Now I like your type of music!' Well, she didn't say 'my type of music' but anyway...

The presentation went well enough, they were impressed.. I guess when 98% of the class had never touch html before, let alone knowing what they can and can't do with it. I got a head start. Even w/o the sites that I'm doing now, I still had basic html class before, so I did play with it in school environment. We didn't talk much about design in class, though it is a design class, most of the student needed the basic course in html that's why. Anyway, it was sorta waste for me, but whatever, that won't let me wave the class when I have nothing on paper that said I know what I'm doing and let me get through to web2.

I am as of now a step up. I got blue/stripe today, I was kind of out of it, but I did react faster than last night. Last night was bad, really bad, I couldn't think of anything, couldn't remember the kenpo.. even when Sensei Al showed me again and again and I couldn't even follow while he showed me, that's how bad it was. Tonight it took 1 look and I got it. Guess the stress is getting to me now. I think the fact that she's not coming this week is a blessing, even though I am disappointed. I have too much to do, and it'll end with midterm review for senior studio next Wed.. which will be the day she's coming in... I'll be ready to rest by then. Anyway, here is the piece that Chris asked for as soon as she saw the image. And I made another one for her.. with a red dragon wrapped around a sword. I have to look for that photo.. though I only have the unfinished photo of the piece, well she's coming up, I guess I can ask her to take me a pic of it. A pic of her portrait too. I found the small piece I did as a mock piece for the portrait.. smaller, much, much smaller and less detail (because it is smaller, I can over look a few things.. I tried to keep even the smallest details, but sometimes you just can't help it.) And here. Better be off to bed..

We live for desire eternally. [ Cecilia Tan ]

February 26, 2003

She's not coming, not this Wed anyway.. That's what she said, I don't even know why I'm disappointed... since I kinda have the feeling that she's not coming already. I guess it's not the worse thing.. since I need to do a lot of things.. I have project due tomorrow, website, then I need to meet with Tudor and then I have belt test. Next Wed though I have Senior Studio midterm review. My teacher screwed the list up.. she put me for 2:15 herself, then she e-mail me and told me my name isn't on the list. So now I had no choice but to go on a later time.. now I'm on at 3:15, just great.

February 24, 2003

we are all accursed to walk this earth with our unfulfilled desire, both you and I. and when you walk the path to your desire, my friend, may your walk be a short one, as short as mine is long.
*click* sounded more and more familiar to me, yup sound of the phone being turned off. Why is it that I can never hang up on anyone, least of all her, but she hangs up on me left and right. Every little thing I said pissed her off, it's a mistake calling me? Well, newsflash, I am a mistake. From the first moment we met. Why are we still doing the same old song and dance? I don't know, I don't know why we don't just stop, call it quit and take it as lost time. Wasted.

I tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
but though you're still with me
I've been alone all along
I'm in my class now and I just noticed a few things on here that shouldn't be, and also a few things that needed corrections... only because I copied them from my previous layout (the one before last) it happened when I have several backups. Blame it on the lack of zipdrive at the time. I can't work on my layout now because they don't have the font I used.. bummer.. so I have to go back home to do what needed to be done. Also this.. a few corrections.. I better do it on the original file so I don't have to do it twice. I wanna go home, like, right now. But of course I can't. The new layout seems to be in working order, no more error 104. I think it has everything to do with the fact that I switched a few things that I shouldn't, I guess. Unsolved Mystery... nah I'm not about to try to solve that one anytime soon... busy.. school..

Didn't hear from Chris yet, guessing tomorrow night before I know for sure if she's coming or not. Hopefully she is.. cause I miss her, I rarely say that anymore, and same goes for her, so it surprised me when she said it first. Someone is sucking up... shopping, seafood, sushi, and just hiding she said.. can I give her that, sure I can. Always take care of her, always.

February 23, 2003

I'm working on my web design 1 class project... It is a good class if I have no idea what I'm doing with dreamweaver or html in general, unfortunately I couldn't skip it and go ahead to web2, so I'm suffering. Anyway, I did a small sketch to use for the homepage. (ok I know I should put more effort into it, but well, I'm too lazy.. ) And the sketch is here It's just a quick sketch.. I'm working on how I would fit the thing into the layout and make it look better.. (ok maybe it won't look better once it is done, but the thing due this Wed..)
Finally, a new layout. I've been hitting blocks.. So, she is coming, and her flight will come in in the afternoon, around 1PM, a good thing cause I will be out of the class and have nothing to do till later in the evening. My problem now is, should I leave her at home while I go and take the belt test or should I take her with me, she can't watch either way, Sensei Natalie doesn't allow that.

New layout.. the image is from Shirahime-Syo, by Clamp. A collection of short stories.. the story was that the woman waiting for her lover to return by freeze herself in the frozen lake and when he came home to find her dead and frozen just like the day he left.. well, you get the picture.. I'll get the synopsis later.. The song is Even In Death by Evanescence.. you might've heard a song by them on Daredevil Soundtrack (Bring Me To Life and My Immortal.)

give me a reason to believe that you're gone
I see your shadow so I know they're all wrong
moonlight on the soft brown earth
it leaves me to where you lay
they took you away from me but now I'm taking you home

I will stay forever here with you, my love
the softly spoken words you gave me
even in death our love goes on

some say I'm crasy for my love, oh my love
but no bonds can old me from your side, oh my love
they don't know you can't leave me
they don't hear you singing to me

and I can't love you anymore than I do

[ Evanescence | Even In Death ]

February 22, 2003

I know I said that this thing will be down by midnight of the 21st, but I've been out all afternoon and right now a massive headache is about to do me in. Sword seminar was cool, never handle a sword like this before so ... I'm guessing I can get a lighter one.. the flexible kind, but the one we got was good for what it was for.. practicing. I guess it'll be a good idea for me to handle it as often as I could manage.. right now the skin between my index finger and my thumb got rubbed raw.. (try doing the figure 8 with the sword over and over again and made sure that the blade facing the right way.. oh yeah.. blister..) I'll ask about the sai, Sensei Al said Sensei Natalie has the sai's form.. and numchuck that would be good too.. that being said I shoudl get a pair of sai and also numchuck.. what do you think? Which one should I get first??

I still don't know if Chris is actually coming or she is just pulling my chain.. (there is no need to tell me that she is going to come into town if she isn't really coming, though. But we all know her.. she might just change her mind the last minute or she just don't really care either way...) If she is coming she'll probably tell me the time and flight # the night before, if not I'll probably know the night before or the day of.. I hope she tells me before though.. I need time to get things done.. either way.. early notice would be nice.

February 19, 2003

I really don't know if she's coming or not. She didn't give me the time or the flight number, but that is just so typical christine thing to do. She'll wait till the last minute before telling me, but I need to run errands this weekend if she's coming into town. There are things I need to get done just so I won't get tied up. And as usual, I can't get a hold of her, this is just unbelievable... I'm too tired to deal with this crap. I'm actually looking forward to her coming over, and I'm quite happy about it, but sometimes I wonder if it worth all the trouble.
Well, Blogger still giving me a hard time about the Error 104, so my archive page looked really weird, but this will be down by Friday night at midnight.. though that would mean that I need to come up with something.. and quick! On the other note.. a friend of mine is visiting, coming into town this Wed, she really want to get the hell out of there I guess... (why would ya wanna be in New England this time of the year is beyond me... snow, freezing cold... um...) It'll be a bit warmer tomorrow, but still... Plan for this friday is cancelled... I have Sword Seminar from 6-8 but to track around in Boston all day before that not a nice image... ^_< Anyway... I also have another belt test next Wed.. I'm hoping that even though she actually comes in... It'll be later that night.. the belt test usually runs from 6 to about 7, but I'll get blue w/stripe... might take longer.. Jamie said he'll pick her up for me, but I still wanna be there to pick her up.. Oh well, we'll see...

February 14, 2003

Well, I hate valentine.. and this isn't the first time I said it. Either way I don't give a rat ass anymore. As for 'her' fuck her! I don't care anymore.

February 11, 2003

It's a bad day, I hate flu!!! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!! I woke up this morning, the pain in my back was just unbearable, my throat was killing me, man that was just great. When you couldn't even lay on your back without feeling it. Hopefully it'll be over by this week. Just took some nyquil, it'll help (I hope it will) Blogger still giving me trouble, maybe it's the new layout.. I'm done playing with it though, it'll be done at midnight on the 21st anyway.

February 21st we'll have broad sword seminar at the dojo, teaches by Master Bruce, will be good. Do I have enough money???

February 10, 2003

Blogger is giving me hell again. And this time I really don't know what to do, I kept getting Error 104. I checked but there was nothing that is out of place or missing. HELP!!!! I felt a bit better after a few hours of sleep and a few pills... (yeah, well, what can I say... )

February 08, 2003

New layout, will be up from now, it is for valentine.. (I know a bit early, but hey...) And it will be taken down exactly a week from Friday the 14th.

SNOW!!! Well, we got more of that today, at least it was the fluffy one and not wet and heavy.. didn't take too long to shovel it and get the cars out of the driveway and just in time for sparring. I love the class, fun. Of course flag tag my head connected with the kid.. kinda hurt, still hurt. Too bad with the snow I didn't get to see movie, Cat was gonna come with me.. but with snow and everything her parents didn't like the drive from here to there. Anyway.. maybe tomorrow.

February 07, 2003

Well, I crumbled... God!! I couldn't believe.. just like that.

We got male model today, and let's just say I wasn't that happy. I mean, who would want to look at some ugly guy?? I don't. Not with clothe and certainly not without. Anyhow... once in class he was just something to draw, so it wasn't disturbing once the class start. Sometime drawing male is easier.. (just because of the fact that there ain't many curves to be worried about.) The only joy in my life seems to be my karate class.. not that it's a bad thing it is actually a really good thing. I love my class. Tomorrow is sparring and we should get some more people, though it seems that the weather will be crappy tomorrow.

February 05, 2003

I see the end is near.. and if it is.. then the new layout for this blog that I've been playing with to put up for valentine will have to be thrown out. ok, it's nothing pink of flowery or romantic. Just me and my only love.. but then again love suck!

February 03, 2003

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ok so the soup is too hot and stupid me I didn't wait for it to cool down before taking a sip.. Oh well, I have a homework that I still did not do and it is due tomorrow at 12. Well, I can go to bed a bit late.. :)

February 02, 2003

Got a new scanner, finally. What I need next would be zip drive.. I need one, I got so use to having one and now I don't it annoys me. One thing at the time. I spent most of my day shopping with my aunt and remember clearly why I don't do that anymore.. it's fucking tiring!! Shopping isn't my favorite past time, I can find better things to do.. I shop too much like a guy anyway.. go in get what I want and leave, so when I have to walk around because someone else wanted to look around is just not fun to me. I can tolerate when it's Chris who does that, for the obvious reason, other than her, I can stand that from no one else.

February 01, 2003

We got the same model for Thursday, and now I know her name. Nope I did not talk to her, kinda feel a bit weird to be talking to her while she's in her robe and reading. Anyway... well, got a new wallet.. the one with chain.. don't ask why I just wanted one. I wanted that belt at Banana Republic.. I'll get it next time.. probably Wed. I'm watching Signs.. actually I'm just finished the movie. Interesting, but I don't think I'll buy it. I wanted to see S1MONE, but they were out of it.. I don't wanna buy the DVD unless I know for a fact that I'm gonna like it. Oh yeah, I found a ring that fits my pinkie too.. I have small hands.. so that was a tough one. But I did it.. it is a mood ring, I'm not planning on keeping it forever and ever and it was more of a moment thing so this will stay on my finger for as long as it will last. Chris said I'm extra snappy today, and I wasn't trying to be, she contradicted herself and I see absolutely no point of her even calling me while she is shopping at all. She's trying to please, but that is not the way. Well, maybe she wasn't trying to please, but just to kill time, since I'm just a nobody. Why the fuck did she care anyway.