December 25, 2003

I am currently out of town right now.. my internet access is needless to say.. non exist... so.. I won't be posting anything till I get home..

And yes Cin I do read the comment.. thank you for leaving them.. Hope you have a nice holiday.

December 19, 2003

Listening : Polyamorous [ Breaking Benjamin ]

Last final ended!! Yeah!!!

Finally, I can get some sleep.

Now I'm back to writing.. well, trying to anyway.. I'm too sleepy to think well about anything. I slept walked through the afternoon.. until my class.. Kevin picked up the pace real fast.. unlike Sensei Al or Stella.. he doesn't call for more than one strike at one time.. but he called them in fast succession... more than made up for it.

I'm right here, Lady B.

I'm your Faith

December 17, 2003

Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
same from them. People would consider you a
good listener, and one who is calm and mostly

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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Plug for Elphie

Final tomorrow..

December 16, 2003

Everything is done!!!

I just need to mount the damn printouts and I'm all set.. of course.. I will have to pick up the slides tomorrow and then drop them off, but that's all right, I'll have to call PRA too, so they know that I can't make it for tomorrow.. I guess I'll try on Thur after my photo history final, that might work out better.. seeing how I usually don't get out of here till late anyhow. I think I'll do that.

I need sleep.. sleep is good.. but before that.. I gotta dig out the sleeve for the slides.

Oh yeah, I got new gi.. Century demo top and pants. I looked like scarecrow in them.. I LOVE IT!!!

Ann had to fold up the sleeves for me cause you could only see the tips of my finger sticking out then she went to grab me and I practically slip right off.. LOL

The only thing was that I sweat faster in them.. cause they are medium weight.. (feels like heavy to me..) My old gi was light weight.. I'll get use to that.. and I can make, what Sensei Natalie likes to call, cool gi noises..

December 14, 2003

More snow people, more snow...

Jeez!! The winter just started.. I don't really need that much snow.. Really I don't.

I hate snow.

December 11, 2003

I got 1200 words out of 1800 that I'm suppose to do.. *sigh* well, it's only 11:41PM.. still got time, some... not much, but if I'm running dry then well.. I can have all the time in the word and still won't help.

Ok, a plug for Cin Hi! I added your link..

December 09, 2003

So, I'm starting on some searching for info on Diane Arbus and some Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland) I'll start on the paper tomorrow.. 1800 words. Not so bad, I don't think.. Arno (Aestetic and Critical Study of Photography's teacher) originally wanted 6 page paper, but he figured that we might cheat by trying bigger font and stuff.. thus the amount of words instead of page.

Got some new software..

Got 4 Kata.. combo 21, 24

21 : L knife block over head, R leopard paw to the shoulder, L foot forward to the outside, R step up turn around with L hand grab the wrist, R hammer to the elbow, back fist to the head, L kick to the back of the knee spin around in spinning hook.

24: L step forward, double open hand block down, double cross hadn to the throat, rake to the face, poison thumbs.

I better get that damn notebook soon... grrrrr

December 07, 2003


God I hate snow!

Had to shovel, and it's still snowing.

Things to finish for final week
þ flash anime for web2 project and the entire site
þ CD label for 'Corpus Delicti' the 4th cd and the cover
þ 1st and 2nd CD for SS
ý Asthetic and Critical Study of Photography paper
þ CD label for 1st CD 'DULKENHEIT'
Listening : Taking Over Me [ Evanescence ]

Things to finish for final week
þ flash anime for web2 project and the entire site
þ CD label for 'Corpus Delicti' the 4th cd and the cover
þ 1st and 2nd CD for SS
ý Asthetic and Critical Study of Photography paper
ý CD label for 1st CD 'DULKENHEIT'

December 04, 2003

Listening : Half Pain [ Bana ]

Ok, it's crunch time and guess what happened. Every files that I opened on Monday during my Web2 class got corrupted!!! They fucking corrupted! And I had to dumped them.. half of my html files, half of the jpg files!

I'm pulling hair, kicking and screaming. Everything is due next week... and I'm almost done with them! And now I have to do them AGAIN!!!

December 03, 2003

Yesterday I got stuck in the traffic for say... 2 hours, when it usually takes me maybe 45 min to get to where I was going, but I got out lightly than those that left the house at 6am and got to work or wherever at 11 or 10. It was just bad all around.. Half way down I thought about turning around and then I looked over to the other side and well, it was just as bad so I kept on going..

Amazingly enough, when it started to snow people forgot how to drive.

The way back was much much better, even better than normal where I would be stuck in a bit of a traffic, I didn't at all. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow. I was at the dojo from 4 till almost 8, cause sensei al asked if I could come in, so I did. Small classes. Today was a bigger class, but I was at school till after 5.

Anyhow.. it's crunch time!

God, I just love *sacasm* this!

December 02, 2003

A plug for Elphie! Love the color you used.. :)

And thanX.

Love Eliza.. she's cool, I think she's back home till after new year.. maybe I should take a ride out to watertown.. ummmm.... Nah... no can do, first I wouldn't know where to start, second, I have too much to do to be driving around in a town near Boston.

Oh yeah, got my second stripe.. and so.. I got my first kenpo of second degree brown today.

: Left cat, sticky hand block, lunge forward, right knife to the neck, left thrust to the rip, right ridge to the face with left hand grab the back of the head, right rake across the face, reverse hammer to the rip (solar plexus), right back fist, left palm, spinning back kick.

it's the spinning back kick that turned into the spinning side kick... it's easy to mistake them. I like spinning side kick.

I need to write down all these stuff down, I have too many to remember now.

Ann was like, she's not afraid of me doing the kenpo on her, cause I don't know the move yet and I hesitated, while sensei natalie didn't, she went into it and if she ever slip it would hurt.. Well, it will hurt I know for a fact that it will.

December 01, 2003

So long have I watched and waited.

So long have I wanted you.

Ever since that first moment, just outside of this place. You came running, afraid of being too late to save... me. How cavaliar of you, how brave, how the noble one always ready to save those in need of saving.

I could feel you then, coming right up behind me.

I can hear you, talking to your friends, running. The sounds of your heels hitting the ashalt. I didn't need you to save me, and I could feel your surprise, that there's someone that doesn't need your help.

We were introduced then, and me filling you in on my stories. I was talking, but mostly I was listening.

Listening to the things that you’ve said.

Anything, everything, always.

Always waiting in the shadow, till you needed me.

Every night waiting just on the outside, for you to come out. After the time with your friends. So blind, they are. They couldn't see. They couldn't understand the fight, the rush.

There’re just you and me, Lady B.

Just you and me.

The two disappeared into the night.