March 16, 2012

view from the river (wip)

I'm working on this one, mainly because I wanna figure it out how it works. I got 52 ridges (104 rows) so far still a lot to go.

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March 13, 2012


Buffy!! by Xavacid
Buffy!!, a photo by Xavacid on Flickr.

lunchbox and board, conversation with dead people!

March 12, 2012

I'm making a box.

there was a picture of a knitting kit box that I saw, unfortunately it was only a picture no details. So, I'm coming up with my own. And with that and a bunch of cardboard lying around. I'm making a box or 2.

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March 09, 2012


mail!! by Xavacid
mail!!, a photo by Xavacid on Flickr.

I got mail!!

A friend was being very kind and sent me a bottle (collapsible???) bottle and some cookies (very good ones, I love them eventhough they are a bit too sweet than I normally like) I love when I get mail, I rarely do anymore. Which reminded me I need to mail out a few packages.

I guess I'm gonna start blogging again. If for nothing more than to keep things straight (huh!!) And some photo of project explain.

February 20, 2012

situation with kinect sensor

situation with kinect sensor by Xavacid
situation with kinect sensor, a photo by Xavacid on Flickr.

situation with kinect sensor

My sister bought me xbox360 for my birthday, and since this is going into my room, we have problem of there being not enough space as the kinect recommend (6-8ft.) the distance that could be fix by putting the unit on top of the tv. Unfortunately that would require that I get a mounting clip of some sort. The thing was too expensive for a simple purpose, really, it's a rip off!! So I look around instructable, and came up with my own, it worked well, and stable enough. SO, I'm gonna stick with it.