July 31, 2003

Listening : You're So Last Summer [ Taking Back Sunday ]

I got 4 and 5 Pinan, and 3 combinations.. I remember both form from the beginning to end, but the combinations.. I only remember 2 out of 3, which is not bad considering I got it today. Earlier my friend asked how was my karate class.. and well, I told her I got 1 more form.. (that was before class today) she said that's it? I was like what do you mean, that's it? So I told her, so far I have 8 katas (including tonight it's 9) 16 combinations, 15 kenpos, 12 of the animal tech, 5 different tech for each grabs.. (front, back, wrists 1 and 2 hands, lapels) 2 bear hugs, variations of headlock, fullnelson.. variations of defense against club and knife.. what do you mean that's it?! I told her she should come see the class sometimes.. though I knew for certain that she wouldn't even jump in, she has this thing about not getting hurt.. Guess I shouldn't have showed her the bruises.. but then you conditioning yourself, ya know.

The muscle I pulled felt better now, but I still need to be careful while doing push up. I'm thinking of a new layout for the blog and also a notebook for all my karate stuff.. I know if I don't do it often I'll forget, and well, I better write it down, I guess. I saw Tomb Raider last night, I loved it! Loved the ending.. ^_^. Just how cocky he was being, I was so glad she didn't let him get out of there. 'nough spoiler... I can't wait for Underworld though.

July 28, 2003

Think I pulled a muscle in my tricep.. and right now it hurts like hell, the sad part is I have no idea how that happen. That in and of itself is weird, that push up didn't help either, think I just hurt myself even more, gotta be careful for the next week doing anything with my left arm I guess.

Things are quiet lately, just a lot of reading and writing for me. Well, a lot more writing than I've managed in the last 2 semesters. I finished painting the damn swing set too. At the beginning of the summer my aunt asked if I go anywhere, and that she want me to paint the shed, I thought it doesn't take the entire summer to do it and even if I decided to go anywhere later on (not that I am) then after that it's the house then the damn pool deck and the swing set.. I'm waiting for another one.. the porch, oh year.. she kept telling me to do it and not even look outside, even when it rain. I told her it was raining she went ahead and asked if I did it. She couldn't seem to understand that these things take time to set and dry, not like I can slap it on and leave for 5 min and then it'll be all ready to use. God.. it's not a hard concept.

July 27, 2003

Got my belt, now I'm a green/stripe. Cool, so now the actual killing begins. I didn't go see Tomb Raider yet, I will on Monday night I guess, I really hate dealing with kids especially in the theater so I go during the time where normal kids would be in and not out and about. Well, I should get my butt back to writing.. it's raining!!!

July 25, 2003

Listening : The Leaving Song Pt. 2 [ AFI ]

I've been reading Buffy xover, and well, I found lots of B:tVS/HP a lot of them, wonder why, but then I've only been looking on 1 site, so it could be that there are a hell of a lot more other series xover than just with HP, well, I'm not so incline to look that hard, I prefer B/F pairing anyhow. Now off the fanfic topic. Tomorrow afternoon, belt test (evening really) I'll be green/stripe. It'll be sensei Lenny and Donna I think and after that we'll get Shihan Novelty.. scary man if he wanted to be. I'm a bit nervous about the test, after all, I 've been on this belt a while.. as I should.

After test tomorrow I'll go see Tomb Raider : The Cradle of Life. I can't wait, think I've seen more movie right now, only because I don't bother waiting for people to go with me anymore, a lot of time I miss the movie while it's in the theater because of it, so I decided that if I wanna see something I'll just go myself, who cares. (yeah I know I got no friends that I can drag places) Sometimes I prefer it, cause there's no negotiation, no arguing on which to see and which not to see. No one complains when the movie I picked sucked!

I should get my butt back to writing.

July 22, 2003

Listening : Half Pain [ Bana ]

My left upper arm hurts a bit, I was doing one of the techniques, one that I wouldn't use against anyone who is taller than me, it's kinda hard to get that close and fast enough to stop their swing before it comes down, takes timing (something I don't have as of yet) and also leverage that required me to be a bit taller.. then again if I can make it work for me, well, it'd be great, if not I have other ones to fall back to.

I'm writing, yeah, kinda hard to believe... well, for Innocence Lost anyway, I've been writing Different Light. I kinda have the outline for both down, but it'll need some fine tuning. Actually IL is a collaboration, between me and her, but now that it's over, it's not possible anymore. Not that it was different from before, I think the only reason she was so adament about me doing it with her was jealousy, she was afraid that I'd write it with Psy. Truth is, I should've. So, now I started a project that basically wasn't something I would've done, not right now anyway, only because it'd be such a waste on a really good characters and storyline. Yeah well, shoot me.

Anyway, those 2 and another Uber one. Vampy, Lycans, Psychic, on my.

Belt test, Friday... T minus 4 days.

July 17, 2003

Listening : The Downward Spiral ( the Bottom ) | NIN

I got my ring (s) today. The 'one ring' I asked my dad to have it made, and well, they couldn't figure out how to etch the inscription on the inside without ruining it when made into a ring, so I told them forget the inside as long as the outside look good I'm happy. He went ahead and had the second ring made with the second line etched on the outside.. God I love my parents. I could buy the damn ring, of course, I just want it hand made, not machine. And these are definitely handmade.. I've watch them done, and I could just see it. Anyway, I don't have the pay for it.. for 2 rings 18K with the carving. Not bad.

Stained the entire pool deck, it's done, they should stop bugging me now.. what's left is the house itself, though I vaguely remember uncle George saying he'll do the rest himself.
Hit my head on the way down today, so now it's migrain.. suck but I'll live. Got a big ass splinter in my knuckle from staining the deck yesterday too.. I think I took it all out, but I don't know. I have belt test on the 25th. Cat is on the same test too, but I'm not sure if she can go on it, she hurts her knee last week. Hopefully she'll be all right.

Isn't it funny, I got an IM waiting for me while I was out painting (that's all I've been doing anyway) and it said to call in an hour. Now that we are not friends, I don't know if we ever were, or I was just a doormat, it sure sounded like someone is not acknowledge that little fact that I don't want this anymore. Repeating the 'I love you, I miss you' ain't gonna help when I knew better. Sure she loves me, if that is true why am I always the last in line, everyone else on this god forsaken place came before me. Even some flimsy co-worker that she called friend whom she knew no more than a month came before me. Me, the one she knew for 4 years, did everything for her and be there when she needed. And I'm the one that last in line. No more though. I'm done being in any line at all. Happy that way.

After all the rambling, I gotta plug for Elphie Willow is cool!

July 15, 2003

Saw LXG, and well, I liked it a lot. Peta Wilson was cool, especially the scene that she leaped up and started with those snipers. Bats!!! It was fun, I liked that movie, I tend to like the movies with the cartoon undertone.. it's like escaping. (well, I watch them to escape, kinda deal, entertain and not think, you know.. ) The same thing with reading, do it so I won't have to think. I can do with other people's imagination for a while, before get back to my own and use it.

I'm writing, yes I am. Just not Talia/Susan, it's Buffy/Faith (Fuffy they called?) It's actually an A/U (uber) I used Faith and then Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions, then twisted it and spinned it. It's fun.

July 12, 2003

Listening : Skin [ Adema ]

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, I liked it, a lot. Johnny Depp was great, Olando Bloom was great, the girl was cute ( gotta figure out her name, I'll look that up later ) I'll go see L.X.G. later next week I think, probably Tue. Had a conversation with Psy, haven't talked to her so it was great, but I might've bored her out of her mind, I don't know.

Got another nasty looking bruise on my right arm again. Well, the old ones healed now got a new one. It hurts a bit, but you live and learned and got used to it. ^_^ I've heard of the more traditional style where it's full contact, no padding, and conditioning, which just painful. I mean we punched and made contact, but not full force, not to hurt, block is what I usually get the bruise from. Well, gotta love it.

Think I'll dub Noir for Psy, and maybe X. When I get the time and money for it.

July 10, 2003

45 minutes of me alone in class with sensei Stella.. nice huh. It's like a private lesson, well, it's not like it's the first time.. the first was one Saturday and it was just me and Sensei Natalie. We went through the Bo form.. of course I don't remember jack again.. I remember a bit of it, but not enough, I won't be needing it till I'm a brown belt going for black, but Sensei Natalie would give it at green belt if we show up often enough and I certainly show up enough. Cat got hurt yesterday, didn't really see how, but I was there, I guess Elizabeth went down and took her down too. It's her knee, she should've worn her knee braces, still, but hell the way she had to sit and stuff I can see why she didn't want to.

Pirate of Caribbean, I'll see that maybe next week, I'd rather not have to deal with a bunch of kids if I could.

July 08, 2003

Karen came over today to work on her wedding album, we got a few pages done, she was telling me that it's one of the life time thing, so I asked if she had seen Hope Floats and refered to the scene where Sandra Bullock started working at the 1h photo place and the machine screwed up the film and the print, so 1 of the rolls came out with nothing but black, then her highschool class mate who was the one that dropped it off was throwing hissy fits, saying how it was one of the life time deal that they are not replacable, then Birdy (SB character) told her there will be another time since this was like her 4th marriage.. then her friend hiss, it's her 5th, but they all have different theme.. I thought that was really funny. I didn't see that movie valuntarily, we wanted to see movie and it was the only one that was there at that time, so we saw it. Not that bad, just that I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

Learned new kenpo, no name though, and be reminded of the quick hand one and the other one that Sensei Lenny taught us one night after sparring, the one ones that got them were me, Cat, Dmytry. I got the basic ideas, but I forgot the details.. like where the hand actually go, stuff like that. I should get a notebook for this, I think I will.

'I don't want a thing from you bet you're tired of me, waiting for the scraps to fall off of your table to the ground'

July 07, 2003

As black as the night can get
Everything is safer now
There's always a way to forget
Once you learn to find a way how

In the blur of serenity
Where did everything get lost?
The flowers of naiveté
Buried in a layer of frost

The smell of sunshine
I remember sometimes

Thought he had it all before they called his bluff
Found out that his skin just wasn't thick enough
Wanted to go back to how it was before
Though he lost everything
Then he lost a whole lot more

A fool's devotion
Swallowed up in empty space
The tears of regret
Frozen to the side of his face

The smell of sunshine
I remember sometimes

I've done all I can do
Could I please come with you?
Sweet smell of sunshine
I remember sometimes

[ NIN | I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally ]

July 06, 2003

Hung out with Bona, haven't seen her for a while and guess what, she took my ring! The samd damn ring that Chris had been eyeing for over three years, she used to take them off of my finger and then saying how they fit her pinkie, but they were my mom's so she wouldn't take them, though if she did I wouldn't have cared. They were my mom's but not the way she thought, anyway, Bona has one of them now, I'll get it back, next time I see her.

Saw Saiyuki, finally, liked it. I know what the general characters base off of... At least Goku, god I miss that series, even though I don't remember the title. Saw it a long time ago. .

July 05, 2003

Ok, I hate arguement, confrontation, if I didn't say it before I'll say it now. Anyway, that just reminded me of one time someone said to me 'isn't that a bit confrontational?' and I nearly fall off my chair laughing. Me? Confrontational? Never, and I'm not saying that in sacastic way either. I'm the least confrontational person you'll ever meet. Anyway, trouble, but then I'm over it. I have the urge to go out and get movie. I want to get Buffy season 2 and 3, not necessarily in that order. I'm not interested after season 3. I'm gonna go read Alichino.. If I can get it in the right order that is. .

July 04, 2003

You are Matsulika. You embrace the inherent evil
in your species and take pleasure in
manipulating all that you feel are lesser than
you. You have no pity, you have no empathy, and
you have no morals. You are simply evil.

Manga- What Alichino Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Saw T3, I liked it, a lot. I won't post anything, in case some didn't see it yet. Nice actions, nice explosives, nice destructions, my type of thing. ^_^

There were only 3 people in class today, of course, people tend to slack of things like this during summer. So there was this guy Allen (whom I don't really like to work with) Elizabeth, Cat went to see the movie.. So we were practicing, then Sensei Al came with this thing that during the class at anytime he might call out.. push up, sit up and stuff we'll have to stop what we were doing and drop and give him 20. We did like a set of 75-100 of each thing before class already, but anyway, you do what you're told. That's just how it is.

I read something the other day, about how a lot of the dojo are dropping the kata from their lessons, because they see no point of it. And I don't agree with that, though we're not. Kata are good, they help us practice the defence in the perfect senario. Block hard, strike hard, be acurate and you don't need a partner whom might get hurt if you get too close and punch as hard as you need to (or block) I just thing traditions are good, thousand years of practice, it can't be wrong.

Helga is in her Buffy kick right now.. she watch through the entire season 7. Now I can discuss the end with her, cause she'd seen it. I was telling her about the nickname that Faith gave each of them and she was like 'oh, German translation didn't really give that' Well, I'm glad I still have someone I can talk to about these things.

July 03, 2003

A phone called earlier today, it was Karen, she wanted to know if I can go with her to pick up some stuff for her wedding album, we planned to go on Thursday, but I guess she already clear her work early on today so she wanted to get it over with, so I went, took a look at what she had done, which basically organized the photos and put them in, but she wanted to decorate it, make it look more interesting, figure I could give her ideas, well, I guess graphic design students like us gotta do something more, can't just leve it plain. She said everyone that looked at it before me said it looked good, and here I was telling her that it was plain, which she had been saying to everyone else.

We picked up a few things, I never realized they have that kind of thing (tiny little flowers, wedding dress, tux, silver/gold fork and knife, stars etc.) They were for greeting card (make it yourself) So she picked up a few things. I told her she should draw something for the corners with gold pen (not every corners mind you) but she refused, afraid she might ruin it. I doubt she will, but then she kept saying she can't draw. Oh well, I would offer to do it for her, cause I think a little vile and stuff would look good.. didn't even have to just draw it, can just trance.. and we could use pencil then trance over with gold or silver pen, but nah.. if she wanted me to do it for her she'll ask.

So I had late lunch with her (more like she's watching and I ate. She's vegetarian, not much she can order in resturant.) Then I went right in for karate, we got some older guy signed up last week, he came in. 2 women came in to watch the class, and they left in the middle. Cat was off a little today I think, she usually can take me down, with me going down for her, but today, I didn't resist or anything she couldn't. The fact that she kicked a little too high didn't help, she kicked right just below my knee, and so I would more likely to kneel over and not fall back. Had to put the shin guards on for that (backward.) We'll do better tomorrow.

I'm gonna pick a new picture to draw, gotta keep it sharp. I like doing things with my hand, maybe that's why I respect people that work with their hands much much more (notice I like watching people work, building things.. that's why I like watching the motorcycle special in discovery channel, American Chopper, Motorcycle Mania, Birth of V-Rod.) Actually I respect everyone that do the things they do so well. Amazed me what people can do.

July 01, 2003

I'm looking to draw more, well more than I have been.. I did 2 drawings last night.. and yeah, can we say obsessed?? It's of ELiza Dushku and the other one was SMG... I tend to get stuck on one thing at the time and then I'll be like this for a while, there's no telling how long it'll last. So, I basically just enjoy it while it last. I'm just glad that I have something that I'm into (well, things, I have quite a few things that I am into.) I'll be bored without these distraction. At times I prefer it over socialization, I see no point in party so you have it. Right now I'll just draw, and read and write.

I'll be on the next belt test, that's what Sensei Al said. I'll be green/stripe. I got all my stuff.. I was a bit off today though, having 5 restless hour of sleep tend to do that to me. I'm tired now, and I usually won't go to bed till maybe 5 hours later.

I'm waiting for American Chopper on Discover Channel.. (yeah, I'm love that show.. >:D ) While I'm waiting.. I did a little drawing. I remember saying that I will draw Faith, now that I drew Buffy (SMG really) Now I drew Faith.. Let me know what you think??

And also a plug for Elphie me really like the new layout.