April 20, 2009

new collection

I bought a small set of Sylvanian Families the other day.. it was Papa Boris' Garden set. I like small things, so Re-Ment, Sylvanian Familes (Calico Critters in the US I think) are right on target. :)

The mall nearby has a sale right now. You can get 3 or 4 levels shelves for $8 and $11 respectively. The outside of it is white, but the inside is either blue or pink. I wanted the blue, but there as no blue (or maybe I didn't see it) so I picked up 4 levels one, I might get more. Maybe I'll lay in on the side on top of my other shelves. Actually, the purpose of it was so I can have a place to put my dolls in and small things, because they occupied my other desk and I needed the space, last thing I really need is to knock one of them off the desk because I was getting stuff. They are a bit too expensive for that.

The size of each level was pretty good, even though it's not high enough for the doll to stand (it was a little under 12") But it's fine. I made a closet for it too, cause I need a place to hang up the doll clothes.

My sister just sold 1 and she's gonna go ship it out today.

She said she's gonna bring all her dolls (the one she might sell) and leave them all with me, because there seems to be problem everytime she said she gonna sell. It was weird.

I told her maybe they didn't wanna leave!!

Anyhow, I got stuff filled in on each shelves already, but things are subject to change. :)

Blogger's being a B yesterday, I couldn't get in, don't know why.

And when I finished the dolltrunk, I will start on a new layout for this and my site as well.. time to change.

April 02, 2009

been a while

Well, I've been away from blogging for a while. Maybe because I've been doing something else. :D

I've recently gotten a new phone. Only because the last one died. I'm not one to change phone often, because I like familiarity, I like to know what to do with what I have. Everytime I change cellphone, it usually takes me a little while I get use to it. This time is no different.

My last phone was iPaq,a pocket pc. It worked for me.. although I don't think I've used it to its full potential. :) I rarely even sync it to my comp.

At first I wanted to wait for iPhone, for the 3G to be ready in my area, but well, when I thought about it, what's the point. And since my phone died, I needed to get a new one..

And then came Omnia.

I've always liked Samsung, my very first phone was Samsung and it served me well, until the washing and drying took it. LOL. Then my second phone, also Samsung, and the third was also Samsung VGA1000. I loved that phone.

Even my fourth, until it was stolen, that is.

So, now it's Omnia, and so far, I liked it a lot. :) It's easy on the eye, the camera on it was 5megapixle. It sounds good, and well, not that complicate.

Also, my family's into Blythe recently as well. The damn doll is on the rage right now here. It's cute, but I won't spend fortune on it.

I have 5, 2 of which remained in boxes, 2 were second hand, and 1 was brand new, the only reason that the last one got taken out of the box because my nephew accidentally stepped on the box (I'd rather not think that my sister planned it so I would take the doll out... )

What I have ... Excellent Hollywood (only because she reminds me of Miranda Priestly from DWP, and I do love Meryl in that role) French Trench (another short hair girl) Dainty Biscuit (I'm not big on pink, but her eyes are gorgeous) Miss Sally Rice (well, her hair's blue!!) And my last My Little Candy (another gorgeous eyes colors.)

Also been making doll trunk for everyone else but me.

I've make 2 already, first one my aunt took..

And second one, my sister took..

Now I'm currently making a third one, which again, my sister called dip on it. This one holds 2 dolls. And a girlfriend of my cousin asked for 1, but she didn't get me material yet.

I used cardboard from a Microwave box for the first one... one large cardboard box was enough for the entire thing!

The second one was made from cardboard boxes also, 4 of them, from this healthy juice thing my mom ordered... they are small, so... still recycle!! (or was it upcycle?) Hardware I got from local hardware store, and some handmade paper to decorate.. not to shabby. :)

Also made the hangers too...